Killzone 3 for PS3 reveal: Guerrilla Games interview

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What’s going to change in Killzone 3? The answer: a LOT.

Fresh off their European Killzone 3 media event, Guerrilla Games dropped into San Francisco to unveil Killzone 3 to the North American press for the first time last night, 3D TVs en tow.

I grabbed a few moments (well, 11 minutes, actually) with Guerrilla Games‘ Senior Producer Steven Ter Heide to talk jetpacks, fan requests, new Helghast foes, and how Killzone 3 will improve upon Killzone 2 in terms of graphics, controls, combat, and more.

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  • Sounds great, can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait to get home and watch this video!

  • OMG YES! BEst Interview ever! I cannot wait for Killzone 3! Thanks sony!

  • Thanks Jeff, can’t wait to hear more hopefully at E3 and soon!

  • Amazing! Killzone 3 will be godlike! I just wish the guns were louder and had more of a booming, powerful effect, like the movie Heat.

  • BTW: Who’s winning the PlayStation beard-off?

  • Can’t wait to spend another 500hrs on the multiplayer pending on if they didn’t change much of it.

  • Every grip that I had with KZ2 seems to be first priority for Gorilla. That is a good sign! Cant wait to see gameplay!

  • Killzone 3!!


    BTW, can we PLEASE get an HD remastered version of the original Killzone for the PS3?? PLEASE???



    Co-op? Multiplayer details?

    Please use dedicated dervers. I’ll fund it myself!

  • Nice interview, but the audio (left-right) is flipped.

  • NICE!!!!

  • awesome. would be great to see some of that gameplay in the background in the foreground (does that make sense?) I think you know what I mean.

    thanks for the interview; it is going to be really good and a must-buy for me.

  • Good questions Jeff great Interview can’t wait to learn more.

  • Wait is that KZ3 in the background being played? I haven’t played the game in a year so I’m not remembering that level and the melee kill looks different.

  • Awesome.

  • no more swearing? really? that was a concern? otherwise it all sounds awesome and i can’t wait for the multiplayer details

  • Aww wish I could see the vid but it isn’t showing >.<

    Either way Killzone 3 will be beast.

  • Great interview, Jeff. I’m Looking forward to playing the beta?

  • Huge levels with no loading hiccups, less swearing, Rico not being as annoying? SOLD!!!

  • Hey, Jeff grew a beard. :)

    Anyways, can’t wait to see more of KillZone 3.

  • killzmass 3 is incoming again cant wait for more info E3 around the corner woot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thanks for putting in my request Jeff

  • Blakkternalx520

    i will be getting this game on launch no matter how broke i’ll be afterward.

  • I loved Killzone 2’s multiplayer, but it was nearly impossible for big parties. If anything should be added, it should be split-screen multiplayer, whether it be online or offline or possibly both, but please include split-screen multiplayer.

  • Excellent questions btw Jeff!

  • OMG!! We finally get to see gameplay footage!!! And they are SICK! O.O

    I’m jumping back into KIllzone 2 today

  • Its FIRST GAME PLAY FOOTAGE OF KZ3 in the background!!! MY GOD!!!

    The controls and recoil looks much better from what I can see! I need this game!

    BTW. I hope KZ3 have fully destructible environments! PLZ!

  • – Killzone 3 can be played with the Playstation Move
    – The multiplayer will feature small vehicles that can be used
    – The player can choose from 8 different classes
    – The classes can be personalized with a new reward system
    – But only the characters appearance and the perks can be changed
    – Guerilla Games is also working on a 2 player coop mode
    – And on a 4 player objective coop mode
    – The game is planned to be released in May 2011

  • GuitarrassDeAmor

    Killzone 2 was absolutely amazing. From launch, I played and played and played. It was the reason I got into a clan (not in it now) and the reason I really, really started getting serious on the multiplayer aspect. The weight of the weapons was awesome, the graphics were fantastic, and the balance was there (for the most part). I hated changes like the control options and such to appeal to the annoying CoD players, but I still like Guerilla and will get Killzone 3 when it releases. Cannot wait, and I might actually buy a 3DTV for it…

  • Jeff Thanks A lot for this interview. By the Way EPIC beard lol.

  • Great interview

  • I sooooo can’t wait…. I’m pissed it’ll be 2011 though :(

  • Great job Jeff! :D
    I especially liked how you presented the suggestions we fans put in. I sensed a brief moment of nervosity there but damn you handled it well. Can’t wait to see the stuff you guys were talking about. As far as variety goes, if they’re gonna’ keep it at that level of variety through the game… I’m probably gonna’ die from being awestruck.

  • what the hell… thanks for teasing with the footage we can’t really see in the background >.<

  • Will we get Offline Storyline Split-screen? This needs to be brought back this gen

    Also why must you guys at Sony always tease us with these interview with gameplay footage for a game in the back. gaaaaaaaaaar

  • I just saw a screenshot of Sev using the jetpack on

    I would like to formally request that Sev and Rico (and any other ISA troops in the snowy area) get snow environmental gear.

    I see the level is supposed to be super cold (hence all the Helghast in snow gear) but Sev is FLYING (making it even colder because of wind) yet he is in the same gear as always.
    I know players generally wont see themselves/Sev in 3rd person, but it made me do a double take when I saw him AND Rico in normal gear flying in the arctic conditions! Thanks for reading Guerrilla! Really looking forward to this! :D

  • Kudos for asking those fan questions at the end, Jeff.

    Please pose these questions next time around:

    1. Will the clan system be making a return (perhaps even with some tweaks?)
    2. Will there be any reward, in terms of MP, for people that reached the 100000 points mark in KZ2?

    Thanks a lot, and again: great job on the interview.

  • Can’t wait for this game! I loved Killzone 2, but I would just make two small changes.

    1. A better story.
    2. Allow us to use any gun with any class in multiplayer. I loved the SMG, but I could never use it because I liked being a medic more. Would have been lovely if I could have done both.

    Anyhow, great game nonetheless, and I’m sure Killzone 3 will be even better. I can’t wait!

  • Great interview Jeff. Even though I was mostly watching the tv with the gamplay in the background:)

  • More vehicles! Vehicles online! :)

  • Also weapon pick ups online, not just class based MP! :P

  • we need a clan system, and possible something that games don’t do and some sort of clan tournament arena/leader boards. Like game battles, have a learderbaord of clan and we can send reqwest to battle them. The game should be able to track who wins or loses. that would be awesome

  • I’m sorry were you guys talking about something? Because I was too busy staring in awe of that TV behind you.

  • On the fence for this one. The controlls never did seem dialed in for me. Even after the patch’s and extra settings it still felt off. Amazing game but Ill have to wait to play it before I order this bad boy.

  • @47: Did you even play KZ2?

  • You’re a damn good interviewer, and a real cool guy Jeff. That was an awesome interview and i loved the tease in the background of some in-game footage. And yeah, a special edition of Killzone 3 would be much appreciated and i would buy it, no doubt. Looking forward to the first trailer for the game and looking forward to E3! Take care man.

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