First Look: Dead Rising 2 on PS3

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When zombies first descended on the shoppers of fictional Willamette, Colorado in Dead Rising, the PlayStation 3… didn’t exist. Four years later, the zombies are ready to shamble, moan, and hunger for brains again in Dead Rising 2 – coming to PS3 this August.

Didn’t play the first game? We’ve got you covered. Capcom’s Mike Schmitt and Wes Phillips walk us through the sequel’s new multiplayer modes, and give newcomers a look at the delicious combination of goofiness and gore that summarize the Dead Rising universe.

We’ll have more Dead Rising 2 throughout the Summer. If you’ve got any questions, throw ’em in the comments – we’ll remember them for next time.

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  • Awesome! This game looks very interesting haha. Is there going to be a demo? And how long is the game? Approximately

  • Ive seen a few gameplays of DR2..and im impressed with the weapons customization and the campaigne co-op.This game imediately reminded me of ZOMBIELAND..which is also movie i enjoyed thanx to Capcom i will be able to njoy playing as a zombie killer..becaus resident evil was a huge headache with the controls so i really didnt njoy it much :/

  • Hmmmm, Well first of all I can’t view the vid on my PS3 browser, Second Thanks 4 bringin DR2 to PS3

  • Glad to see dead rising 2 finally on ps3. Once again, will this game require the usual Capcom 5gb install? You’re killing my hard drive space Capcom! Also, will it have custom soundtracks?

  • good job on channeling 99% of the volume to the left channel.
    not a fan of the game

  • I hope taking this sequel out of the hands of its original Japanese developers has not marred it in any way as I fear it might have.

    I am apprehensive about this unique game having what made it amazing destroyed by westernizated game design, which I feel is vastly inferior to the Japanese school of game design.

  • Looks great and fun!

  • Clearly not the type of game that lends itself to a strong story line but is there a single player story experience? Or is it just a kill or be killed game?

  • Zombies beware IT’S BUCKET TIME!!!

  • Why not put Dead Rising 1 on PSN? Too difficult to port?

  • schiz-o-phren-ic

    This looked soooo boring…

  • Need a demo to convince me if this game is worth a buy.

  • I have a question for them.

    Why would I buy a sequel for a game that you didn’t release on my system?

  • I have another question.

    Why would I own a ps3 then buy a game thats an xbox game level of quality?

  • It looks kinda boring.

  • @13 letherclad
    Its bad enough that PS3 owners didn’t play the original, but it is even worst when Scamcom are going to release Dead Rising Case Zero exclusive for Xbox 360.

  • @16

    I didn’t know that! Thats just absurd, forget capcom and those idiots in the video.

    Also I thought of a third question.

    Could your game look more boring?

  • Bundle it with DR1 and Case Zero and you have yourself a deal.

  • Please tell me there was a cheat on? Why are the zombies just standing there? Since when do zombies not flood towards living people like hogs to a troft? These zombies are not swarming and barely even attacking. I know they are not smart but some of them turn away and went the other direction.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      This was just a demo to show multiplayer functionality, it wasn’t a final part of the game.

  • After watching the interview, that has to be the boringest game I ever seen period. The Zombies AI looking [F]ing retarded to the say the least. I know Zombies are not suppose to be the smarted AI ever, but those in the video were just plain retarded.

  • eyesofreality03

    amazing cannot wait to thrash zombies with my peeps! it there loca co-op r just online, and can it be private invite only or free to anyone to join?

    and #17 if you don’t like it then just don’t comment.

  • Any chance we could see Dead Rising 1? PS3 was the only console that didn’t get it =( and i would like to know more about the story for the first one. I am looking forward to Dead Rising 2 and i hope the timed exclusive (i know it is) DLC Case Zero doesn’t take too long to hit PS3.

  • This looks like last gen IMHO, it could be fun, but that vacuum saw blade thing didn’t even look fun to use. Im not impressed with Capcom lately, Actually, everything they have been putting out has been crap for the past 2 years. I miss the old Capcom.

  • I’ll skip this. Capcom hasn’t been supporting the PS3 so I won’t support them. They cancel games for PS3 & have made more exclusives for other consoles on top of giving another console exclusive content & preferred treatment. I hope this game flops along with every other Capcom game.

  • @22 Wouldn’t it make more sense to be concerned them finishing up DR2? Seemed like the frame rate and tearing was pretty bad.

  • Looks nasty even compared to Dead Rising 1 on the 360.

  • They should use the extra BD space to include a PS3-exclusive Dead Rising 1 recap video, complete with Frank West narration.

  • Only way I’d buy this is if they do a DR1 + DR2 combo on one Blu-Ray.

    Otherwise, forget it.

  • I didn’t know they were making a PS2 version…


    This game looks awful.

  • Just didn’t look very impressive.

    AI looked like it was turned off…and why spend all that time setting up the helicopter trap, luring those SLOOOW zombies towards it, and then when they -finally- get there, he kills them with the blowtorch…what the heck?

    Visually it looks a bit weak too, shadows seemed nonexistant and the fire effect was…rough.

    I’m still interested because I liked the first one, but this preview wasn’t the greatest.

  • im just looking forward to the co op.

  • ???? this game looks awful!!

    screen tearing and frame-rate drops galore!

    Also there is a very low zombie count, lots of jaggies, very slow gameplay, what the heck? Its either capcom didn’t do a great job creating a sequel to the zombie killing game hit in 2006, or they just messed up the ps3 version. I am stay far away from this game.

  • I’m a bit skeptical about this game. Not for the game itself, but for the performance. I remember when Jeff had an interview with the guys from Lost Planet 2 and they said the game would run great in the PS3, but today I have even seen reviews that score the PS3 version lower (it could also be due to the bias against the PS3 this gen).

    My point is, Capcom have not demostrated to make a game properly done on the PS3. So I am not sure if I want to consider it to buy it. I really like the concept, but I don’t know if I want to support a company that doesn’t care about the PS community (and sadly, is not the only only one)

    I just really wish that SCEA, SCEE and SCEJ would give support to third party companies to achieve the excellence that it is achieved in first party games, because we all know is not becasue they can’t, is because they don’t want to. At the very least, Sony should make a “Quality Seal of Approval” to get the quality standards of other companies at the same level as Sony’s

  • Meh.

    Now Jeff, is “Until Dawn” a PS3 exclusive zombie game, and will it be shown at E3?

  • “When zombies first descended on the shoppers of fictional Willamette, Colorado in Dead Rising, the PlayStation 3… didn’t exist.”

    Neither did the Wii, but you ported it to that just fine . . .

  • Why does this look so terrible on the PS3?

  • Well, that video just killed any excitement I had for the game. I hate to say it, but every single aspect of the game looked absolutely abysmal.

  • I’m a fan of the series. I loved playing DR on 360 (before it RRoD). Wish there was a port for PS3 with extra features I’d buy it again. The first one is very memorable.

  • If the Graphics looked like that still image before you hit play on the video, that at least would be acceptable. But what I’m seeing in that video is 10 year old PC level graphics. To top it off a sand box where the zombies are essentially turned off should be fun, nothing they were doing there looked even mildly amusing, well at least what i could see through the jaggies and screen tearing. Disgusting…

  • The worst game I have seen on PS3!

  • Capcom is losing their touch bigtime

  • I hope they clarify on the AI… and I agree, Capcom is loosing bling

  • This will probably be one of the funnest games I pick up all year. Can’t wait until august.

    …is there REALLY absolutely no plans to port over Dead Rising 1 though? I hate missing storyline…

  • Dead Rising 1 was the first game I purchased for the 360 (my bro owns the system). I had a lot of fun with it, replaying to find different survivors and unlocking some cool stuff like the Megaman outfit. I also found it hilarious to wear the horse mask through the cutscenes.

    Nevermind the crybabies here on the blog, Capcom. If they had tried the first game, they probably would have a different response to this post.

    I’ll be waiting for this game’s release. I can’t wait to play some co-op.

  • Guys, Capcom is publishing the game. “Blue Castle Games” is actually developing the title. Their “hit” titles? None.

    They made; The Bigs, The Bigs 2, MLB Front Office Manager.

    Blame the poor quality on BCG.
    Blame the lack of DR1 for PS3 on Capcom.

  • you guys are idiots. it clearly was just a demonstration.

  • Any possibility we may get a demo around the time of release? I plan to get the game, but it’s always nice to try it first ya know?

  • Ok I’ve got several questions:

    -engine? MT Framework 2.0? Please re-write the code completely for PS3. I hate when you guys port the game from PC/xbox 360 and then add ‘low framerate’, 5gb mandatory installation, low quality textures.
    -prequel DLC for xbox 360 and nothing for PS3 owners? Why? Please post here how much Microsoft has paid you. Otherwise I do not understand this treatment. Do PS3 owners not buy Capcom games at all?

    Ok this is my rant. I’ve been a big supporter of Capcom since NES to PS2. You’ve guys seem to ignore PS3 community. The only worthy fame released this gen, imo, is Street Fighter IV (and soon to be SSFIV). Do you know why? (Actually you do, but I’ll remind you) Stop using technology that simply does not work on PS3(MT Framework 2.0 proprietary engine) and take notes from SFIV team, dont rush releasing too many too fast. Otherwise you will end up with broken products (LP2 PS3 version) and a lot frustrated customers.

  • man, did the zombies eat the shadows in the ps3 version? :P

  • @Nepraos “If they had tried the first game, they probably would have a different response to this post.”

    And if you had played any of Blue Castle Games previous titles, you would know that they’re not nearly as talented as the developers that made the first Dead Rising.

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