This Changes Everything: PlayStation Move Available September 19, 2010

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Hi everyone! It’s a big day for PlayStation as today we unveiled an unparalleled software lineup, a premium extension to the PlayStation Network called PlayStation Plus and huge momentum on the hardware front with 3D gaming and PlayStation Move, at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles. With the launch of the world’s first 1:1 motion gaming platform for the PlayStation 3 system, PlayStation Move, in North America on September 19, 2010, this truly changes everything. Never before has a player been able to “become” the character in the game…until now. PlayStation Move puts you right in the middle of the action with deep, rich high definition graphics, dynamic gameplay and complete immersion into the game, all of which is only possible on the PlayStation 3 system.

Move logo

As we previously announced at GDC, PlayStation Move will be available at retailers in North America in a variety of options starting September 21, 2010:

  • PlayStation Move motion controller – Available as a standalone for $49.99 (MSRP).
  • PlayStation Move Bundle – Includes one PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, Sports Champions Blu-ray game and PlayStation Move game demo disc for $99.99 (MSRP).
  • PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle – An introductory package for PS3 newcomers, the PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle includes a PS3 system, a PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, Sports Champions Blu-ray game and PlayStation Move game demo disc, all for only $399.99 (MSRP)

PlayStation Move bundle

Additionally, the PlayStation Move navigation controller and PlayStation Eye camera will be available for $29.99 and $39.99, respectively. But wait, there’s more! This fall, we’re also bringing you two additional Move peripherals that will complement your gaming experience.

  • PlayStation Move “Charging Station” – Available for $29.99 (MSRP), the Charging Station will allow you to charge two PlayStation Move motion or navigation controllers at once, without connecting them to the PS3.


  • PlayStation Move “Shooting Attachment” – Available for $19.99 (MSRP), the Shooting Attachment takes arcade shooting games to a whole new level. The Shooting Attachment snaps directly onto a motion controller and allows gamers to hold the motion controller like a gun, creating a more precise and immersive experience for games like The Shoot! and Time Crisis: Razing Storm.

gun grip side

Today’s press conference wasn’t just about the new hardware – we also showcased incredible software support with a diverse range of gaming content and genres that deliver something for everyone in the family. SCE Worldwide Studios and our publishing partners will release more than 40 PS3 titles by March 2011 that either support, or are dedicated to the new PlayStation Move platform. Our publishing partners are bringing some of their biggest games to PlayStation Move such as NBA 2K11, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, and Toy Story 3. Friends and families of all ages can get off the couch and get into the action with titles like EyePet, Sports Champions and LittleBigPlanet 2 that bring incredible realism and creativity to the living room. Core gamers can expect to immerse themselves in titles like Heavy Rain, Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs, with incredible precision and realism that was never before possible.


I’ll say it again – the PlayStation Move launch will truly change everything. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on PlayStation Move this September and see for yourself how it will transform and enhance the way you play. Leave us your comments and let us know what you’re most looking forward to when PlayStation Move hits store shelves!

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  • Can I play Time Crisis Rising Storm with my TC4 gun? please please please

    I know move is great, but please give support for TC4 gun, coz I still have it and it’s a lot more real than move’s gun accessory.

  • And btw, if we ever start seeing a bunch of Wii-type shovelware, I’ll swear off Move forever.

  • Dude this is pretty messed up.

    Get this straight Sony.

    1 xbox costs = 149,99 + KINECT (unkown? maybe 99,99) and you can have 4 Players! alright?
    Total: 250,- +/- (this is for 4 players!)

    Wii = 149,99? With 1 Controller (both sensor en navigator) and a game (extra controllers for like 50 bucks?)

    Ok those are not the exact prices, but damn close.
    Total: 300,- (to play with 4 players??)

    Now PS3…haha

    A simple stand alone console: 299,-
    Total: 299,- (1 normal controller) (1 player)

    The new bundle that goes for 399,- this is insane! cause you get 1 console, 1 game, eyecam, and 1 PART of the MOVE JOYSTICK…that’s like bread without the peanut butter!

    People that already own a PS3 are also screwed big time…If i want to play a game together with my brother i need to get this for a:

    Shooter game:
    Eye= 40,-
    Nav controller x 2 = 60,-
    Mot. controller x 2 = 100,-
    Total= 200,- (without a game!)

    Sports game (like crossbow):
    Eye= 40,-
    Mot. controller x 4 = 200,-
    Total= 240,- (without a game!)


  • These prices are insane?! I can buy 4-5 AMAZING new games for the amount of 240,- …and looking at the games that are comming like MOH, Crysis, GT5, NFSHP…you’ll get to the amount quick enough.

    I think you guys haven’t thought this over correctly….

    Damn…dissapointment for me from Playstation sadly.

    Basicly we are back to the old 599,99 for a new Playstation 3.

    EA had the most exciting Press Conference Btw.


  • ChaoticInfinityX

    Shame, no bundle with the Move and Nav together?

    Depending on how different it is from just using a controller, I’ll consider it. I’ll probably get 2 Moves anyway.

  • here at my local wal mart they have the ps eye goin for 20 bucks in the bargain area by the gams. my advice would be to look into that before sony makes em jack the price up for this thing. Mostly everyone here thinks that the nav controller come included. a lot of us are at least 3 years deep into owning our ps3. it would definitely push me into buying a package like that for about bucks. already own the eye.

  • The Shooting Attachment is a great idea but selling it at 20$ sounds terribly overpriced…

  • The Nav controller’s price-point kind of hurt. The Move itself would have been nicer at $40- honestly, all of these prices are making me a little nervous. The proverbial dark cloud to the product’s silver lining.

  • You’ve sold me on a Move and Navigation Controller at launch. Maybe even 2 of each.


  • @#15

    Wrong, on amazon the wiimote + motion+ can be bought for $41 + $16 for the nunchuck. Thats $57 without the game or $40 for the wiimote + $16 for nunchuck + $40 for wii resort = $96 which means your paying $39 for wii sports resort.

    If you get the Move bundle + the navigation controller is $130. Even then you might not be able to play all the games on the disc as some require two move controllers, so thats another $50. $180.

    For the FULL experience for 2 players is about $300, i can break down the math if anyone wants.

  • Can’t wait. I had already planned on buying 2 Moves and at least 1 Nav controller long before today and my resolve has only been strengthened with the presentation

  • this totally kills the wii

  • $50 for a controller? Really? I mean, I can spare the cash, but it’s the principal. Ridiculous. The other guys released a motion controller back in the day for $40 and it came with some POS game. Flame away people, but numbers don’t lie. Just make it affordable, then watch it fly off the shelf. Follow the trail the big N has already blazed.

  • this whole campaign is misleading. you need two move controllers to play most of these games. plus two side controllers. That’s almost $300 for two people to play together. C’mon.

  • @64
    and the move controller with out the navigation thingy kill the wallet. LOL

  • Good stuff Sony!!! You guys should be proud, Wii and Xbox are shakin in there boots. I too already have the PS3 EYE. Could you make a bundle with 2 Move controllers, 2 Nav sticks, and 2 gun attachments? Please.

  • I have a question:

    How will the XMB be controlled with the Move controller, or is there going to be a different User Interface for people using Move?

  • So $99 bundle + extra controller ($49) + navigation controller ($29) = $180 for the full experience? Ah crap i’d still buy it anyway

  • Disappointed that there is no Montion controller and game bundle announced. I already have a PS Eye. Hearing hoping the re-evaluate their bundles…

  • @27 I agree with you 100%!

    I am with you on this one. I am sick and tired of FPS shooters. I swear if I play one more shooter game I will shoot myself. ;-) Additionally, developers dress their games with extra blood and gore to make suckers go and buy them while the core game mechanics are boring as hell and not fun at all! I am very disappointed with the whole line up of games on the PS3 except for a few. In fact I actually went and bought a Nindendo Wii the other day and I happily enjoy one of the best games of all times, Super Mario Galaxy 2! :) Sony bring back platform games, Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper(I already know about the collection but that doesn’t count) to name a few.

  • Sony if you are reading this just saying
    I didn’t like the new PSP ads

    and by that I mean many agree ;

  • Meh! Didn’t they already make a Time Crisis for PS3 with a light gun so what now you have to buy another piece of hardware just to play the new one. I’m not buying into purchasing a whole bunch of accessories which will only collect dust. This is good or all the younger gamers and anyone who want that Wii experience but I don’t see hard core gamers buying into it.

  • are there any plans for the Move and the Sub Controller together?

  • looking forward to Dead Space Extraction with the Move

  • No bundles for us that have the eye-toy already – like:
    one PlayStation Move motion controller,PlayStation Move navigation controller, Sports Champions Blu-ray game and PlayStation Move game demo disc


    Two PlayStation Move motion controller, Sports Champions Blu-ray game and PlayStation Move game demo disc

  • does the $100 starting pack come with the sub controller also? or do i have to buy that seperate?

  • Besides the price of the Move there was way too much time spent on golf. Seriously, did Sony miss the Nintendo E3 5 years ago? Sony acted like they invented motion controls and it was new. For a golf game.
    And the 2nd thing Sony spent all their time on was 3D. I think many people bought an HD tv in the past 5 years just for a PS3. Are we really expected to go out and buy a new 3D tv for a few games? Seriously Sony spent so much time on 3D but how many people have 3D tvs?!?!? Stupid Sony.

  • There are no bundles here for people who already have a PS-Eye. What were you thinking, Sony? Can we at least get the content in the demo disc as a PSN download?

  • So..

    I have a camera already…you won’t package the game and controller together?


    The game shown ALWAYS shows two controllers being used for the Archery…so why only bundle the game with one controller?

  • First of all congrats on an awesome E3 conference and you’ve sold me and a few moves before they’re even out, SOLD!!! 8)

  • this looks a little better than the Kinect, but will probably have many games that are mostly Wii ripoffs but in HD just like the Kinect.

    after reading about both the Move & Kinect, I have no desire for either one

  • Don’t think I’ll be buying move. I hate motion controllers. The only reason I would get move at this point is for Child of Eden.

  • Azure_Flame_Kite

    Do I really need to use two move controllers or can I just have the move and the sub controller? Please answer.

  • September? YES!!

  • It seems to me you’re offering CASUAL GAMES at HARDCORE PRICES. They just don’t mix. I know Move is not only for the casual crowd, but you wouldn’t be bundling a casual game if that wasn’t your primary target. If you want the Wii’s audience, then you must MATCH the Wii’s offer “1:1”.

    You’re charging $400 for a PS3 bundle and it still doesn’t match the $200 wii bundle contents. YOU ARE NOT INCLUDING THE NAVI (navigation controller) with this bundle or with the Move Pack, may I ask why?

    This is what you’re asking to receive the benefits of the Move experience:

    A) PS3 + PS Eye owners: $50 for Move-mote + $30 for navi-mote + XX$ for a game (I doubt Sports Champions will be sold for $20)…that will make at least $20.

    B) PS3 owners: $100 for Move pack + $30 for navi mote. Total = $130. Case exhibit (A) already had the PS Eye and only saves around $10; of course he/she is getting a different $40 game.

    C) PS3 owners could buy separately Move-mote, PSEye, and Navi. That’s $110, and spends maybe $50 in Move-compatible game. Total around $160 to initiate on the Move experience. They’d be better off spending $130 on the Pack and Navi and then spend $50 on a game, totaling $180 but they’d be getting two games.

  • Now consider this:

    D) New PS3 gamer: $400 for PS3 bundle + $30 for 1 navi. Total= $430.

    If I was at least getting something a little more compelling than a Sports Collection for all that money it’d be just a little more reasonable. But for $230 LESS, THE CASUAL GAMER, who would be interested in Move, WILL GO AND BUY a Wii, and then spend $230 in software, Wii-fit, etc.


    If you want Move to catch the casual audience, this is DEAD ON ARRIVAL. If you want to make us your loyal PS3-userbase buy this product you must make a HARDCORE BUNDLE.

    Include the navi with the bundles/pack, if you’re still determined to price them that high.

    Also, just out of curiosity. Is ONE Move controller all that it takes to PLAY ALL games in Sports Champion? Because I’ve seen the Archery game with TWO Move controllers, and maybe it’s just me, but it wouldn’t be nice to buy something only to learn later you can’t actually play all the content in it ’cause you lack a peripheral that is sold separately…just saying, I’d really love for you to answer this one.

    I leave you know with one simple advice:


    Thank you and I wish you great success.

  • Will be getting this.
    Going back and Playing RE5 first =)


    Where is:
    -cross game voice chat?
    -context sensitive PS button?
    -auto-syncing trophies?
    -improved and more integrated web browsing?
    -XMB interface clean up with better in-game XMB?


  • Sorcery looked very good. I also like that shooters such as Killzone 3 and Socom are supporting Move. Using the Move as a pointer in shooters will be much better than a joystick.

    If you want the core audience to embrace the Move games like Killzone and Sorcery are the types of games Sony should focus on. Get third party devs to embrace the idea of using Move controls in their FPS and TPS games.

    I will get the Move for these games, and hope to see more quality games follow. Launching with shovelware is fine, but after that implementing Move intelligently into hardcore games should be the top priority.

  • would try to get it on x-mas

  • why could you not add an extra orb to the navigation controller and save us all some money, especially that some games require to have 2 orb controllers. looks like your going down the Nintendo milky road if you ask me. so i’ll be passing on 3d and move, thanks for trying though.

  • Does anyone know if that metal gear rising game will support move or not?

  • I’ve never seen a better E3 press conference in my life. I was sold on the Move when I first saw it. Now with games like Socerer’s Apprentice and Heroes on the Move I’m not even sure I have a choice anymore when it comes to getting the Move. I am pre-ordering the $99.99 bundle A.S.A.P.

  • @53 just use your dual shock untill you can afford to get the sub controller.

  • looking awesome, almost like a wii remote but better because its for ps3! Going to get the bundle when it comes out. Cannot wait to watch the e3 for sony today, got it tivo-ed because I had to work!

  • I have a problem here. Those of us with the PlayStation Eye already get shafted over the Sports Champions. I don’t think I should get screwed in such a way since I own the damned camera already and intend on getting the move.

  • there should be a bundle with motion controller, navigation controller, and eye camera..


  • @John Koller:

    With PlayStation PLUS including Qore how will you handle those of us that may have just renewed our Qore subscriptions and want to also get the Premium Service. Is Sony considering some form of refund or application of the Qore subscription to the cost of the Premium Service if you renewed Qore before the E-3 conference? That would make it easier for Qore subscribers to get the premium service.

    I would much like to get the Plus service but not pay twice for Qore.

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