Robin Hood Joins minis This Week

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Hello everyone! It’s Alex Bravve from Nordcurrent here. Today I’d like to talk about our first minis game called Robin Hood – Return of Richard that will be available on PSN on the 25th of May for $4.99.

Robin Hood is a shooting adventure game set in medieval England. You play as a Robin Hood, trying to defend local towns and villages from cruel enemies.

Robin Hood – Return of Richard

Robin Hood’s gameplay has its roots in classics shooting and hunting games, such as Duck Hunt or Moorhuhn, but with tons of little cool features. For example, each level has secret objects that you have to find and shoot, and if you find them all, you will get some bonus points. Or here, in Robin Hood, it is not only you who can shoot enemies, but also enemies can shoot you.

Robin Hood – Return of Richard

Robin Hood consists of 12 levels. All levels are different in terms of visuals as well as villains. As you progress further, you will be facing against new enemies – for example at some point you will meet a nice catapult guys. If you do not take care of them quick enough, you will be hit very hard.:)

You should also take care of the big guys, as they are the most dangerous enemies after catapults. They appear all of a sudden and they give you just a few moments before you can take them out, otherwise you will be badly damaged.

Robin Hood – Return of Richard

Well, that’s it for today folks. As always, we hope you’ll enjoy our game and if you need more information – you can visit our website or our Facebook page on

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