Final Fantasy IX hits PSN Store this Tuesday

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We’d like to thank everyone who has patiently waited for the revival of one of the most anticipated classics in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IX.

Returning to the elements of what makes true role-playing games appealing — characters, grand story, engaging battles and an impressive presentation — we’re proud to offer PS3 and PSP owners a chance to relive what RPG fans have long considered a nostalgic masterpiece.

The wait is almost over and we’re proud to announce that Final Fantasy IX is finally here, again!

Final Fantasy IX for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)Final Fantasy IX for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)

Final Fantasy IX for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)Final Fantasy IX for PS3 and PSP (PlayStation mini)

Look for Final Fantasy IX to hit the US PSN Store next Tuesday, June 15th for $9.99. For more information on Final Fantasy IX, please visit the official site.

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  • Never played, but I think i’ll have to. Everyone has been begging for t his one for awhile. Nice to see it finally arrive.

  • Man, oh, man. This and the Gundemonium Collection are my hot picks next week. Here we go!

  • Any idea when some of S-E’s other PSN releases will make a stateside appearance? I have a PSN card with Einhander written all over it, but I can’t give them money until they let me.

  • this comment section will probably hit 500 comments lol.

  • Awesome! Quick question: I was playing my disc copy of FF8 the other day (I have the 60GB PS3) until I got to the 3rd disc and realized I had lost it. If I get FF8 from the PS store can I continue from where I left off or would I have to start all over?

  • Good, the b****ing can finally stop.

  • best final fantasy of all time. <3

  • fantastic, this is great news. if only we could get ctr for the us psn. i’d die for that game. so hard to find a retail copy these days. would love to see it as a dd. but good news with the ffix coming to psn. thanks.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to it.

    On a side note, you might want to change the publish time of this article to make it appear after Modnation Racers PSP, since it was auto-published later.

  • I still haven’t beat Ozma. Hated that thing.

  • Gaucho21

    yes you can.

  • Well most of us knew it would be released on the day of E3, not really surprised still good news though

  • I’ve been wondering when. Thanks!

  • Never played FFIX, but since it has come out in like every other place but NA, and people have been complaining, I figure it’s worth a purchase.

  • One of the few FF games that I actually played non-stop to completion. Looking forward to doing it all over again.

  • So any reason why it was delayed so long in NA? Or why S-E has so few of its titles (PSP or PS1) up on PSN?

    From what I’ve read, it seems like Sony does all the work, so keeping off the store seems curious.

  • Took you guys long enough.

  • about time my god man

  • PuppetShoJustice

    Still waiting on Suikoden II.

  • Can’t wait. One of the greatest RPGs of all time and the game that marked the end of an era. Day one from me.

  • @5 Yes, the saves are the same fordisc and downloadable games

  • Good another awesome PS1 game on PSN. I might get it down the road.

    Oh and what the status of Vagrant Story coming to PSN NA?

  • So it was delayed weeks needlessly so it could be included in the E3 press confrence?

    *shakes head*

    • I can assure you that this was not the case (or we’d have announced it in the press conference, not today).

  • F I N A L L Y!!


    With FFIX and MGS:PW, looks like ill be charging my PSPgo A LOT!

  • I knew it be this tuesday!!

  • @23:

    Isn’t it awful?

  • Hurray :D had it on disc for nearly 10 years, but the 1st one has been broken for half that time. hurray!

  • It’s better to just buy the disc as it will be cheaper. It’s not like the game is hard to find and on top of that all PS3s are backwards compatible with PS1 games. This digital download garbage is just yet another ripoff.

  • Wooo! Finally!

  • But what will people complain about every store update.

  • Thank god!!!!! The wait is finaly over!!! Now let’s hope for Vagrant Story.

  • @Gaucho21 hey it doesnt matter what ps3 u got they all play ps1 games also yes if u started with disk form and then got the game off the psn its the same and vice versa so just get the game and start up the game normally

  • @DMPrince


    Very nice of you to give us FFIX, now how about Vagrant Storu which EU already has and Xenogears from JP? Kthx.

    I have 9.99 in my account for FFIX though thanks! :)

  • I already got the disk still,but could be good for psp.

  • Hopefully now everyone will stop complaining about it on store update days! I would love to see CTR come to NA, any chance?

  • its about time! i had a feeling they were going to wait till E3! they did the same thing with Final Fantasy VII at E3 last year!
    thanks Square Enix!

  • Great to see VII, VIII and IX up there now!

    Now I am hoping for Xenogears and Vagrant Story! :D

  • There better be tons of awesome-ness to come along with this on tuesday. it is in fact that day of sony’s E3 press conference!

  • So picking this up. I need something to celebrate making senior this year. :). High School.

  • Def. +1 for Xenogears. I’m also hoping for Legend of Dragoon.

  • @ gdogg666


  • Hell yes!! thanks Sony!! I’ll be able to finally finish this game!!

  • Awesome I have been waiting for this!

  • I love Final Fantasy I IX if you get to a certain spot in less than 30 Hours on you can get the Excalibur

  • Peace Walker and FFIX. Glad I ordered that 4gig memory card. been with a 215mb card. Im actually gonna be using my PSP this month!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Dragon Quest and Chrono next please.

  • so is this the FINAL final fantasy will be getting as PS classics?

    great game btw i might pick it up since my disc 2 is all scratched up

  • SWEET. I LOVED THIS GAME! I was never able to beat it because the third game disc ended up getting scratched badly. Now I will be able to :D. Thank You Square Enix!

    Would really love the following PS One Classics released:

    Final Fantasy Origins
    Final Fantasy Chronicles
    Final Fantasy Anthology
    Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring

  • Only what, 4 weeks after the rest of the world, eh?

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