This Changes Everything: PlayStation Move Available September 19, 2010

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Hi everyone! It’s a big day for PlayStation as today we unveiled an unparalleled software lineup, a premium extension to the PlayStation Network called PlayStation Plus and huge momentum on the hardware front with 3D gaming and PlayStation Move, at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles. With the launch of the world’s first 1:1 motion gaming platform for the PlayStation 3 system, PlayStation Move, in North America on September 19, 2010, this truly changes everything. Never before has a player been able to “become” the character in the game…until now. PlayStation Move puts you right in the middle of the action with deep, rich high definition graphics, dynamic gameplay and complete immersion into the game, all of which is only possible on the PlayStation 3 system.

Move logo

As we previously announced at GDC, PlayStation Move will be available at retailers in North America in a variety of options starting September 21, 2010:

  • PlayStation Move motion controller – Available as a standalone for $49.99 (MSRP).
  • PlayStation Move Bundle – Includes one PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, Sports Champions Blu-ray game and PlayStation Move game demo disc for $99.99 (MSRP).
  • PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle – An introductory package for PS3 newcomers, the PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle includes a PS3 system, a PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, Sports Champions Blu-ray game and PlayStation Move game demo disc, all for only $399.99 (MSRP)

PlayStation Move bundle

Additionally, the PlayStation Move navigation controller and PlayStation Eye camera will be available for $29.99 and $39.99, respectively. But wait, there’s more! This fall, we’re also bringing you two additional Move peripherals that will complement your gaming experience.

  • PlayStation Move “Charging Station” – Available for $29.99 (MSRP), the Charging Station will allow you to charge two PlayStation Move motion or navigation controllers at once, without connecting them to the PS3.


  • PlayStation Move “Shooting Attachment” – Available for $19.99 (MSRP), the Shooting Attachment takes arcade shooting games to a whole new level. The Shooting Attachment snaps directly onto a motion controller and allows gamers to hold the motion controller like a gun, creating a more precise and immersive experience for games like The Shoot! and Time Crisis: Razing Storm.

gun grip side

Today’s press conference wasn’t just about the new hardware – we also showcased incredible software support with a diverse range of gaming content and genres that deliver something for everyone in the family. SCE Worldwide Studios and our publishing partners will release more than 40 PS3 titles by March 2011 that either support, or are dedicated to the new PlayStation Move platform. Our publishing partners are bringing some of their biggest games to PlayStation Move such as NBA 2K11, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, and Toy Story 3. Friends and families of all ages can get off the couch and get into the action with titles like EyePet, Sports Champions and LittleBigPlanet 2 that bring incredible realism and creativity to the living room. Core gamers can expect to immerse themselves in titles like Heavy Rain, Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs, with incredible precision and realism that was never before possible.


I’ll say it again – the PlayStation Move launch will truly change everything. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on PlayStation Move this September and see for yourself how it will transform and enhance the way you play. Leave us your comments and let us know what you’re most looking forward to when PlayStation Move hits store shelves!

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  • nice show Sony great times

  • $49.99 is a beautiful price!

  • Awesome E3 for Sony. Great work showcasing the power of the PlayStation Move. Getting it when it comes out.

  • i will own them all come September

  • While the Kevin Butler ads are good. I think Sony REALLY dropped the ball with PSP ads. I’m not talking about because they started advertising it 6 years too late either. This new kid they have in the ads isn’t funny and is nowhere near the Kevin Butler types of ads. If anything these ads make me want to get rid of the PSP I already own and if I didn’t have one then I would avoid it like the plague.

    I hate how they are trying to make the PSP seems “hip” or “gangsta” with this new campaign. This new PSP ad is even worse than the crying babies. Scrap it and get a new idea, seriously.

  • Resident Evil: Gold Edition adding Move support. When Capcom released RE5 Gold, those of us with the original RE5 could get everything new in the Gold Edition by purchasing DLC, rather than purchasing the game over again. Will this new software update for RE5 Gold Edition that adds Move support also be available for the original RE5, or will those who didn’t repurchase the game before have to do so now in order to have Move support?

  • im happy with this price. $50 for the move is well priced, cant wait to get it.

    but the Navigation controller is pretty overpriced in my opinion, it should be 20-25 dollars.

  • I stand corrected. OMG, even better. $39.99.

  • i was thinking the nav controller would be in the bundle, or the bundle would have two move controllers but oh well

  • For me, the best game shown for Move is SORCERY. It got me really interested, I hope we get more info here at the PS Blog.

    Also, Dead Space 2 is excellent for the Move.

  • Glad that we have a release date on everything, but DAMN, I don’t know if I’ll have the money to get all this. Hopefully retailers will offer a bundle for 2 controllers or include a sub or something.

  • Curious about RE5 First Edition being able to get move support as well. I sure hope so! If not i don’t mind getting Gold anyway :D

  • Wow, this is amazing! A shooting attachment? I wonder if for Madden NFL 11 they will have a football that can wrap around the Move.

  • By comparison, separately the PS Move would be the Eye ($39.99), motion controller ($49.99), and navigation controller ($29.99), or the bundle of the Eye and motion controller ($99.99) plus the navigation controller ($29.99). That makes the total package either $119.97 in three parts or $129.98 in two parts (with Sports Champion). Similarly, a Wii Remote ($39.99), plus Wii Motion Plus ($19.99), plus Nunchuck ($19.99) would be $79.97, or you could buy the Nunchuck ($19.99), Wii Remote ($39.99), and the Wii Sports Resort bundle ($49.99) to get the Wii Motion Plus add-on and the closest Wii equivalent to Sports Champions for $109.97. That’s only a $10 difference between a fully-featured Move purchase and a fully-featured Wii Motion Plus package, and the Move is a superior product technologically. Not bad, price-wise.

  • @6 and @8
    I know what you mean. The main reason my sister hasn’t bought more wii-motes is its so expensive to get a “full” controller. $100 for just the camera, a controller and a game full of mini-games is a lot. I wish there were at least a 2nd controller or a sub controller bundled in so I could at least get just one bundle and see how I like gaming with move. Dropping $130 for just enough to play one player is a lot, and I won’t even know if I’ll like it.

  • Everything looks great but $80 plus tax for 1 set of Move controllers? Ouch. I’ll need at least 3 sets. That’s $240 plus tax. One set should be $50 IMO.

  • really awesome showing today sony…. the price point is spot on just wished the sub controller was a tad bit lesser in price but im sure you have your reasons

    cant wait for this… and its coming out alot sooner then i thought

  • Sony showcase was awesome i’m definitely getting the PS Move when it comes out this year

  • Games looked amazing. Sorcery = almost killer app aka must-have! But! Price killed it for me. You should’ve lowered the price on the controllers $10 lower on each. $40 for the move I can handle, $20 for the nav controller I can handle. $60 for both I can handle. But not $80, that’s wayyy too much. Especially so if I’ll be needing more to play with my friends.

  • As a long time user of the PSEye, I am a bit miffed that I wont be getting Sports Champions simply because I already own an Eye. It would be nice to have one additional option that threw in Sports Champions for a slight price increase.

  • Sony your showcase was awesome

  • That Sorcery game looked pretty interesting. I was actually surprised by it.

  • No thank you.

  • Wow…just like buying a new controller… better than that $149.00 price tag too!

  • Will there be a bundle of the motion controller and navigation controller for those of us who already own a PS Eye? It would be a nice gesture to the customers who have already shown their support for your quality products.

  • The PS2 sold twice as many consoles as the Wii, without any motion controls. And it sold four times as many consoles as the PS3, without having the best graphics of its generation.

    How? It had the games. RPGs, sports, platformers, not just shooters! The PS3 doesn’t need motion controls or 3D graphics, it just needs a better, broader selection of games.

  • @colonel007

    I totally agree, SORCERY looks awesome!

  • Sold me on it. The navigation controller is 10 bucks too much but that’s to be expected.

  • Why doesn’t the bundle come with the Navigation controller? seems odd that it would be left out of the bundle.

  • A little concerned about the price. The standard Move controller is fine, but the navigation controller is bit pricey. You should bundle the two together for a discounted rate. Also since there are so many options it would be nice if we could get custom orders through online retailers such as 2 move controllers 2 navigation controllers and an eyetoy. Or any combination of the 3. Although I must thank you for not making the games $60. That would have completely closed the door for me. I just feel like I am going to be paying a lot. $50(Move)+30(Nav)+35 (PS EYE). Thats over $100 for someone just to fully enjoy Move. Thats a bit steep for most families. Also $400 for the PS3 bundle is also going to be a hard sell. That really should come with a PS3 game HDMI cable the works.

  • Or I could get a wii for half the price… too expensive Sony. Way too expensive…

  • Do either of the first two bundles (not the PS3 console) come with the Navigation Controller? Cause that kinda seems essential. Excuse me if I’m missing something.

  • Wait… so if I want to play motion controller games I have to buy the $50 motion controller and the $30 navigation thing? Why can’t you just sell them together for a discounted price of like $60-$70?
    I was going to try SOCOM 4 with this but I’ll have to wait now, seeing as the whole thing would set me back $140. That’s a lot for a college student.

  • @27 EVanHelsing:

    Definitely! The very formulae for success. This was totally ignored, — which is why [fortunately or unfortunately] the 3DS was more successful.

  • Great news!
    Too bad there are no bundles for gamers with the PS3 and PS Eye.

  • How much is the navigation bundle, and why isn’t it in the bundle?

    Do the controllers charge via mini-USB?

  • This is pretty reasonable, but it’s still a tough choice since it still doesn’t include the Navigation controller. Getting this bundle home and then downloading a game from PSN that needs (or is better with) the Navigation controller would be a frustrating consumer experience.

    That being said, I’ll probably pick up the bundle and another Move controller on day one :) I’m super excited to play Heavy Rain again with the new Move support; hopefully a new “chronicle” is released around the same time (and has better audio quality).

    I hope that the existing Eye games on PSN get updated with Move support (as well as trophies and HD audio!). I also hope that some of the cooler EyeToy games get released on PSN at some point.

  • I already have a camera, can i get a bundle with the game and a controller for a good price?

  • with the playstation move and playstation plus you have the best of the xbox and wii in your PS3. Not to mention the option of still having free online and blu ray. PS3 truely does everything now

  • What PS3 is packed with Move?? How many gigs?

  • BTW… the PS Plus is very weak IMO. It’s for kids with ample time on their hands…
    Give us something we really want, like social network intergration, and other things live voice chat.

  • Glad you people listened are are selling the controller without the Eye…I’ve already had the PS3 Eye for quite some time and just wanted to be about to purchase the controller.

    Also a great price for these.

    I didn’t realize there would be the gun, but I just may look into that as well.

  • I would be tempted if the navigation controller came with the bundle but as it is I will hold off for a better deal.

  • Cool shizzle, but not so sure about the SOCOM gig. Got my 7 yr old Toy Story 3 today. Gonna give it try. Looking forward to playing online with both styles, and compare results with SOCOM.

  • $200 for two people to play volleyball. That’s gonna be a hard sell to the Mrs.

  • i have ps eye and i wanna know do you have any bundle like (Game+Move)? i hope you have

  • So I can’t use my Time Crisis 4 Guncon 3 with the new Time Crisis game? I’ve been hoping for nearly 3 years now that SOME other game would come out to utilize that peripheral! Oh well… Move probably works better anyway.

  • so the kid has TWO of the controllers. yet the package only has one? seems a bit odd, eh?

  • Great, will start saving for September !!

  • I didn’t like the Wiimote even with the “plus”. I sell my Wii because of it.
    Now Sony go the same way as Nintendo($$$$$), i see in the future a lot of casual gamesin PS# as the wii.
    No thanks ,but i will wait until a KILLER game show up for this technology and really want me to buy it.
    And for the 3D gamig, i wiil stick to my anaglyph lenses, old school but a waaaaaaaay cheaper than those 3d tv sets.(Also. new 3d tv tech is coming,…. witouth glases)

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