Castle Crashers PSN Update: New Features

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Hello PlayStation.Blog! I’m Kelly Revak from The Behemoth. We’re thrilled to be back on the PlayStation.Blog to give you another update about Castle Crashers for PSN!

First of all, we are happy to report that we have finished our internal testing, and have sent the title off to a third-party agent for some final testing before we submit it to the PlayStation Store. While we still don’t want to guess at a release date, we are definitely in the final stages of this adventure. Meanwhile, we wanted to tell you about another neat new feature.

Castle Crashers for PS3Castle Crashers for PS3

We have always had more ideas for Castle Crashers than we’ve had time to implement. So since we’ve had to rewrite the code for the game anyway as we bring it to PS3, we’ve been able to add some features that have been lingering in the backs of our minds since this whole thing started. Here is an example:

Player Arena matches will now allow you to choose teams! You can play 2-on-2 or take on the world with 1-v-3. Of course, you can still do free-for-all as well. Sharing a sweet, sweet victory with your friend is like eating a delicious cake in front of your other friends while they cry. It’s like their pride is inside the cake that you are devouring, and your teammate is your stomach helping to digest that pride. And there can only be one mouth and one stomach to eat it with, so the other mouths and stomachs have to watch even though mouths and stomachs don’t have eyes. Take that, eyeless teeth and stomachs.

Speaking of digestion…please do us a favor by tasting these screenshots and watch our QA ninjas team up to beat the tar out of each other. <3 Kelly.

Castle Crashers for PS3

Castle Crashers for PS3 Castle Crashers for PS3

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  • Looking sweet!

  • i am happy that you guy’s took the time to make a good port for it :)

  • What is “standard audio” quality? If that means you’re using AAC (or, ugh, MP3), please encode your assets @ 320kbit/sec. A lot of ports from XBLA/WiiWare have 128kbit/sec (or lower!) lossy assets, which sound horrible on home theater systems when compared to other games. Is there any reason not to encode most assets using FLAC?

    Keep in mind that PS3 users are less likely to run audio through their TVs, so audio quality is super important!


  • the price point is the factor here. no way im going to pay 14.99 for a game that has been out for year+ on another system.

  • I Know it’s been taking a while to recode the game for PS3, but…

    Any chance of it being ported to the PSP? Seems like Such a good game for the portable (especially if it had online infrastructure mode).

    Regardless, great job on making some great games, The Behemoth staff!

  • Looking forward to playing this with my friends on the PSN. Very rare to hear so many friends get excited for a downloadable title, but this one is going to be well-worth it.

  • when u guys mean soon, you guys don’t mean by FALL or winter right? this would be a nice summer game =) lol

  • You guys should also make a portable version on the PSP. Would be awesome to bring CC in our pockets for example while taking the bus to go to work.

  • Really looking forward to this game!!!

  • It looks like it was a good game but really, now? Maybe at 4.99 but anything more no way. You guys should have made an exclusive title for the year + it took to port this game so we could feel as cared for as 360 owners. Honestly I don’t know why ps3 owners are going to care about this old game. What do all the stimulus pack haters think about this one?

    • you are only as old as you feel, and Castle Crashers feels like a sprightly youth with an ice-cream cone! It has taken some time precisely because we have put all our love into this title and we hope you love it too.

  • Is it possible to know about the price?

  • lol nice post. The cake metaphor was great.

    Thanks for bringing this to the PSN and for bothering to put in extra stuff to make up for the wait. I hope it pays off for you in sales, and I’ll be sure to get it when it releases :)

    • Thanks for your comments and your support!

      Cake metaphors make everything better. We like cake.

  • so any chance of this having custom soundtracks??, and what about future DLC support??

  • Thanks for adding new features. The people from Braid somehow didn’t think we’d need any incentive after making us wait.
    I can tell you it is appreciated! *applause*

  • Can’t wait looking forward to this game for awhile only thing that could make me not get it is the price.

  • i bought this on 360 can i get free goodies for that :P i mean i got all the dlc add ons too

  • this is so awesome i am going to put money on my account now. by the way does anybody know when will Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 will be out on the PlayStation store

  • Day 1 purchase.

  • I’m buying it because I love your company’s art style. Feel free to bring all of your games to PSN. :)

  • Thanks everyone for the great comments and support! I’ll do my best to keep answering your questions here in the comments, and we’ll keep the updates coming as we get new information.


  • Any chance of Castle Crasher Avatars? I remember you guys had some for Xbox 360 that I bought when I had it. I was hoping you guys would add some fun to the PSN Avatars.

  • Looks great, count me in! Finally something the wife and I can play together since she is always playing fat princess by herself.

  • YEAH! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I’ve known about it, but it’s great to see it in action on the PS3. When does this come out????

  • will this be available for the psp?

  • With Castle Crashers coming to ps3, does this mean that we are getting your next game(The one that has only been shown on 360)? And if so will we have to wait 2 years for it as well?

  • would it have trophies?

    • yes there are trophies including two new ones: “You are Insane” and “Social Networker.” check our blog or the previous post we did here for details!

  • I played the 360 version many times and now I am looking forward for the PS3 one :)

  • YES!!! Ive been waiting for this game to come to PSN for the longest.

    Iam a big fan your games.

  • is your next game is going to be multiplatform? , i know you guys are a very small amazing team , so i’d understand if its not, it looks like a very tough job for a small team to rewrite all the codes,but if its not i hope its a success on XBL you guys deserve it! =]

    • thank you for your understanding! We always want all our games to be as widely available as possible. But in reality we can only work on so many things at once! We take things one (or two!) at a time and do the best we can.

  • @Barajas_201: All PSN games (unless it’s a mini) are required to have trophies now.

  • Man, 4p co-op. This is what the PS3 has needed. I’m pretty sure I might get this, because its origins (of gave me a lot of childhood fun.

  • I can’t wait for this! I hope it comes to the PSP one day as well!

  • is there a release date for the demo?

  • i dindt get the 360 version and is looking forward to this game.

    i wish there some exclusive new features on PSN version.

    porting a game this old should look more polish and have more features.

    will definately check the demo out


  • They had the update posted like 5 mins ago but removed it >.>

  • i loveee ittt want it right nowww, please sony stuff be fast releasing this game im gonna buy it in the first day :D

  • … I really want cake now.

  • read the title:

    re-read the title:
    no… T__T

  • Will multiple people be able to sign into their PSN account to earn trophies when playing local co-op?

  • I like the art style, but this game doesn’t look very interesting. I mean, you’re basically scurrying around a flat map, and can only attack on one axis. Doesn’t look like my kind of game, though it might still be one of PSN’s best games.

  • Yeah, that didn’t look fun at all. A deathmatch ala total cluster****. I will play the story mode though.

  • Do you guys know if this game supports multiple PSN logins.
    Borderlands, Resistance 2, and Little Big Planet all allow it and it really helps my co-op experience.

    • well, those are all disc titles. ;) The PSN user interface is different than XBLA in terms of how it handles multiple local players. We’ve tried to make the multiplayer experience as fun and robust as possible both online and locally. We hope you will find your co-op experience to be exceptionally fun!

  • Common already! They have put out 2 Call of Duties in the time it has taken to get this game out on PS3.

  • We love you Behemoth! can’t wait for this game… hopefully you guys will show more love to PSN with your next titles ;)

  • Yes this was seriously the ONE AND ONLY game that was on the xbox360 that made me jealous as a PS3 owner. I’ve played it extensively on my friends 360’s and I can say that you won’t need a demo make you’re decision to buy this game. It is simply amazing. The wait has been long and brutal but it’ll definitely pay off in the end.

    <3 you Behemoth

  • DLC would be great for this game. Like more levels or new castle.

  • This is bought on the 1st day. I played the XBLA one and it was pretty fun. so this one I’ll pick up for sure.

  • OK thanks for the reply, its definitely not a deal breaker and I’ll probably be beating this game more than once anyways. Been waiting for this game ever since I first heard of it.

  • DigitalDevilSaga

    Me, and my 3 dedicated PS3 friends are always trying to find fun local co-op games, and this one sure looks like it will be the best available game yet on the PSN! I will def. be getting this one the second its available in the PS Store!

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