The 2010 FIFA World Cup Comes to PlayStation Home + BioShock 2, Kekkaishi & More!

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This week marks a truly monumental point in the history of PlayStation Home, as one of the world’s biggest sporting events receives a dedicated space. PlayStation Home’s FevaArena – a virtual stadium devoted to the 2010 FIFA World Cup – will serve as the rallying point for soccer (err…futbol!) fans that want to play exclusive games, collect rewards and limited items, and indulge in their affinity for the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world. Start at the FevaShoot mini-game, where you can hone your penalty kick skills and earn points that can be cashed in for special rewards. Then head over to the FevaSimulation Center, and track the simulated progress of your favorite teams throughout the World Cup (and cash in some of those points for exclusive furniture and clothing rewards). Afterwards, you and your friends can hop into the Photo Booth or shop for exclusive virtual items (such as your favorite team’s jersey) from the FEVA Arena’s unique Mall area – all from the comfort of your console.

The FevaArena’s doors will open this Thursday, June 3rd for North American soccer fanatics, but a “Global Lounge” will be introduced on Thursday, June 10th, allowing over 14 million users from 32 countries around the globe to converge in one space to play games together and attend special events. PlayStation Home historians will recognize the FevaArena’s Global Lounge as another first in the platform’s ongoing evolution, informed directly by community feedback gathered from users across all regions of PlayStation Home.

Feva Arena Feva Arena

BioShock 2 fans will have yet another reason to log in to PlayStation Home come this Thursday, when 2K Games releases their BioShock 2 Rapture Apartment. This visually dazzling personal space transports its inhabitants to the dystopian city of Rapture, in all its waterlogged, creepy glory. And, in true BioShock 2 fashion, it has plenty of Easter Eggs that only the most ravenous players will unearth (hint: try to figure out how to get to the second floor!) We’ve grabbed a few screenshots to whet your appetite, but trust me when I say these preview shots do not do this space justice. Pick one up later this week (or ask a friend for a tour), because you absolutely have to see this space up close for the full experience.

RaptureApt Rapture Apt

Anime fans will be treated to a full episode of Kekkaishi for one week, starting this Thursday. Watch the first episode for free in the PlayStation Home Theater, and then download it from the PlayStation Network by going to the PlayStation Store > TV Shows > Anime > Viz Media. Follow the journey of the legitimate heirs of the Hazama clan, Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura, carry out their family tradition of the Kekkaishi and set out to exterminate the Ayakashi demons that appear within the Karasumori site. And while you are in the Theater, be sure to check out the Killzone 3 video, courtesy of our friends here at the PlayStation.Blog.


From our daily Featured Game parties (we’ll be playing everything from LittleBigPlanet to multiplayer DLC from Dante’s Inferno this week – check out the posters in the Gamer’s Lounge or for more details) to our ongoing Top Avatar competition (this week is “Horror Week” – scary, eh? – check out the thread here), we have a new event waiting for you every day of this week (and every day that follows). If you haven’t been to one of our community events lately, we highly recommend that you log in this week and reacquaint yourself with the large and diverse group of gamers that make up the PlayStation Home community. You’ll quickly find that there is something for every PS3 fanatic going on at all hours of the day and night.

I also want to give all you guys and gals a quick reminder that PlayStation Home v1.36 is now live (we deployed this patch early Tuesday morning instead of during our regular Thursday content/maintenance windows, so it bears repeating). If you’ve not yet installed this patch, we recommend that you log in and download it today, as it will result in a more optimized in-world experience (specifically, you should notice that the loading times have been reduced even more). Helpful hint: If you notice that the yellow HDD activity light on your PS3 is flashing when you are greeted with the 1.36 patch notification, please wait for it to stop and then press X to start the installation process (Note: If you press any buttons while the yellow HDD activity light is flashing you will automatically restart your PS3, which is not necessary to apply this patch.)

See you in Home!

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  • Meeting people from other regions is definitely exciting. Can we expect more of this in the future?

  • Will we see more opportunities to mingle with other regions?

  • KarateChampChad

    Honestly Locust, I would rather these spaces be permanent. I’m hoping my answer is not the only one to represent the entire population of Playstation Home though lol.

  • OMG futbol. Finally. You guys are awesome.Who do I have to hug for giving us this?

  • not this patch nor the earlyer patch has made home load faster for me, all you guys did is add some smoke and mirrors to make it look like it does
    i guess i’ll just wait till it comes out of beta to use it, i sure hope there will be some major surprises and updates planed for home at E3

  • What are the 32 countries and is one of them Ireland?

  • Kekkaishi has been kicking up in the U.S lately.

  • I just purchased Bioshock 2 on sale for $29.99 on Amazon for %50 off for only today! A limited sale! Perfect with this news :o) Can’t wait to see what else HOME has in store for us! Keep up the good work!

  • Never heard of Kekkaishi before. Im excited to see it. Keep the anime coming.

    Any news on getting Anime items in Home? and no, the “Anime” apartment does not count.

  • wtf soccer arena no way jose, tell they that we wa want modern warfare personal space everyone want it and waiting for. ” i know you read this but you can’t reply cause you busy” please tell they that we wa want it call of duty like modnation race and socom. thank you for all the news.

  • Coincidence or Fate: Yesterday morning, apperoximately 24 hours ago, I met someone in the Bowling Alley who asked a few questions about FIFA. I suggested that he contact EA Sports and put a request in one of the suggestion thread. Lo and behold, his request has been granted. That was pretty fast.

    Definitely going to purchase the new Rapture personal space. Thanks for the update, Locust_Star!

  • @51 well you have met me and im not from usa,lol

  • should waste space for the kekkashi episode if it’s english? is the dub better or equivalent to the raw?

  • Awsome update! Can’t wait to get on home once its back online. My poor wallet lol. :)

  • i own every personal home space there is with the exception of the mag space so i will be getting the bioshock space also the global arena is a great idea cant wait to check it out…..see you all in home ps.add me if you want a challenge in pool lol

  • Well as long as it has something to do with a sport and jerseies. What the hell is up with no Ohio State NCAA football jersey? It easily one of the top college programs in the country both in terms of popularity and caliber. It has bothered me for awhile now even more so because the rest of the Big Ten confrence is but not the top team.

  • i cant seem to get the patch installed i press nothing and it just keeps restarting the ps3 :(

  • What I don’t understand is … why isn’t someone .. ANYONE answering the questions that have been asked/posted for monthsss??? simple questions.. ummm like what is happening with the T.V’s and stereo’s for our personal spaces? I’ve seen this question asked too many times to count. People are only asking because it was mentioned from the Home staff in the first place!!! Never once have I seen an answer. Why is that?? If we AREN’T getting them, then just say it. Stop with the ignoring.. it really pisses people off… and these are some of the people who have spent a fortune in Home already. Some RESPECT please .. and answer the question!


  • yay for anime

    heh, i my bf waited for about 45 mins. ta play in the FIFA room, but was doing stuff on him computer n missed when his turn came up

  • The FevaArena is a great concept, but its execution is lack luster at best due to primarily one aspect. The Fevashoot mini game while a nice idea has poor execution. For starters there is 1 goal, that’s it, only 1. So if you are #24 in line (like i was twice), your waiting for 1 to 2 hours. Then the game glitches and no one can progress. I love soccer, i love Sony and the Playstation Home, but this is intolerable. Having actually played the game yet because of the glitching i can’t pass judgment on the mini game itself. The predictor mini game is a great idea and is very user friendly. I cant wait for team jerseys to be offered in the stores. I beg who ever may read this and can do something about it, add more goals and fix the glitches.

  • Mr_Balls_Johnson

    Still hoping to see NHL jerseys available in home. Go Hawks!

  • only shirts for those that qualified for the world cup,and canada aint one of em lol

  • #68 … We all want a Answer Now,,they always go with the easy questions, and avoid the great idea$, people who spending more money In Home I totally agree.. its PI$$ING all of us off.

  • There seems to be a problem with the video of simulated games because everytime I try and watch it, it only shows “error” on the big screen or something about an important thing not downloaded. There’s also a problem sometimes with the game after a person’s turn is done. It either takes 10 or so min for the next person, or in some cases, it freezes and no one is able to play, which can be really fustrating for people who have been waiting hours and hours to play. Hope you guys fix it Thursday so it won’t be like this when it’s global.

  • While I am glad that Feva Arena has come over from Japan, I am highly dissapointed in how both the U.S. and Jpn arenas have turned out. The older version in Japan was alot better than what it is now to be honest, the Feva Shooter was fun to play back then as well. But now since the update it is almost unplayable now in the U.S. and Japan, so I just want to say thank you Sony for fcking up a once great space. Either make the space like it was before or fix the problems with the current one because it’s broken as it is right now.

  • hey how bout a ufc space update its an awsome growin sport or a wild west red dead redmption space update with a draw game where u take on other players one on one

  • and more gold chains jewlery the females have alot of jewlery how bout for the fellas

  • Wats the next update next week

  • What happen to the FEVA sim game and how can I now get that cool green soccer carpet?
    Why does the soccer panel game stall so much?

  • will there be official FIFA jerseys?

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