SOCOM 4 Soundtrack Composed by Battlestar Galactica’s Bear McCreary

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While the SOCOM franchise may be best known for its top-notch online multiplayer aspects, we think you’ll be blown away with what’s in store for you in SOCOM 4‘s single-player campaign. We’re pushing the franchise further than it’s ever gone in terms of visuals, storytelling, presentation and, of course, action sequences that will leave your jaw on the floor, all while maintaining SOCOM’s classic tactical focus.

Bear McCreary

With all that in mind, we wanted to round out the experience with a stellar soundtrack, one that would help define the franchise’s next big release. We’re very excited to announce that the score is being handled by none other than Bear McCreary, who is best known for his critically-acclaimed work on Battlestar Galactica.

No stranger to blending genres of music, Bear’s work on the soundtrack is largely influenced by Asian instrumentation, which corresponds to the Southeast Asia setting of SOCOM 4. Making use of ethnic soloists and gamelan ensembles, SOCOM 4’s score will perfectly fit the mood and atmosphere of OpsCom and company’s operation.

If you’d like to be one of the first people in the world to not only hear SOCOM 4’s soundtrack, but do it in person and even meet Bear McCreary, science fiction website is running a contest to send one lucky fan to a recording session for the game’s score. How can you pass on that chance?

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  • That’s a hell of a name.

  • freaking fantastic! Bear is amazing. His work on BSG is his best but he also did Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I love love that soundtrack as well!

  • No one from BSG can save Socom, as a franchise its time is over. Maybe if Sony was to Fire Seth Luisi and bring back David Sears I would give Socom another chance. Until then, I’m passing on Socom

  • glad to know you’ve got some work Chris. Also SOCOM is going to rock, can’t wait to play it! :D

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Co-op, confirm or deny?
    Split screen, confirm or deny?

  • I hope hope he is good cause the Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 sound track is A1 status. I never watch Battlestar Galatica was on a channel I don’t look at.

  • in response to QDub, consider Socom saved. Socom 4 is made by Zipper Interactive just like the socoms 1-3 and the fireteam bravo series. slant six made confrontation and tactical assault which suck

  • This game better have an awesome single player campaign mode with a damned good story if you’re bringing McCreary in. That’s talent you don’t want to waste on a mediocre title.

    He’s good, his soundtracks are moving and inspiring. It certainly can rival anything that has been done by sony up to this point.

    His works include, BSG, Caprica, Terminator TSCC, Eureka, Rest Stop (Movie), and Dark Void (Capcom).

    You can listen to some samples of his work on iTunes and I believe. You won’t be disappointed if he puts his best foot forward.

  • OH-HO!!… Nice Choice!
    So looking forward to this release.

    On a separate note (pun intended). With all the artists out there. It would be great to do a blog on how one goes about selecting someone to do a score for your work. Additionally, how did it come about that Mr McCreary was selected?

  • Holy crap! <.< I did NOT see that coming. That was probably the last thought I'd ever have… well, ok, maybe not but still, this is damn good (but surprising) news!

  • Cant wait for SOCOM, really am not that interested in single player. Want for MP but will play the SP for kicks and giggles.

    But seriously, focus mostly on MP. SP can be the best thing ever, but its MP that will make or break this game.

  • SOCOM 4 = Beyond awesome ;)

  • Please make SOCOM 4 like SOCOM 2.

  • artform-fazeone

    Bear McCreary music is very moving.. This is a excellent & intelligent move… Zipper Interactive, you get a 10 out of 10 for this.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • I have no clue who this Bear McCreary fellow is, but I like the cut of his jib.

  • Socom 4 is going to sound awesome! I wonder how it will play.

  • I hope to god they screw over the hardcore SOCOM 2 fanboys and fallow what the gamers want in SOCOM. Easy to use controlls, great performance in combat. (ALL SOCOM games to date have suffered massive frame rate drops during heavy combat even the few that had SP too them)More weapons that are not useing bull crap names (IE the number system that real SOCOMs use is a bit much for most gamers to grasp even hardcore shooter fans like me have a hard time with them just keep their non number names, and stick with the old fashioned model, and name from the builders please)No more US guns rock, and Russian/EU weapons suck! This is a major problem in all SOCOM games where a dude with an AK can’t kill jack, but a man with a small M9 pistol can own the 4 guys with 1 AK-47 each on full auto at 5 feet? Fix that or this game is going to fail as bad as Counter Strike source!

  • Don’t consider Socom saved because Zipper making it. Seth Luisi is the constant factor to why the series is no longer popular. He refuses to listen or learn from his mistakes and Sony refuses to fire him.

    KZ2 Blog has 120 comment, this has 15, shows you how uninterested the PS community is

  • Lets hope it turns out better than Dark Void…

  • @gunwing-the controls are good in socom 2,i don’t want no crappy other controls. combat is top notch as well.

  • Soundtrack will be good now let’s see the game.

  • I’m calling it: All Along The Watchtower is in the game.

  • I just hope this game will do justice to the SOCOM name, because by the looks of this, this game really looks similar to Uncharted… which isn’t SOCOM!

  • Beyond! Glad to see Chris Roper at his new job!

  • split screen coop i buy the game day 1 if not ill wait till greatest hits or buy used

  • BEYOND! CHRIS ROPER! BEYOND! this has made my day!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Really lame that my comment wasn’t approved.

    I’ll repeat what I said without posting the youtube link. The reticule shouldn’t be loose when you use PSMove, it should be fixed just like it is when you use the DS3, loose reticule for shooters didn’t work on Wii, and they won’t work on PSMove.

  • Moar appocalyptica please!

  • Moar appocalyptica please!

  • Oh my, Bear for the S4 score? That’s pretty awesome. BSG is my favorite show ever, and the music was always brilliant. I just hope SOCOM 4 doesn’t bomb like Dark Void (Bear’s first game music credit), or Confrontation.

  • Gunwig you’re a freakin idiot. SOCOM 1 and 2 revolutionized online console multiplayer. You make it clear that you’ve never even played the games. The M9 was always terrible and you could always kill people with the AK47. American guns were never the best. The IW smoked everything ad that’s a British gun, the RA was almost as good, and the AK105 in S2 was a freakin beast. Get off of the blog you troll.

    SOCOM 4 needs to be as much like SOCOM 2 was as possible. Every step you take that deviates away from the series roots is doing nothing but losing players. Comment #31 on a day old post woo.

  • Not to mention the controls and movement of every SOCOM up until Confrontation were top notch. Confrontation plays more like a PS2 game than SOCOM 1-3. There are games on PS3 that do not contorl as well as the player movement in S1-3.

    And the “numbering system” of the guns… I have never heard anybody complain about that in my life, nor have I heard anyone say that they were too difficult to keep up with. Ha way to admit your own stupidity. That’s just sad man. They used a real system, and anybody with half of a brain could keep up with it.

    I should probably feel bad about all of this because from the looks of things you are just some kid in elementary school with an IQ below room temperature.

  • Holy Crap!! First off, i’m haven’t been on IGN in a while and haven’t listened to Podcast Beyond in a while either (or been on the playstation blog in a while). So I was surprised to see that this blog post was by Chris Roper. Congrats Chris on your new job at Zipper. Second, awesome on getting Mr. McCreary for Socom 4. I can bet that the score is going to be badass.

  • @Qdub

    You won’t be missed.


  • BM’s BSG OST is one of the greatest of all time.

  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    The definition of epic: Bear’s “All Along The Watchtower” whilst leading your squad through a hostile undisclosed location in Southeast Asia.



  • MAG is brilliantly put together but it lacks the visual pop that we have became accustomed to. There is no way Sony would waste their time on SOCOM 4 unless it’s going to get the A1 treatment. As for anyone who thinks the decent but lackluster Confrontation title was too low to overcome, I say shut up and watch.

  • This game is going to be bad no questions asked

  • hey guys gj on socom4 but for whoever wants socom2 back in HD! click on this poll and vote yes! its been done before with god of war and it started as a poll lets get sony to hear us! vote!

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