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Happy Memorial Day! With the long weekend ahead, I’ll be catching up on Red Dead Redemption (if I can tear myself away from skinning animals long enough to complete the story missions), ModNation Racers, and 3D Dot Game Heroes. What will you guys be playing?

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Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

    Patch Alert: MAG v1.06 Coming in June: Slated for sometime next month, MAG v1.06 will add a number of requested new features to the game that should please fans regardless of their play style. Read on for the full list.
    Zipper Profile: CJ Heine: This week we meet up with CJ Heine, senior designer here at Zipper. CJ started in the QA department and worked his way up to his current senior designer position, so it shouldn’t be long before he’s heading up the CIA and while simultaneously juggling hosting duties on Survivor.

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

Courtesy of Arne Meyer

    REMINDER: “The Lab” and Double Cash Weekend: This weekend’s installment of “The Lab” Playlist series is 2 vs. 2 Team Deathmatch. Parties are limited to two people only, obviously. We’ve set the match conditions to a 15 minute time limit and 25 kills.
    Unboxing The Art of UNCHARTED 2: We got copies of all three versions in the studio recently and thought it was only fitting to take a bunch of photos and put together an unboxing video below so you can get a good look at what you get when purchasing The Art of Uncharted 2.
    UNCHARTED 2 PSN Avatars: The PSN Avatars were created from renders we made from UNCHARTED 2 and include Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, Victor Sullivan, Chloe Frazer, Jeff, Tenzin, Karl Schafer, Zoran Lazarevic, Harry Flynn, and an image of the Phurba dagger.

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  • You know what would be the bee’s knees? Being able to ask developers questions at E3 and then have those question appear in a video interview. :)

  • People looking for PS3’s. I was looking for a second one for my house and Best Buy had 4 in stock. so check there. every other store was sold out. and i live on Long island which is jam packed with stores so i called a lot of places. so check your best buys

  • AnthonyTonyMagic


    One comment on neither confirming nor denying a PSP2, and it gets reported on the front page of PushSquare and half a dozen other sites – lol

    These guys obviously really want the rumours to be true.

    • Was referring to any/all rumors and E3 conspiracy theories — the conference isn’t far off, so there’s a lot of speculation swirling about every topic under the sun. Keep a grain of salt handy at all times

  • hey sid, will sony be addressing the problems with the in-game XMB, u know, when u r using ur internet browser and decided to compare trophies with ur friends, it asks u to quit the browser before u compare. It is quite annoying, i mean, it works when u do it while u play a game, but doesn’t when using the browser. And the same problem with the photo library, u can’t view ur trophies while using the photo library!, is the in-game XMB system even unified? Sony should completely redesign the whole operating system, which i don’t see sony going into that much hassle, but will these issues soon be fixed?, and yes, i did try to share this issue on the, but has yet to be processed and posted. Sony has to do a lot of cleaning up, this isn’t last gen u know?

  • Hi Sid!

    The Forums over the Internet are shocking with a possible Syphon Filter for PS3 show at E3.

    With too many rumour around, fans all over the internet, including me, are wondering if Syphon Filter PS3 is in the works and if it’ll be show at E3 2010.

    Can you give us a hint?

    PlayStation Forever!!!

  • Sid, thanks for the reply!
    Yes I checked out the link for “The Shoot” and anxiously await some news on this. I just hope the light guns come back…I mean again, with today’s technology, there’s no reason we can’t make some of the old classics hotter than ever with amazing graphics and smoother playability. ;)
    Now those are games I’d love to test. haha! ;D

  • Hi Sid,

    do you have any news about our ideas on the Share service?

  • holy moly, Killzone 3 in 3D…. like Avatar 3D?

  • Why do people say “Happy Memorial Day”??

  • YAY, I already have 2 PS3’s (because Playstation was my first system and i love it) i have 2 of everything from the ps1 to the pspgo

  • @PlayStation @ Jeff Rubenstein // Social Media Manager
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    @ Locust_Star // PlayStation Home Online Community Specialist
    @ Chuck Lacson // Associate Product Marketing Manager, SCEA (Hope to Enjoy E3 2010 this Year)

  • @Sid Shuman | May 29th, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of Area 51. In all seriousness, we don’t comment on any rumors — you’ll find out for yourself at E3.

    I can confirm area 51 : Enjoy :D

    Anyway, I hope there will be a news psp @ the E3 :)

  • the read dead redemption’s ending is the best part of the story but it’s so sad. Im not gonna ruin it like a dick but it will leave you asking questions. after the story beat the stranger mission Remember my family. TRUST ME!!! you will thank me.

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