This Tuesday: PlayStation Move at Best Buy stores throughout Los Angeles!

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PlayStation Move for PS3

Paging Los Angeles! The launch of PlayStation Move this fall is shaping up to be one of the biggest gaming events of the year, and we know all of you are eager to try Move out for yourselves. With the big E3 Expo happening next week, we’ve partnered up with Best Buy to bring PlayStation Move to you ASAP.

On Tuesday, June 15, from 6 – 9 p.m., we’ll be at three different Best Buy locations in the Los Angeles area. Stop by and you can be one of the first to get your hands on the PlayStation Move and try out PlayStation Move games like Start the Party and Sports Champions before this fall’s launch of PlayStation Move. We’ll have our PlayStation reps out there to help you with any questions. And let’s not forget, if you are one of the first 125 people at each location, you’ll get a $5 Subway Card — just the right amount for your favorite $5 Footlong.

PlayStation Move for PS3

Here’s where we’ll be…


Best Buy – Culver City
10799 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Best Buy – Westfield Mall
6000 Sepulveda Blvd.,
Culver City, CA 90230

Best Buy – Burbank
1501 N Victory Pl
Burbank, CA 91504

We are excited about this event and hope you are, too. See you on Tuesday, LA!

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  • OMG, Sony has been on a roll these past couple of weeks.

  • ok, Jeff… how about Canada?

  • nuuuuuuu, why does i have to ship out this tuesday?!!
    these better be up for purchase and shipping for this event! cuz i wanna buy 4 controllers!

  • Dang, what the about the southeast, like the east coast of NC? North Carolina hardly gets any love. LOL!
    Oh yeah, for everybody who think this Sony is copying the Wii, you guys must have missed out on the Eyetoy on the PS2. If anything, the Nintendo is using Sony’s idea. If you guys would pick up that issue of the Official Playstation Magazine (RIP) with the disc showing the Eyetoy tech demos, would know they were planning on making this controller for the PS2 to begin with. I mean that demo that required you use a bright color ball on a stick as a wand was pretty obvious.

  • man when are they coming to dallas

  • Just thought I’d make an addendum to the post: while they will be giving out 5 dollar gift cards it is not, in fact, “just the right amount for your favorite $5 Footlong!” I got one of these “Five Dollar Footlong” gift cards from my boss and upon using it I found out I owed Subway 29 cents! So if you’re going to this event expecting to get a free sandwich than think again, they’ll charge you! Sony should edit this blog post and clarify so gamers in the state of California aren’t disappointed during their lunch break they find out they have to spend money on this supposedly free sandwich. Please edit the post ASAP, I don’t want to see frowny gamers come wednesday afternoon. AGAIN, PLEASE EDIT SONY!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I’m with @lenandude come to Houston! We’re a city too you know, 4th largest, does that count for anything? I mean sure we don’t have our own CSI or Law & Order, but we have Animal Cops…lmao. Seriously, Sony needs to get a “Move” on and come down to H-Town, I’d be the first one there to try out that sucker…um winner! Houston is always the forgotten city…

    Move FTW
    Project NOTal PWN!

  • Hell yeah, I’m glad I’m from LA! and also got one E3 tickets. :)

  • For the record, logical people realize that there is sales tax on a $5 Footlong. I’d take a free $5 gift card anytime! It is people who question these things that cause “Caution: Hot!” on coffee, “Enlarged to Show Texture” on cereal, and suing Google for getting hit by a car.

  • I hate the fact that when some people talk about the move coming to their state or city I see replies from sony but when it comes to Chicago, I hear nothing. I know lollapalooza comes to town and PS has their tent with ps3 stuff their but that’s an 80 dollar event that unfortunately I can’t afford to go to this year. Why can’t you guys have a show here like in NY that we don’t have to pay for I have been a crazy loyal PS fan I just wantg a little something in return.

  • i no have ps3 yet in xmas can see move + ps3 bundle?

  • Hey, I’m nearby one of those places! Maybe I’ll stop by to check it out sometime.

  • See you guys at Burbank! :)

  • Hey Guys,

    Is there any news on the Ape Escape PS3 game? It is made for PlayStation Move. Will we be seeing it at E3?

  • Hey Jeff, how am I supposed to move around whing using the bow and arrow thing during games without the navigator controller? You guys should have put a bulb on top of the navigator controller, but whatever, maybe you’ll figure it out next gen?

  • Pricing for PLAYSTATION MOVE should be as follows:

    -One Playstation Move controller, PSeye, and EyePet—- $59.99
    (for players who do not currently own a pseye)

    -One Playstation Move controller with MoveSports Resort—$59.99
    (obviously to copy the big N’s strategy for extra controller)

    – Two Playstation Move controllers ———— $59.99

  • **The two controller package will get the Move controller into players’ hands. 2 controllers for $59.99 could be a limited time offer, from release date through the end of January 2011.

    For the Playstation Move to be successful it is very important to get the controller into many households.

    A player in possession of a pseye, could spend less than $125 and receive four ps move controllers.

    A player with no accessories could buy the eyepet collection, the sports collection, and then the 2 controller package, and have 2 brand new titles, a camera and four controllers, for less than the cost of a new wii or xbox 360.

  • At the start of February 2011, the two controller package price would raise to $79.99, still a hell of a deal.

    -sub controller should be $30 considering it is basically half a dual shock 3 controller, so the price should reflect that.

  • I just saw a demo of Move! The guys playing it seemed to really enjoy it, especially the hair cutting game in Move Party.

    The only problem that I’ve seen so far is with the Sports game, you need two controllers to make it fun. With one controller it just looks messy and like a Wii game, but with two controllers people really get into it, and start actually playing properly instead of just waggling.

    Anyway, I was surprised at how fun Move Party looked, as I normally don’t like these mini games. I hope to get the chance to play it myself soon.

  • Just read my last comment and it looked misleading… I mean I just saw a video demo of Move.

    Search for “Sony Move im Vorab-Praxistest” on Daily Motion, it’s 30 minutes of Move demo.

    You can really see what games look fun and didn’t look fun. Like I said, Sports looks better with two controllers. The players seem to enjoy it more that way too.

  • OK is this like the 5th or 6th time LA has got to try the move. NICE Glad Sony is olny thinking LA.

  • man you guys should come to maine also i mean yeah were small and most people think we’re a part of canada (for some odd reason) but do another northeast visit for maine, new york, and new hampshire would be awsome (seeings as you left us out of the last one) and i work for the best buy in bangor so i could help you set it up :D …..please?

  • This only changes everything XD

  • When will the SF bay area get the demo?

  • Hey at any time are You guys planing to combine the PS Eye and Move with the normal package of the PS3. (And the normal price is the key as well.)

  • Ok. So I’m seeing all of these promo photos with people holding two main controllers, but I’m under the impression that the bundles will only contain one main controller and one sub-controller. Am I right in thinking that? And if so, do you truly expect us to buy (about) 8 Move controller setups for ourselves and all the friends you expect us to play it with? I imagine that’ll cost us much more than a new PS3.

    That is assuming you need two main controllers at all and the promo photos are just for show. Please tell me it’s the second one…

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