Dead Nation PS3 Trailer Revealed, More Undead at E3

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Hey all! Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that contributed to our recent zombie video game trailer in San Francisco this past month.

Many of you guessed it, but here’s the official word: the upcoming PSN exclusive in production is DEAD NATION!

Your help was monumental in putting together our trailer. Below is an introduction from the SCEE and Housemarque teams giving you a little bit of information for our upcoming zombie game. Look out for future updates from myself and the team, as we get closer to the game’s launch later this year.

From Robert Karp, SCEE Producer:

Following the original announcement of Dead Nation at Gamescom in Cologne last year we’ve kept purposefully quiet about what we’ve got in store for you, but at this year’s E3 we’ll be bringing you right up to speed with the game and what you can expect from Housemarque and Sony Computer Entertainment’s PSN-exclusive zombie game. We’ve been pulling out all the stops over the past year to make this game a nerve shredding, atmospheric and action packed experience, and to whet your appetite for what we’ve got coming up at E3, try this on for size…

We’ve got a lot more to show off over the coming weeks and months so keep your eyes peeled, stock up on water and canned goods because you never know when you might need to secure your position and fight off the Dead Nation.

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  • Ok so I was really looking foward to Joe Danger, I have bought it and I love it! I think this is next on the list! It wont come out anytime soon though huh? Anyways it looks sweet! Will it be story driven?

  • just as long as it doesnt suck like z apoc then ill get it. but z apoc got sooooo boring after a few plays i hated it.

  • It looks like Left 4 Dead: The Overhead Shooter.

  • yay, at last..cannot wait play this, please sony do sandbox zombie game from your inhouse devs BRAINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Yea! finally some news about this game! cant wait to see more

  • zombie mode from CoD 5 waz fab, dead nation iz gonna be a killer game! XD

  • Looks great, I’m a big fan of Super Stardust HD and have been looking forward to this game.

  • I hate that opening footage- I had a dreadful feeling that it was going to have painfully awful graphics, complete with bad gameplay mechanics. The actual footage didn’t quite make up for it. ALmost– definitely impressive for a PSN game– but it overall left a bad taste in mouth. Let it stand on its own.

  • Graphically looks amazing! Looks like fun co-op, and a decently deep story will help

    Will it have 24-bit audio? Who is doing the music? Are there any trans/homosexual characters?

  • That’s me @1:02 the black zombie

  • SSDHD is one of my favorite psn titles, im sure this wont disappoint me either. Hopefully you guys add online for this title.

  • does this game supports online co-op?

  • guys wait 6 days for these answers

  • The graphics and the gore in this game look amazing.

  • Did the playstation3 already have a zombie game?

  • eyesofreality03

    YES!!!! finally this is gettin into the light of day, loved zombie apocalypse!! hope its well worth the $$ wich i can assume it will be

  • Really hope this game is able to differentiate itself from both Burn Zombie Burn and Zombie Apocalypse…

    Anyway I love Housemarque’s previous work so I’m hoping for the best.

    And after you get done with this game give up SUPER STARDUST 2!

    COME ON!


  • Besides the horrible acting the game looks awesome! lol :D

  • I found the usual zombie flick intro to be amusing, but after seeing the footage I’m actually quite stoked. Looks like it’ll have two-player too.

    Four-player would rock for our annual zombie parties my friends and I have in October. >:D If only…

  • Awesome!

    I’m hoping for many weapons to choose from

  • I hope this works out because we need more hardcore PSN titles on PS3. Currently most of the games are crappy arcade affairs, or full PS3 games. I would like more stuff like this and Shadow Complex, as well as more third party exclusive features for the PS3.

    Great Work Sony for keeping this one, now we need a game that anwsers XBL Shadow Complex.

  • I was expecting something bigger, a full retail game instead of a PSN Store game, but I guess this is good too.

    After all, this is the closest serious zombie game we’re getting this gen that has a classic feel to it. Can’t wait to know more about it.

  • looks cool, but it looks like it’s going to be a top-down shooter. ANOTHER zombie top-down shooter. Hoping for the best!

  • Housemarque… loved stardust. You have my attention :)

  • Another zombie game? Pass. Work on something original. We PS3 owners won’t buy any old game with guns and zombies. You gotta up your game when you bring that stuff to our platform.

  • Actually I probably will buy any old game as long as it has guns & zombies.

  • poisonedsodapop

    I’m waiting for PS3 to get a third person Left4Dead type of game. Until then no thanks.

  • “More Undead at E3”

    could the mean Sony will announced full fledge Zombie game at E3?

  • Good

  • To all the people bashing this game because it’s another zombie game…. get over it. This will be only the 2nd GOOD zombie shooter on PS3 (other than World at War, that doesn’t really count… its fun but its a war game, not a zombie game).

    Zombie Apocalypse sucked! The gameplay was pretty good and it was fun BUT they recycled the same boss 5 times, only had 7 levels that you played over and over again, a very limited weapon count (without upgrades), and about 6 zombie types. That = LAME. Burn Zombie Burn is much better.

    Also, keep in mind that the people making Dead Nation are the same people that made the amazing Super Stardust HD! Would you expect a mediocre game from them? I don’t think so. This game is gonna rock and anyone who doesn’t buy it, well…. it’s your loss.

  • @78

    I’m assuming they mean that we’ll get more info on the game at E3.

  • It’s by the same team that made Super Stardust HD right? If so, this is a day 1 buy.

  • Zombie Apocalypse 2??

  • No offense but it just another top down psn zombie game! Seriously am still waiting for a left4dead or a Dead Rising to hit the ps3!

  • “Zombie Apocalypse 2??”

    So I’m guessing Burn Zombie Burn was a prequel to Zombie Apocalypse?

    I swear, some people are such “geniuses”. ROFL

  • Finnish games sure are good :D
    Ten points to Finland !

  • NO deadcell34 ur sucha genuis YET monster madness grave digger came out before it on PSN slow f u k

  • toooooooooo sick, man i hope its more exploration oriented rather than the repetitive arena style gameplay that Zombie Apocalypse gave us

  • this game still being made? I thought it died off a long time ago since we havent seen nor heard from this game in months!

  • Graphics seem nice. Game prolly gets boring after 10 minutes, like most zombie downloadable games.

  • ima_crash_u

    That didn’t even make any sense. What does Monster Madness and Grave Digger have to do with zombie shooters? You are aware that Grave Digger is a truck right? Sorry, fail.

  • I like the look of the game. keep it going!! i got my eyes on this one!!

  • Will this b shown during E3?

  • Damn that game is beautiful! Can’t wait for this game! So that Sony seeking people for a commerical must have been this :)

  • There will be online play?

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