See the SOCOM 4 E3 Show Floor demo

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By now, I’m sure you’ve read many reactions, impressions, and even Jimpressions of the many, many games being shown at E3 2010. But how much of a taste to attendees actually get of these games? Well, let’s take a look at SOCOM 4. A couple of days before we jetted down to LA, producer Mark Rogers walked us through the S4 show floor demo, utilizing PlayStation Move (note: it was playable on the floor with DualShock 3 as well). Take a look:

That’s a pretty nice taste, don’t you think? For more on everything SOCOM 4, check out the SOCOM Blog.

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  • Superstrokey1123

    Id like to know if there is a online coop mode as well. 4 player online coop would be fantastic for this game.

  • Ok just to make it clear, you guys are ranting about the OTS camera and instead want the classic view right? Cause you’re giving me the impression that you want this to be 1st person. No flames please just trying to get a clarification.

  • Wait, I just saw the biggest flaw in this version of SOCOM and no it’s not the controls and other things. IT’S THE HEALTH SYSTEM, WHERE THE HECK IS THE HEALTH BAR?? NO! Regen health system just ruined it…Plus what happened with having a TacMap and working you’re way through the map according to the missions you’re provided with?? I know this is just a demo but the way things are presented, I’m actually getting disappointed now..

  • @31 If it were just a peace keeping force it wouldn’t be SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals.

  • socom lookin good

    online co-op??? PLEEEEEASSE :D

  • Please remake SOCOM II and release it in the PS STore for $14.99

  • looks very good

  • Ok to the people saying Socom is dead, ya’ll are surely mistaken. Plenty of people bought confrontation but slant 6 failed in making a good PS3 game. For the people wanting 4 player co-op, Please read about the single player experience. There will be 5 man squads now, not 4. OTS view will be an option to turn on/off. Zipper isn’t [DELETED]. They know their fanbase better than anyone. Confrontation added OTS view but it was an option. Zipper listens to us but hopefully they are taking Obama’s idea for change and making it better. If you want historic socom, Socom 1+2+3+Combined Assault is on the PS2. Go play those games. Honestly, I love what they are doing to socom. Health Regeneration is not as bad as it sounds. Plenty of good games out there (besides CoD) that have a health regeneration system. The single player looks awesome, I can’t wait to see what is in store for us in Multiplayer

  • Hello sony i was wondering if you could support me on message me if you would sponcer me thank you for your game systems and exclusive games only for ps3.

  • im sorry but out of all of the fans, for all of the games i’ve seen, its the SOCOM fans that whine the most. It is a game people, if u want to play socom 2, go play it. I mean complaining over cover??? If someone was shooting after you, are you telling me you wouldnt hide behind something? Jeez…

  • as long as it doesn’t have that [DELETED] control scheme from socom 2, i’ll be happy. and if it does, i hope i can customize my own controls. looks good, and i like the idea of a more tactical shooter. bring on the co-op!

  • You guys don’t get it, the point that we know what SOCOM is makes us true SOCOM fans. See, if you actually knew SOCOM multiplayer, having a health regen system would probably take away a portion of the thrill and tension you get when the game is on your shoulders or when the game is left being 2vs4 and such. You’re mind would be racing on whether to rush it or camp it, also according to your remaining health. Also, I still stick to my argument about the tacmap and mission system. See, this new interface might be good for others but to true hardcore SOCOM fans, we just don’t want to get disappointed again. I know it’s too early for this so I’ll probably wait and see for further developements..

  • Looks great guys nice work. I hope the AI for friendlies and enemies is intelligent!


  • Day 1 for me but hope its better online then the last one….

  • Socom is DEAD!!! Socom 4 is boring, sluggish game play!! Bring back SOCOM 2 HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That online game is fun and addicting… Auto aim,Ots view and cover system = g@y, Socom 4 Sucks!,

  • AWESOME!!!

  • socom started dieing little by little ever since s3

  • @ 25

    Hey smartass, the woman is a korean special forces operator, not a SEAL. Who knows what the f@#k they do over there. There are other countries that have female combat operators. Now if she WAS american, you’d be right. No american female combat operators, but that might change soon….

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