Robin Hood Joins minis This Week

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Hello everyone! It’s Alex Bravve from Nordcurrent here. Today I’d like to talk about our first minis game called Robin Hood – Return of Richard that will be available on PSN on the 25th of May for $4.99.

Robin Hood is a shooting adventure game set in medieval England. You play as a Robin Hood, trying to defend local towns and villages from cruel enemies.

Robin Hood – Return of Richard

Robin Hood’s gameplay has its roots in classics shooting and hunting games, such as Duck Hunt or Moorhuhn, but with tons of little cool features. For example, each level has secret objects that you have to find and shoot, and if you find them all, you will get some bonus points. Or here, in Robin Hood, it is not only you who can shoot enemies, but also enemies can shoot you.

Robin Hood – Return of Richard

Robin Hood consists of 12 levels. All levels are different in terms of visuals as well as villains. As you progress further, you will be facing against new enemies – for example at some point you will meet a nice catapult guys. If you do not take care of them quick enough, you will be hit very hard.:)

You should also take care of the big guys, as they are the most dangerous enemies after catapults. They appear all of a sudden and they give you just a few moments before you can take them out, otherwise you will be badly damaged.

Robin Hood – Return of Richard

Well, that’s it for today folks. As always, we hope you’ll enjoy our game and if you need more information – you can visit our website or our Facebook page on

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  • Looks horrible maybe if it were free I wouldn’t laugh so hard

    • Wow!:) Thanks to everyone for constructive comments – we appreciate them.:) And we will definitely keep them in mind when we will be making our next game.:)

      Regarding Robin Hood – the game is aimed at shooting game fans, therefore if you enjoy shooting classics, like Duck Hunt or Moorhuhn, you will definitely enjoy Robin Hood. All in all, it’s a quick good entertainment.:)

  • It looks decent for a PSP Minis game, I’d have to see it in motion though to see how the gameplay is.

  • Wat the? looks like one those classic cell phone games and 4.99 must be a joke

  • I actually miss these types of shooting games. I was a big fan of light-gun arcade games when I was a kid, and this seems to be in the same vein — only without the bulky light gun.

  • Another Iphone port?

  • Ahahahahhaa.

    …oh wait, this is a real game!?

  • Hehe, because when I think robin hood, the first thing that comes to mind is an on-rails shooter. And I agree with the others here… I’m not going to pay $4.99 for a low quality cell phone game on a platform where I can download so many other high quality full psp games for a few dollars more.

  • why are they wasting the time to make those MINIs . Sony needs to concentrate more on intergrating the psp to ps3 network users….chat…send message..see wht friends are online!!!!!!!!

  • Also… you forgot to capitalize the H in hood in the second screenshot. *high five*

  • More LOL worthy comments – hilarious.

  • Why are you guys spitting so much venom here? 4.99 isn’t nothing compared to spending 14.99 for a FAT PRINCESS or how about buying those GOsports games? Those really suck. The PSN is littered with suck and more suck. Why flank one mini game when you have a barrel full of junk that is offered up on the lousy network that is PSN.

    I’ve been buying more and more minis cos buy and large they’re more fun than actual PS3/PSN games. I might even buy this for principal.

  • To people above:
    Instead of making fun of this game, how about you go make something that looks better? You can’t? Then keep that junk talk off the blog please.

  • Duck Hunt, eh? Color me interested…

  • @11 & 12: You act as though a potential consumer has no right to critique a product before we buy it. Smart consumers are able to gather information before making a purchase about the product and use that information to judge the quality and value of it. This is obviously not a quality product and it is foolish of you to try and defend it as such. I’m reminded of people who were frustrated by the criticism that the Kick-Ass game received when it was advertised on here. Kick-ass now has a metacritic rating of 29/100. We know a terrible game when we see it and it is our responsibility as intelligent consumers to call developers on it. Perhaps in the future, these developers will think twice before kicking out a half-baked pile of trash in the hopes that the less informed consumer out there will purchase it.

  • Looks interesting. I like the art style they chose. Might check it out.

  • i wonder this game gonna fun?

  • @Everyone who thinks this will be good: Your an idiot

  • I’m with all the other people who commented without completely bashing the game…

    I’ll have to see a preview video of it either on the blog, or on youtube after it’s released before I consider a purchase.

    (It’s hard to tell the quality of a game just by a few screenshots)

    I am curious to see how the shooting mechanics work on the PSP though!

    I’ll look out for it.

  • Why are Playstation Blog commenters always so angry? Granted, this game definitely doesn’t look as though as it’s worth $4.99, but let’s just cool it with the negative remarks yeah?

  • What I don’t get is why is everyone so mad about this one game when there are a slew of garbage games on the PSN? Now isn’t the time to complain about quality control if you ask me. The quality of the PSN has been lacking since day one. If this games sucks let it. It’ll have a perfect place on the network right along the side off 95% of all the other suck games available. Not just minis, either.

  • @14
    Yes, people are allowed to critique a product and to see if it is worth their money. Trash talking/making jokes out of something is not critiquing and is just being childish(For example, see #6 and #17) You may not like it, but someone else might, not everyone’s taste is the same.

    I do not usually comment on the blog, but trash talking is not a good way to represent the PlayStation community on the official PlayStation blog. Yes, this is not the only post where people have done it; however, it is just increasing more and more as of late.

  • next ->

  • It does seem like this sort of game is unlikely to work well on the PSP (or PS3). I mean, for the iPhone or DSi you just touch where you shoot. With the Wiiware version, you have the waggle stick to point with.

    On the PSP, you have a really awkward analog nub. It’s okay for some things, but fine, quick movements is not one of them.

    Waiting a bit and trying to launch it as a regular PSN title for PS3 move seems like it would have been a wiser, if probably more difficulty course.

  • Actually I understand all the Anger about this game here. It has been brewing for a while. Every week the PSN faithful come here in hopes of getting a good quality game for there PS3/PSP, and every week we tend to leave very very disappointed. Instead of getting fresh games/minis made just for PSN/PS3/PSP we are getting ports that don’t translate well at all on our console or handheld.
    I am very concerned about the minis, the promise 50 at launch never happened, and now that we are at that mark most of them are over priced i-phone games, or bad ports that just don’t work well on the psp. It comes across as a developer just cashing in to cast a wide net and see who bites!

    Sony is promising that they won’t let the Move be a Cash in of Shovelware, but they made the same promise about the Mini’s, but they didn’t keep their promise…it has me worried that they will allow terrible ports from that other console to take over retail space for move.

  • Sorry ran out of space..Part 2

    This game looks bad to me, a bad port. It is a Touch game for the i-pod…so it won’t translate well to the PSP, well unless the PSP-Touch is coming out this week??? If it is then maybe, but no way otherwise…sorry guys…The anger is just gonna get worse each week if you keep bringing bad ports to the PSP. Remember most everyone has a i-phone/pod, along with their PSP so No one is going to buy a game that was just ok on the touch device to only pay more to play it on the PSP….Bad choice Guys!

  • Yikes. If I ever make a game, remind me not to port it to PSN. That’s a lot of backlash.

  • OK, some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism …I would buy this if it came with a few more options:

    1. “Move” support
    2. Multiplayer cooperate/competitive modes
    3. Different “effects” from the arrows. I think just a standard bow and arrow game would get boring before I even made it to the end of the short 12-level game.

  • I’m interested since it has duckhunt like mechanics. All the people who are dissing ( whoa I said dissing lol ) the minis, they are great. Most of the games on my psp are minis with the exception of patapon 2, darkstalkers and megaman X.

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