PlayStation Store Updates: E3 Week

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E3 is upon us and there has never been a more exciting time in the gaming world. Whether it’s the recent launch of 3D content or the upcoming release of the PlayStation Move, there is a lot to catch up on with all the news and buzz generated at E3. So, I’m here to tell you that, in similar fashion as last year, PlayStation Store will be publishing daily starting today through Thursday, 6/17.

Today we’ll be pushing out the NCAA Football 11 PS3 Demo from Electronic Arts. Find it in the dedicated E3 2010 category under New Releases.

E3 2010

As per usual, we will have regular PSN Tuesday publish – including Final Fantasy IX – look out for Grace’s post tomorrow.

On Wednesday and Thursday we’ll be loading the Store up with the latest and videos and content straight from the show floor. Here’s a small preview of what we’ll be offering up on those days:

  • Sony E3 Press Conference Videos
  • Pulse Part 1 & 2
  • E3 Sony booth ‘Sizzle’ Videos
  • DC Universe Online Trailer
  • Gran Turismo 5 Trailers
  • PlayStation Move Game Trailers
  • Hot Shots Tennis Get a Grip Demo
  • God of War Ghost of Sparta Trailer
  • Call of Duty Black Ops Trailer
  • Mafia II Trailer
  • Transformers: War For Cybertron Trailers
  • Fallout: New Vegas Trailer
  • Crysis 2: ‘The Pinger’ Trailer
  • Dead Space 2 Trailer

Be sure to check the blog to find info on the latest releases!

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  • Oh btw in 1hour and a few minutes the ubisoft press conference, live stream here…

  • @ xiked and co.
    just watch it on they have live stream’s from every conference @ E3 and in HD! I watched the EA conference there and it worked fine, so should Sony’s Conference tommorow.

  • Lol. FF9 on Sony’s conference day…predictable. FF9 makes me sleepy. I need Tomba! Also that other game company, most pathetic conference ever amirite?

  • I am going to have myself cryogenically frozen in a few minutes and wake up to the date of 6/15/2010 12:00 PM. I bought a lot of icebags and I plan to make raspados when I wake up.

  • I know. M$’s conference was a JOKE, lol. What a flop. Their biggest announcment was that CoD games in the future would just put out their map packs first on 360…how sad. I think it’s hilarious that M$ is still throwing around millions upon millions of dollars for such trivial things. And LOL @28 for thinking that’s some kind of big deal. lol. New (overpriced) maps aren’t going to be old for PS3 gamers if they are just coming out for PS3. And why act shocked when this has been the case for every map pack since CoD4? It’s only a few weeks anyway.

    EA’s con was great. Just watched it live on G4. It blew M$’s out of the water. Looking forward to the beta of MoH later this month. They demoed it on PS3 too, and it looked amazing graphically.

    Ubisoft up next. For people who want to see Sony’s con Live, G4 will show it commercial free on their channel. Can’t wait to see it!!

  • Hey what about singstar stuff, can we get some news? thanks!!

  • Oh, btw, G4 is showing all conferences live. It’s better to watch on TV than on a PC screen. They just showed EA’s and Ubisoft will be starting soon.

    Starting at 11:30 tomorrow they will be showing Sony and Nintendo.

  • Just trailers and a demo? I hope they add a new PS3 menu and a better looking PSN store. We’ve had the XMB for 4 years and that is enough imo. DOn’t hate guys, I think we just need something new :P

  • Can’t wait to check it out this week, KEEP IT UP SONY WOOOOO!!!!

  • Feel free to skip everything except GT5 and F1 2010 info – the rest is for the little kiddies.

  • Sorry Sony but unless you do something MAJOR with software updates to match what Microsoft has done such as getting ESPN and the next Megal Gear Rising game you are done. You have completely ignored this gaming generation and what the future trends on with software and OS features. Unless your E3 conference impresses big time, I’m getting an Xbox 360 Slim. The time has come to move on.

  • I love how EA used the PS3 during their show :)
    Also, how many sizzle videos will there be?

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Dead Space 2 with PS Move will be demoed tomorrow at Sony’s conference. You heard it here first folks.

    I hope Sony doesn’t disappoint like MS, there’s so much they could announce, if they announce just one of the following they already beat MS, PSP2 announcement (don’t even have to show it), show PSP4000 and price drop, PS3 250GB and 500GB Move bundles for U$299-U$399, PSTwo classics on PSN, Dreamcast, Neo Geo, Turbografx and other classics on PSN, FW upgrade that adds PS2 BC, Qriocity is part of PSN+ where you pay a monthly fee and stream videos, lots of hardcore move titles like Civilization and Starcraft, etc etc etc

    Don’t blow it Sony. The ball is in your hands.

  • I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us tomorrow, go getem Sony!!! 8)

  • ThreeLeggedFreak


    You must be joking because aside from ESPN thing and the footage of Gears, MS conference sucked.

  • @invalidid

    No. There have been so many real stinkers that will top that. I’m sure Hardcore gamers found it dull, but I got a kick out of it. I won’t be downloading and watching it a thousand times like some obsessed fanboy who isn’t in touch with reality. But it was far from failure.

  • Does anyone else notice that the other console’s motion control name is very similar to a game that released on the PS2’s Eyetoy called “Kinetic”?

  • I’d sell my soul if they announce PSP-4000 tomorrow and available in Ceramic White..

  • @Darth-Krayt

    Thanks for the reminder. I just programmed the DVR to record their G4 coverage to watch on TV.

  • i just hope that the “week of updates” is actually stuff that most of us would be interested in.

  • I just wanted to say that its awesome to see someone replying to our comments on here, I don’t see it enough with the NA store updates. Anyways I am way too stoked for FFIX to get released tomorrow…I’m hoping to see some more classic square RPGs get released onto the NA psn as well! *crosses fingers for Xenogears*

  • @mixedkidbx

    Honestly, I don’t think it’ll be anything spectacular. Maybe a few demos for games that aren’t the center of attention. All I can imagine are trailers of what we already saw on the E3 stream available for download.

  • To many trailers, to few demos. Hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised though…

  • @60
    You sure you want to get a crapbox? It’s basically a poor man’s PS3 and M$’s enjoys coping their enemies (touch, built in wifi, etc). I had a 360 and sold that crap a year later. (Need proof? my Gt is REBEL2100)


    I think hes just talking about software/updates like the interface of the console. I really can’t blame him though. We’ve had the XMB for four years and it has been on the PS3 for four years now. I mean don’t you think its time for a new, better interface. You’re right about MS’s terrible conference, but what they did a great job was showing off the new interface and new software programs. Since when did Sony did something amazing to the XMB, PSN store?

  • Microsoft’s press conference was awful. I mean, the best thing they showed is coming out for the PS3 as well (Metal Gear Solid Rising). Otherwise, no big surprises, all about their overpriced Eyetoy. Probably the worst press conference they’ve ever done. Sony would have to actually TRY to have a worse conference tomorrow.

  • Please have a good E3 this year Sony, big firmware update is needed, context sensitive PSN button finally? auto-trophy syncing finally? Good web browser finally? cross game voice chat? ESPN? Netflix? stuff like that REALLY needed. PLEASE.

  • New Need For Speed going kick ass :) Also looking forward DC Online :)

  • ny_beast don’t understatemate Sony i’m pretty sure that they are going to show us something awesome

  • i nominate Ro Hernandez as the permanent store blogger. He engages with the community, something Grace never does.

  • @phinnv8
    So you are getting a xbox 360 for ESPN? You do know that you need a subscription to access the ESPN features right?
    And you are saying that MS had a killer conference because of that? Are you serious? E3 is about the games dummy and based on MS press conference and all the games long has let slip (KZ3, inFAMOUS 2, LBP2, and MotorStorm 3), Sony already out shine MS without having a press conference.

  • Can’t wait for all the GT5 footage, hope you will present the game nicely in the conference. <8) So hyped!

  • @ 77 Probably because Grace is always working…jerk. I nominate you as jerk of the week!

  • PuppetShoJustice

    Now that the last of the PS1 Final Fantasy games will have hit the store maybe we will someday see Suikoden II.

  • Sony has this e3 locked down,.M$ had a terrible conference. it’s nintendo vs sony.

  • 720p? Okay, I guess that’ll do.

  • What about some awesome unexpected suprises?

    Legend of Dragoon 2 (or remake of orignial)?!
    Team Ico (ICO/SOC) HD Collection ?!
    Xenosage HD Collection ( i know a stretch)?!
    New Jet Moto?!
    Jak and Daxter return?!
    Soul Calibur 5 premiere?!

    Yes, No, Maybe?

  • Hopeful for tomorrow. Excited about Move and I just bought a PSP for Peace Walker and the God of War games among others. Finally enough big games to try on it and I have been enjoying many of the minis on my PS3. Happy about all of the E3 content that will be available for download on PSN. Checked it out last year and that was my first introduction to ModNation Racers!

  • I’m diggin’ the love for PlayStation in EA’s press conference. Most of their games were demoed on DualShocks.
    Also, it’s about time people realized that Micro$oft was destined to fail with Natal…Kinect. I’ve been saying it since they unveiled it at last E3. Natal is nothing more than a slightly improved EyeToy. And since the team behind Move are the same guys behind EyeToy, now with the Ps3 and the camera/controller combo, I’m positive Sony can prove that real games can be made using motion control.

  • Awww man…. no TransFormers War for Cybertron Demo?


  • I am LOVING the plural in Gran Turismo 5 trailers. Finally lowering the curtain and letting us see it in depth? :D

  • looking forward to seeing the updates, I hope some games on the store get price drops though!

  • Will there be a demo of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit?

  • well theres good rumors that a new PS3 w/ 250gb and 500gb hdd’S WILL BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW ALSO WITH WIRELESS N in itand packaged with a move!

  • SONY! A big firmwire update whit firefox web browser, cross game voice chat and that is for free. The rest can be in PSN +.


    Otherwise it will be a [DELETED] storm!

  • i am sick of GT5 Trailers, i want that ish alrready. and many Apps and media types like the new Bravia TV’s youtube google video widgets, why not? the TV’s have an “XMB”!

  • Sony please put all the videos thats going to be in E3 and please make a killzone 3 demo and dlc for god of war 3 :]

  • This is a great idea to try and get gamers i touch with ur products. Good job.

  • HEY HEY now why isnt the Killzone 3 trailer(s) be on the store? I was really looking foward to downloading it! BTW does anyone know any good sites to watchE3 live on the PS3?

  • Yo Ro get “inside nascar” from showtime for psn

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