Split/Second Demo Crashes Into PSN Tomorrow

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We’re excited to announce that the Split/Second demo is coming to PSN for PlayStation 3 tomorrow! To prepare you for the action you’ll be experiencing, I wanted to provide you with a bit more information about the demo which takes place in our “Airport” location. After we had such a great response from fans who played this level at E3 2009 and both Penny Arcade Expo events in Seattle and Boston, we thought it would make a great demo to release to everyone in advance of the game.

Split/Second Aircraft Control Tower

In Split/Second, you build up your power meter through skilled driving techniques and then trigger what we call “Power Plays” to take out opponents and alter the track. All this takes place in the premise of a huge global broadcast event where you play as a contestant trying to win the season championship. The airport track features some incredible moments that YOU can trigger – including a navigational radar dish that explodes off its base and a tram that slams into a parking structure creating some real shock waves on the track. There are also some other really huge Power Plays you can activate like taking down the airport control tower to clear a path onto the runway which provides access to a huge remote-controlled jumbo jet you can use to take out your competitors. Overall, there are three major route changers on the course. Can you find all of them?

Split/Second Multiplayer Airport

Airport_Environment_Shot_01 Split/Second Airport

Download the demo and then go to our official Facebook page to let us know what you think of it. We also challenge you to take a photo of your times in the demo and post your score so we can determine who is the fastest on the PS3 demo. We hope you’ll be as addicted as we are to try new things and attempting to shave down your time.

We were proud to have Split/Second selected for the Game Critics Awards last year for Best Racing Game of E3 and we have already started receiving some great reviews from the press. The game was developed by the incredibly talented team at Black Rock Studio, creators of 2008’s extremely fun off-road racing game, PURE (which also won the Best Racing Game of E3 2008).

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the demo and hope you enjoy Split/Second when it hits retail shelves on May 18th.

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  • I am mad that there making a demo 7 days before it comes out.

    I am also looking forward to Starwars forced unleashed 2

  • thats great that we ps3 owners are finally going to get the demo a whole 7 days before the game releases. i understand why europe got it before us since they dont get the game for 7 days after us the usa but how excited should i be about another game that has placed us as an after thought? 360 owners have been playing the demo for what 3 weeks to a month? and we should be happy that were even getting the demo? much less the game? we have the better system and all were getting is 360’s scraps and leftovers. stand up sony!! stand up fans and ps3 owners!! i am not saying to not buy this game cause im getting it but look at all the other games weve been waiting for and are just now getting (gta dlc)or games that were announced for both but ps3 gets dropped off in limbo (temco bowl, bioshock)

  • LegendaryPhoenix

    “Really, you are going to resort to **name calling**? How about you try growing up. It isn’t my fault you **idiots** are giving a single word two initials.”

    ** added for emphasis. Really?

  • Go screw yourself Mitch, you should’ve released the demo at the same time you did on Xbox Live.

  • Looking forward to the Demo!
    I only buy games if I get to try the demo first.

  • The game really sounds promising, I like some “spice” in my racers and I really like to play “arcade” ones because it’s more fast-paced and you seems to nails the “chaos” pretty well, physics in my games are want I want to make them feels more next-gen and more different from racers of the last 15 years!

    PURE was GREAT so I have faith in this game, can’t wait to try the Demo tomorrow and will have to buy this one in the next 2 months or so…

  • Im glad a demo is coming for this cause i keep getting this game and blur mixed up… the demo should clarify the games differences

  • lobotomies4free

    about time this get a demo

  • Can’t wait to try it out, looks really fun.

  • Lol at people complaining about the graphics. Who cares if the graphics aren’t outstanding. It’s about how good the gameplay is. And for people like PirateHarlock saying Sony needs to stop downgrading multiplatform games I just have 1 thing to say. You’re an idiot. The PS3 versions of games have to be downgraded cause of how the 360 is what almost every company is going off so us PS3 users have to deal with the 360’s graphics.

  • Can’t wait to try out the demo tomorrow though, a lot of people are saying to get this instead of Blur, hopefully we’ll get a Blur demo soon :P

  • Cool I will try it out!

  • Never heard of Blur, seen this video on the PSN last week. Looks like Burnout. I really want a real sequel to BO revenge or vendetta or whatever. That game was fun.

  • Great to see a demo! Haven’t played a good racing game in awhile besides Burnout Paradise.

  • Very nice looking. I’m more of a sim-racing fan so I won’t be picking this up; but I REALLY hope you release some nice new generic ‘racing’ avatars for us. Even if they cost some $. I have been looking at this silly stig-wannabe too long (which is from a game I never even played).

  • Tried the EU demo playthrough twice just now. Bleh. The car refuses to accellerate and just floats over the course.

    I had hopes for it based on the rendered trailers. No go, no way. Burnout did it first and still does it better.

    Sorry guys. ModNation awaits.

  • @ #8: I disagree. Strongly disagree! Your criticizing of comment #4 makes no sense at all. You cannot use the genre difference as an excuse to justify poor effort put into a title. So, while you are correct that GT5 is Simulation (or so it pretends to be anyway) and this game will be Arcade, when the team making the game gives you animation that looks like a slide show and low-res and crappy lighting, then for all I care I could compare an RPG to a racing game. It’s not like we’re talking about the control mechanics or the story.

  • A dev. team can’t use a certain genre as an alibi for a rushed money-grab affair. Think about how insulting something like this would sound. Oh well this game will be aimed for arcade racing fans, so they couldn’t tell the difference between black and white as long as we give them cool crashes. So why should we spend more money into overtime shifts and a later release date and more tester/debugger paid hours? people will buy it anyway. I mean look at Nintendo and the Wii. The company with the most success is that which exploits ppl’s ignorance the most. PERIOD!

    Having said that, if the demo will run smooth, my decision whether to buy this game or not will be simple:

    Logitech G25 support = Purchase

    No Logitech G25 support = Not even a rental.

  • Tecmo Bowl Throwback?

  • Not likely to see Tecmo Bowl Throwback today. I guess we can check back next week.

  • Add me to the others who tried last weeks demo and thought this game lacked a sense of speed and acceleration. I also couldn’t get a handle on the drifting, though that could just be me (too many kart games and not enough “real” racing games). Blowing things up was nice as it changed the course but I never felt like I was racing, even though I came in first.

  • Fanboys should have their internet privileges taken away.

    Demo was good fun, will most likely buy down the road when it’s dropped in price a bit.

  • @ #60 who cares about the graphics? Many others apparently and me do, a day 1 purchaser of the console, who never complained about the price and had pre-purchased his HDMI cable and 50″ 720p LCD TV before the system even came out. Tell me, what’s most different between the PS3 and the PS2? Yeah, that’s what I thought. No wonder ppl can’t appreciate this machine and the amount of effort it goes into making engines like that of Uncharted 2 and GOW3. Some ppl are just too poor to afford a brand-name HD TV and cables. We don’t want to go back in time. we want to move forward, so don’t say who cares. Obviously all game reviewing web sites score this aspect of the game in the final review.

  • Im on the PSN store right now and its not here!!!!!!!! what the hell!!!!!!

  • Yeah it not there which is a bad thing Really…

  • Its not in NA yet, because Playstation is EU, so there in a different time zone, SHOULD be up later tonight for NA.

  • I would like to ask something of all those that say ‘oh the graphics suck’ and ‘they aren’t taking full use of blu-ray’, exactly how many of you have even tried programming a game? Not only have they got to design the original level, but that ‘unused space’ that someone commented upon is actually where they stored the data that changes the track, the command sequence that blows up the airliner over your head, and then all the polygons and stuff that need to rain down on your speedy little car’s roof. The detail may not all be on the cars, and is instead spread between them and whatever’s falling down to block your path or crush you.

    I haven’t tried this one yet, but I look forward too. It’s a nice take to make the racing scene different. Burnout had major crashes to crumple your car, this one has complete and total disasters to crumple the road.

  • Beautiful thing

  • Tried the demo. LOVED IT. This might be something worth checking out. Always been on the look out for a racing game that can top Burnout Revenge!

  • played demo on Saturday, and out of 10 i give it a 8. It has very nice graphics and it was very entertaining. I’m not really into car games but this game is awesome.

  • Man, I love the game, but WTH is up with the network? Can’t enter any of the races and its seems to be exchanging drivers info all the time.

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