See new Killzone, SOCOM, and Gran Turismo video tonight on Spike

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Next week, E3 will assault your senses with so much news, video, and images that keeping it all straight is going to be difficult – especially when you add in hefty amounts of anticipation. Why not prime your eyes, ears, and brain and get a head start on the info download tonight?

PlayStation is going to dominate Spike’s GTTV E3 All Access Special with video debuts of Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, and Gran Turismo 5. As Geoff Keighley would say: “WORLD PREMIERE!”

The hour long show will air TONIGHT, June 11th at 11:00 PM Eastern, (10:00 PM Central, 11:00 PM Pacific) on Spike. Now here’s Marisa Miller to hammer home the message! (Bonus: you get to look at her)

Oh hey, Geoff Keighley, didn’t see you there :)

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  • Wow….she’s waiting for me? Rock!!!!


  • So many announcements and videos before E3.

    E3 press conference : no surprise and only Move ? :/

  • lol @GoodFella2487!!! MAN FURISMO JIVE!!!

  • Sony E3 press will suck, Move and 3D yawn. Everything is announced and revealed PRE E3, why not save this for press conference like MS does.

  • please release Man Furismo Jive on September/October
    hell, even sooner would be great
    just not November 1, 2010 :(
    that’s what gamestops website says

  • “PlayStation is going to dominate…”, I hope so. Sounds like Itagaki is going to announce his game there too, probably 360 exclusive?

  • After one delay after another and another I’m beginning to doubt the actual existence of GT5… Its the cake, the lie… :(

    And are you guys boycotting E3 or something? Seems like there is nothing more to announce now… (important things I mean, you know games for PS3)

  • Sounds like E3 starts and ends today.

  • Schweet. Just got this system a few weeks ago. I guess I came over at the right time.

  • I’ll have to catch it on tomorrow after work :(


    man sounds like its a mini E3 tonight

  • I’m not so sure that Pacific time is correct. Will it really be at 11pm?

  • hahahah she’s waiting for me too!

  • Am I the only one excited about 3D? Sure it will take a little while before I can get a new T.V. but I’m sure planning on getting one. 3D games, live T.V……It’s going to be great.

  • Jeff, to explain myself further:

    I know that games will support the double move controller(gladiator duel, etc.) config. Although, I find that to be limiting. With that config. you can not move your character. You will be a stationary object(the game could move for you but that wouldn’t be fun)-gameplay is limited.

    I think it would be great to have the navigation controller with tracking capabilities, so you can move your character in the game world and have dual tracking capabilities.

    Think Oblivion, Demon Souls, etc, moving through the expansive world with the navigation controller and then when I get into a battle I can use the tracking capabilities of the navigation controller to block(while also being able to strafe and move) and then the move controller to attack.

    I think this is a really great idea that should be looked at. I think this would really help hardcore titles and introduce possibilities that would attract the hardcore players (We don’t just want social and shovel ware games like the critics have stated). -Also, if a game doesn’t want to use dual tracking or analog/dpad just shut off the tracking ball/deactivate analog/dpad.

    Jeff, hopefully I can get another response.

  • Also, people are having issues with the PS Store.

  • as much as i love ur games sony i wont give those tools any rating at all , they are so biased , i’ll wait for the videos to hit youtube


    Are we going to see this in games? I guess The Fight: Lights Out(and The Shoot) will use it, by bobbing and weaving. I think it would great to add this in more games, especially fps’s (imagine the 3d feel of looking around a corner or over cover!). Combine that with 3dtv’s and/or Move, and you would have a really immersive experience.

  • Is there a Spike channel in UK? If yes which channel? If not where else can I watch this?

  • Please confirm that the GT5 stuff is really new, PLEASE!

  • Definitely will be watching.

  • Wow Jeff K. made that women sound like a robot.Cant wait for E3

  • Man Furismo Jiveeee!
    let’s jive!

  • Jeff thanks for fixing the videos, now i can watch them on my itouch and i wanted to ask you is there a chance we might see uncharted 3 at E3 please respond.

  • @27 … what the heck is an itouch?

  • Getting excited now, will make sure to watch this

  • She is so monotone lol

  • She said SOCOM 4 ;)

  • Sony u have done it again :D i love sony !!!

  • Can’t imagine what E3 is gonna be like this year tooo hype!

  • Oh its going to be along night :)

  • man, nothing left for E3
    Just gonna be a couple of demos; move, 3D, SOCOM, LBP, KZ3 and Infamous 2, basically already announced stuff.
    Maybe there might be a couple of new stuff like Unchrted 3, new Ratchet and Clanck, new God of War but probly no gameplay footage for them :(
    Seriously though, show off a GT5 demo alredy!!!

  • I still can’t see 3 quarters of all videos or 3 quarters of all websites with the absolutely horrible Netfront mobile browser I depend on. After owning my ps3 for 20 months the experience keeps getting worse. I am incredibly pissed I can’t learn about my system or participate in the community without a microsoft or mac operating system.

  • Marissa is terrible at reading a teleprompter.

    Early impressions of 3D from posters over at GAF who’ve tried the recently updated Sony titles say they’re awesome (especially Motorstorm) in 3D.

  • Dem legs

  • Wow, she has the personality of sack of rocks.

  • Anything you try with the ps3 browser is 99% pointless. For the record my laptop died when it met my ps3. So I’m stuck relying on Sony for the “everything” it supposedly does. Some basic things can be done but u will spend hours going through websites ’til u find one with a working flash video/link/buttons. Wikipedia is now useless, the main content area has thick white bars vertically over it. Youtube has always been half-assed:no mail,uploading or settings, no plalists or favourites. I MISS WHEN PLAYSTATION.COM WORKED. I CAN’T USE THE FORUMS ANYMORE ON MY PS3. SONY FRAGMENTED A FRAGMENTED COMMUNITY.BECAUSE THE NETFRONT BROWSER IS SO OLDSCHOOL I CAN’T LEARN ABOUT WHAT I ALREADY OWN, NEVERMIND WHAT LIES AHEAD

  • it would be nice if Sony would ever fix this thing they call a browser. i haven’t been able to watch these video postings for months. the playstation 1 had a better browser !!!

  • also, i don’t expect a reply, as when anyone says anything about the PS3 browser they never get a response!!!

  • Isn’t Gametrailers the one that tried to pass off PS3 footage as 360 footage when claiming the PS3 was inferior? It was a racing game, had a lot of crashes. Can’t remember the name.

  • OMFG MAN FURISMO JIVE! Its finally here. Here is hoping this is the E3 we get a release date.

  • Here is E3:

    -Talk about salws numbers
    -Remebering the PS2 (as it will be “killed” this year)
    -PS2 games on PSN, or return of BC via emulation.
    -New PSN features/ PSN+
    -PSP talk – price cuts, price cuts, price cuts
    -showcase of new PSP software
    -PS3 time! Quick overview of titles announced in the past few weeks
    -Inevitable quick talk about 3D (how will they demo this to hundreds of people? They won’t).
    -PS Move talk and demonstration with upcoming games
    -PS3 software time!
    -ICO/SOTC HD remake
    -Last Guardian
    -HUGE GT5 blowout
    -DC Universe online
    -The Agency MMO
    -Resistance 3
    -MAYBE Jaffe’s game
    -MAYBE Agent
    -One or two titles we haven’t heard of yet

    That’s it! There’s E3. Check back with my list when it’s all over to see how right I am.

  • edit: sales

  • she makea me hot

  • Oh man I can’t wait for Sony’s presentation it’s going to be huge!! They must some HUGE announcements planned because they are showing so much BEFORE.

  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    Is Man Furismo Jive real, or is it a myth, like weapons of mass destruction?

  • hell i just wanna see more LBP2 and Las guardian atm. they are probably gona announce the new subscription for psn with the added free games and xgame chat etc.
    but yea im still psyched for LBP2

  • anyone know if this will b up on the site after its over?? since its like airing here 4 in the morning

  • I’m incredibly hyped.

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