ModNation Racers Artist Spotlight: Kevin Butler…’Nuff said

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Merry ModNation Monday Everyone!

This week the Spotlight hits the one and only Kevin Butler. You know a lot of things about our VP of …well…. EVERYTHING, but did you know he had an artsy side? It was news to everyone in the office too. (And all that time I thought he was taking notes.) Watch as Kevin get himself “Modified”, see his particular approach to Track Creation, and wait to see a showdown of EPIC proportions at the end. It’s the stuff of legend.

Like Kevin‘s Creations? Download them starting May 25th once your get your full copy of ModNation Racers (PS3).

Just search under PSN ID: ArtistSpotlight1

Don’t forget the ModNation PS3 Demo hits PSN tomorrow so I hope your engines are revved up!

I’ll leave you with my favorite screen shot to date-


A Family that Races together, Stays Together

Only 7 DAYS left to pre-order folks!

Have a great week everyone, more goodies to come right here on the PS.Blog!

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  • “VP of Washing My Car”

    “Too Much Hair Gel Says What?”

    HAHA awesome, can’t wait to get this.

  • Funny. Doesn’t this contradict his pep talk commercial to the kick getting beat on his own MNR track? LOL. Anyhow are we getting Jack’s mod too? It would be funny if his car was a giant Move controller… I should make that. =)

  • MAN FURISMO JIVE?! What game could that possibly be?!

  • HAHA, great ad, should be on PSN ASAP and on websites!

    btw. I know what he meant whit his latest games. It is Gran Turismo 5! :D

  • Chuck can you make a video about that. (How to find tracks) Also is the ps3 demo going to have kevin’s mod in it? I heard that if we save our creations on out hard drive disc(HDD) we will be able to use that stuff (our creations) in the full game when it comes out May 25. Is that true?

    • Yup! Save your Demo Creations and they will be waiting for you when you buy the full game. You can get Kevin’s Mod on PSN though the full game.

  • Hahaha, this might be my favorite one yet. Awesome back and forth between the two. You guys would be crazy not to include them together in your E3 conference.

    8 days til ModNation! I am pumped for it! Can’t wait for the demo tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a relatively early update time. (I have to work tomorrow night!)

  • Also, that screen shot is killer! Thanks for the new wallpaper!

  • Kevin and Jack are the BOMB!!

  • @37 Parapraxis
    thx for the wallpaper link!! cant wait for Modnation racers next week D1P!! (=day one purchase)


  • little off topic: why hasn’t anyone mentioned Kung-Fu Live, you guys should give them access to post something on the blog (and also tell them about the blog) by the way Kevin Butler would be perfect for this “look at my kung-fu skills”

  • that was the best trailer i have ever seen in my life

    whoever thought that up, give him (or her) a raise!

  • Kevin Butler is going to be the first Mod I download.

  • Even though I’m getting the game next week, I’ll download the demo tomorrow anyways, I can’t wait to play it that much.

    Also, saw a review of this game on X-Play’s website. I was unaware that the game had a story mode (and a pretty funny one, by the looks of it). The mouth movements looked similar to the ones from Robot Chicken. You guys used that show as inspiration?

  • this video was awesome, kevin butler definitely needs to make an appearance at e3. Cant wait for the demo tomorrow! then the full game next week! Im having a few friends over on wednesday to play the demo, should be fun.

  • VincentVendetta

    “That’s it Jack, YOU AND ME, OUTSIDE!”

  • Watch…… what? Would watch video if the PS3 had actually a working browser. HINT hint…. update the PS3 browser please. Thank you

  • Alittle Off-Topic: Whats that funky little song I hear at the end? I know I’ve heard it somewhere else before!

  • That was awesome!! How can I D/L the JT mod??

  • I pre-ordered the PS3 version at least HALF a month ago, so I think I don’t have to worry about rushing to gamestop.It’s a good year to be nastalgiac(is that how you spell it?) towards Playstation(LBP2, nuff’ said).

  • LOL “Tell me more grown up child actor”
    “Too much hairjell says what?!”
    “Half man, half horse,half motorcycle” lol nice math XD

    Kevin is awsome, CAN NOT WAIT for the game XD…is the demo availible by 12:00 am ???

  • Already Pre-ordered MNR. Can’t wait for the game!!
    PS3 IS KING!!!

  • Awesome video, very amusing :)
    Great marketing shift Sony – you’re nailing it this time.
    Hopefully GT5 won’t be a let down.

    KEVIN BUTLER for E3!

  • hey could some one please tell me if the sack boy will be available in AUS it comes out on the 2oth here i am looking for ward to it i pre-ordered it at eb games you get all 3 racers but they seem to know nothing about sack boy i would really love sack boy and i would be very great full for a reply thanks

  • are the preorder bonuses going to be available on the psn?

    I want all three but I don’t want to buy three copies, but I would gladly pay for them on the psn!

  • This is amazing! When Jack appeared, my head almost exploded.

  • epic showdown

  • Jack Tretton and Kevin Butler FTW!!!

  • ShadowPhoenix18

    Haha @ NJShadow! “rated between Epic and BOOM” was right on the nose! Kevin Butler is always a win, but the exchange between him and Tretton was priceless!

  • LOL Kevin Butler vs. THE President & CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America? haha now that’s one Epic battle right there. Modnation Racers is a must-buy for day #1 X)

  • BWAHAHAHAHAHA, Jack PWNED KB, lol love ya guys lol, just awesome!!! 8)

  • do we get to pick our three free one’s when we reserve it cause if we do i want sackboy drake and i guess ratchet but most definitely not kratos though please reply

  • What is with Da Da Da from Trio at the end? If the is in MNR it would be AWESOME (and yes…I’m that old).

    For you youngins….


  • Actually…how about having Trio at E3…much better than Cirque if you know what I mean…

  • One Question how long did it take to make that track?

  • that was funny. I hope Man Furismo Jive will be announced at E3 :)

  • Kevin Butler is just, wow. Already pre-ordered the game, just counting down the days…Unless Chuck is willing to send me a copy before next week. ;)

    • Ha! Sure just send me your addre…oh just remembered if I get you a copy, how will you enjoy that amazing pre-order character? :)

  • I have been waiting for this game for years, I was in Africa when the beta was out & I was screwed. But now since the demo is coming out I feel alot better. THANK YOU MODNATION RACERS!!!!

  • Was is just me, or did they put too much makeup on Kevin?

    Hilarious video guys.

  • Not as funny as the other Kevin Butler vids but the ending was epic.

  • That was one of the funniest things I have ever saw. I like how Sony advertisers went with the comic route instead of blasting the competition every chance they get like some companies. Keep up the good work.


  • radiantshadow92

    KB is the man!

  • makes you think what did they call him in 4th grade?

  • jack is awesome kevins funny

  • Thanks for bumping this to the top… never gets old. Great marketing for this game, btw. You guys have done a great job Chuck.

  • Is Kevin Butler an actual Sony Computer Entertainment Employee or is he with the ad agency you guys hired for these awesome new commercials?

  • I can’t wait for this game, 1 more week!!!

    also, if people preordered at play’n’trade, are we still eligible to attain a sackboy DLC marked release or are they only for gamestop, amazon, and the like?

    • If Play N Trade has stickered copies then you are good. It’s only while supplies last though.

  • Just curious was this scripted, or was this improved?

  • The demo will have the option to try the multiplayer?????????

  • Too much hair gel says what? -That was the best line. It was more like a long promo, not a great funny ad for tv, but not bad either.

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