E3 2010: From the Stage

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We have been blessed with the most dedicated fans in the business and I’d like to take a moment to thank our new members of PlayStation Nation for helping us to achieve nine consecutive months of growth on the PS3 platform. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enhance your entertainment experience on the PS3 and we’re so excited this week to deliver on this promise once again. Today, your PS3 experience already includes Blu-ray games and movies, streamed TV shows and sporting events, and unique original programs, but as we showcased on the E3 stage today, it also delivers cutting edge 3D technology and the most ultra sensory and precise motion gaming solutions available.

Jack Tretton, CEO, SCEA

There is no denying that Sony is the undisputed leader in 3D technology today and we are the only ones to offer an end to end solution to consumers. With four stereoscopic 3D games available for download already, PlayStation is truly leading the effort to bring theater-like experiences into your living room. There are nearly 36 million PS3 units around the world that are 3D ready today and with demos on the show floor that range from Killzone 3 in 3D to Gran Turismo 5 in 3D, you can get a glimpse of what the future holds as we alter what immersive gameplay means with 3D technology.

We are also experiencing tremendous growth on the PS3 platform and have already started the year with huge releases such as MAG, Heavy Rain, God of War III, MLB 10: The Show, and ModNation Racers. Many would call this a blockbuster year, but for us it represents just the first half of what will surely be an onslaught of brand new experiences with the PlayStation Move controller, in addition to richer and deeper experiences from some of our most favorite characters and franchises like The Sly Collection, Twisted Metal, SOCOM 4, inFAMOUS 2, and LittleBigPlanet 2.

We’ve also been working hard to enhance our digital entertainment offerings, which comes packed today with access to live baseball games from MLB.tv, premium original content from HBO, and 23,000 movies and TV shows from all the major networks and studios. We also unveiled PlayStation Plus, an opt-in and add-on service package designed specifically for PlayStation Network’s most avid power users. PlayStation Plus will provide subscribers with added value, access and convenience to special features like discounts on PlayStation Store content, free and exclusive access to select games, full game trials, and much more – all for $49.99 a year. A tremendous value. In the first month alone, you’re getting $49.99 worth of content for free. Existing features and services you enjoy today and have come to expect from PlayStation Network as part of your daily experience, will remain unchanged and free to access.

We set an incredibly high bar last year and we expect to surpass it this year by reaching our goal of 15 million PS3 units worldwide. When we say ‘It Only Does Everything’ we know we’re also making a promise to you, that we will continue to deliver new experiences and entertainment options that you didn’t even know you wanted today and many years from now.

For those of you who were not able to join us at the Shrine auditorium this morning, you can download the full presentation on the PlayStation Network.

I also invite all of you to virtually attend E3 in PlayStation Home where you can view our full presentation an experience a virtual replica of our PlayStation booth.

Jack Tretton

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  • They killed it! Was aewsome!

  • I’m already a Qore annual subscriber. If I subscribe to PlayStation Plus for 1 year, how will it affect my Qore subscription? Will it extend it further for an additional 12 months?

  • Great show! Twisted Metal was a great way to end it! Portal 2 was a shocker, especially after Gabe said it would never happen! Kevin Butler, I need a Coke!!

  • Jack, this has been an underwhelming terrible year for Sony at e3. Please retire.

  • NO, Thank You Jack Tretton!

  • Cross Game Voice Chat …. Thats all ill say

  • where is the last guardian? where!!!!

  • Thanks Jack for a great show.

  • Sony did it again!

  • Seems a lot was missing though… Like guardian and the ex-warhawk devs new game… Was this all the news from E3 or is there still more to come?

  • AWESOME E3 for Sony. You guys KILLED Microsoft and Nintendo.

    And that KB thing was…priceless.

  • @darkspectre

    I’m with you on that since I just renewed my subscription to quore last week

  • @ HouseMorton.

    This years E3 was really week for everybody. WTF is Ubisoft thinking bringing back Laser Tag? Sony had the best show of the game companies, and EA had the best show from the developers. I would expect next year to be a lot better since the Move will have more games supporting it. Since Nintendo announced the 3DSI, I would expect a PSP2 announcement next year or maybe sooner.

  • plz answer does psn+ have cross game voice chat?

  • Well things missing or not I’m still happy ^_^ Thank you!

  • amazing show.. gabe on stage was the best:)

  • No thank you Jack for delivering the best games only ps3.

  • “With great feautres such as Arms and Necks” Now Playstation 3 Really Does Everything. Sony once again dominates E3, hands down. Move’s pricing and availablilty are tremendous as well as the game for it, it didn’t look like it was a more polished version of a tech demo like “Kinect” the games actually looked like games. One thing though, the Move Bundle With Sports Champions, does it include the Navigation Controller? Great Showing Sony!

  • NO PSP2. WTF!

  • Amazing E3!
    You guys sold me on Move and made me believe it was the right choice to support PlayStation since PlayStation 1 days.

    Amazing show, amazing surprises.

    Thank you for the best console on the market.

  • I was hoping some of the suggestions on Share would be addressed, but unfortunately that was not the case. Oh well, the new games do look awesome.

  • Thanks Jack, keep up the good work man!

  • PSN+ is [DELETED]. So you buy a bunch of stuff for cheap prices, then when the year ends you can’t play it anymore unless you subscribe again?
    PSN+ obviously wont be available forever. What are you gonna do in 20 years? Nobody’s gonna care anymore. All games are unplayable? like… wtf? No new features either. I was so disappointed from that. :/

    Anyway, Sony had a pretty good E3. :D Showed lots of games. Not sure where Motorstorm and… well all the games that were announced this month were. They were practically nowhere to be found. All “3D blah blah MOVE blah” but whatever. I saw inFAMOUS 2 so im happy. :D

    Still think Nintendo stole that show with the 3DS though…

  • full of win

  • Great show this year. It was ALL about the game, and those games were great. I have to say I had no interest in Move….until today. I hope you guys can get Lucas Arts on board to create a Jedi game. I;m also very interested in the premium service. We’ll have to see though. I already subscribe to Qore, already have WipeOut and am not interested in the PS1 game. We’ll see what else is offered down the road.

    My only disappointment was you guys didn’t show AGENT or Versus 13. Otherwise the whole show was great.


  • the conference was good.. not bad not excellent

  • It only did everything until they removed the ability to run another OS.

  • Superstrokey1123

    Ok where is the detailed info on playstation plus? Its kinda vague right now.

    ALso too bad no PSP2, looks like the new DS matches or exceeds the psp and adds 3d.

    All in all pretty decent minus all the montages and wasted time.

  • Great show! a bit long but great still…

    Portal 2 was a big surprise for me.

    And where is The Last Guardian and FFvXIII?

  • You can’t really put down XBOX Live for charging $50 a year, then talk about how great your “premium” PSN service is for the same price. You guys can keep that garbage.

    Twisted Metal announcement was awesome though. I’m also actually looking forward to the E3 booth in Home.

  • Incredible job Sony! I can’t wait for more information on Playstation Plus (Launch Date, all features detailed, etc.), future games (Sorcery, Killzone3, Twisted Metal, etc.). I loved the Kevin Butler appearance too! As a Sony fan since I got the original Playstation console when I was a kid to being an avid PS3 user and GAP member, I have to say that I’m extremely excited for the next year. Good Luck and best wishes to you guys!!

  • No significant firmware update in over a year and still nothing at this point.

  • Man you guys have seriously got to stop the montages, statistics and advertising. That was so annoying.

    The only thing that saved your conference was the last 30 minutes. Gabe Newell’s face was PRICELESS when he came and said Portal 2 would be coming to the PS3.

  • steam… as in all steam games??? as in the orange box thats actualy good? the one with good framerate??? if this is the case then sign me up!!! can sir gabe give us more details on this? seeing him on stage actually blew my mind!!! more valve, damn you! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS eurodrunk! :p

  • I’ll be purchasing PlayStation+ as soon as it is available. :)

  • Im not getting PS Plus until we have party chat

  • That was great! Glad Kevin Butler came on stage. :D

  • You shut it down sony. GREAT, great job!! Portal 2 megaton was all I needed. Thank you!

  • thanks Jack… like always you guys are kings with these Press Con

  • Mr. Jack Tretton… Your performance was excellent.. Hopefully You’ll think about joining – THE FAZEONES LOUNGE – So.. Mr. Jack Tretton.. You get a 11 out of 10… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE …

  • Good job, everyone

  • You kicked ass, Jack. I was entirely against/indifferent to the 3D thing, but… well, I’m still not ecstatic, but I get the feeling that it might be worthwhile. Still won’t be spending thousands on a new HDTV though.

    I have to agree with the above: Gabe Newell looked like he was choking on his own words. Was there the distinct odor of self-loathing in the air?

    And, um… what happened to the 10-year-life-cycle thing for the PS2? Is it REALLY still going to stick around?

  • No Resistance 3 and what about The Last Guardian?. the event was pretty great though.

  • I was hoping for cross game voice chat and PS2 games to arrive with PSN+

  • When does the PSN Plus site go live? Awesome E3, I think the best one ever. Hands down Sony won of the three. I can’t wait to sign-up for PSN+. So the tree trial is three months for everyone or only for people that sign-up now? So we could get 15 months?

  • Oh, and Playstation Move looks awesome, especially compared to Kinect

  • Superstrokey1123

    I still dont get how PSN+ is worth it. Im paying 50 bucks a year to rent stuff? NO real added features as far as i can tell. How can you badmouth live and then 2 seconds later charge the same amount of arguably less features?

    We need more details on PSN+, not vagueness

  • Jack Tretton is starting to get as good as Steve Jobs with the reveals. I’m amazed that they kept Twisted Metal a secret. It helps that Jaffe flat out denied it a bazillion times.

  • Oh, by the way, Home is working at the moment. Hopefully it’ll open soon- I want to get in there as soon as possible.

  • Subscription sounds interesting but more details please!

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