Final Fantasy IX Coming Soon to PlayStation Store

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Following up to the fan favorite release of FFVII and FFVIII, PS3 and PSP owners will have a new and exciting opportunity to immerse themselves, once again, into the world of Final Fantasy.

Considered by many gamers to be a must-play title for any RPG fan, FFIX will soon to be available for North American fans via the PlayStation Network. If you missed Final Fantasy IX during the early PlayStation era, or are dreaming of reliving the time-tested FFIX adventure, your chance is coming soon.

Sit tight and keep your eye on the PlayStation.Blog for important announcement information, including the release date, coming soon!

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  • Day one purchase for me!!! FFIX is my favorite of all the FF’s. Still occasionally read my FFIX strat guide from time to time, such a great game!

  • Great news, FFIX is in my opinion the best Final Fantasy. I would love to see xenogears on the PSN next.

  • Never played FFIX before will be buying this whenever it releases on PSN.

  • cool but i have the original disk which is better.

  • I have a feeling they’ll release it during E3.

  • Great news and great timing! Just after the Japanese announcement.
    By the way I’m still waiting for Vagrant Story on the US PSN.

  • Cool game but you got to bring Xenogears to the PSN! Among others: Breath of Fire 3 & 4, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, Chrono Trigger, and most unlikely game to put on Secret of Evermore. I know it’s from SNES but wasn’t Chrono Trigger from SNES also and then ported to playstation?

  • ya now people will shutup about this stupid game, only ones i like FF10, FF13, i read some posts an i would love to see a new kingdom hearts, or KH 1 an 2 on the psn to download, we need more downloadable games, i hate having to preorder an then drive to the store, i rather sit at home an download it,atleast everyone will be able to get it the day it comes out, there isn’t no limit like they have do with discs (if the store runs out your out of luck)

  • Ami,

    Please release all of the square psp games on the playstation store. We should be able to play crisis core, FF1 and FF2, and the psp version of Tatics on our psp go. It’s great that FF IX is coming, but were are the other games we want to play?

  • Indeed. While this is good news, at the same time, it’s really bad news that Square has supported the PSN store so poorly. There are what, probably a dozen PSP titles not available on it.

    It takes you at Square no effort to do, you just tell Sony. So basically it’s free money for little effort. And you make customers happy. Yet you don’t seem interested.

  • Great, but you skipped Chrono Cross. Now it looks like you might never port that. If you did that I would buy it for both me and my sister. She would probably even buy a new psp.


  • YES !!!!! i cant wait wow ! ill be playing FF8 untill the release !

  • Well we ever be able to play PS2 FF games on the PS3?

  • Please put FFX on my 11 yr old played it on PS2 and the game froze just as he was going to fight Sin. He asks me at least twice a week about this.

  • Einhander and Bushido Blade kthx

  • this is orgaz-ma-tastic ^_^

    i mean um…. i am very excited…..
    now if they put a new darkstalkers game out i would be so happy i would die and have to play it in my after life as a ghost ^_^

  • @48

    I would buy every game in that list, every single one.

  • no ones has said anything about ff V11 it was my favorite I would like to see a remake of it for ps3 please make it happen!!!!!

  • now, i just need som trophys. then i will buy this game one more time. and a heck of alot of other psone games.. if they have trophys.

  • Hurray! I love LOVE LOVE little Vivi!

  • finnaly. i was about to sell my psp go because they didnt have any ps1 titles. but i hope they add the other ps1 titles like crono tiger {want to try it},ff5 an 6, and maybe the psp version of ff1 and 2. i have no other games than final fantasy, because iam very finicky on game genere.

    { i got a ps3 slim so requesting friend requests, im new to the system}

  • Finally, this was my favorite game on playstation i was wondering when it would come to PSN. Next they should bring back Parasite Eve 2. That was a great game and the best mix between an rpg and a Resident Evil type horror game. Please bring back PE2!!!!

  • How is this the final PSOne Final Fantasy Game? Sony, you’ve still got IV and VI to release.

  • you know, all i hear is everyone talking about xenogears. don’t get me wrong, xenogears was a great title and worthy of ps one classic, but what about other great titles for ps one, like sony’s own Legend of Dragoon, or square’s Brave Fencer Musashi, Chrono Cross, etc, etc. sony bring a classic that will make you money and please no crap. We wan’t something that we truly call a ps one classic that will take us back to the good days!!!

  • Now get Vagrant Story, Xenogears and Parasite Eve on PSN and I’ll be a happy camper.

  • ffix my favorite classic ff, love the style, the characters, i remember the parts when the game tells the tragic background story of each character: zidane tribal, vivi ornitier, quina so sad… i think every character in ffix is the main character.
    i’m so tired of tetsuya nomura’s style…

  • @gunblader

    i definitely agree with u! it’s the best ff

  • So like…. what’s up with Vagrant Story? Why isn’t it here yet but every FF that was released on PSN EU is here also? :|

  • yeah ffIX was the best one in my opinion. It has changed way too much since then. That was the classic style. The cast was probably the best cast out of all their games. Oh and if anyone remembers parasite eve 2 please blog about bringin it back. I figure if enough people want it back then it will be brought back.

  • Ami,

    This is news. Tell you what. When Vagrant Story and Xenogears get ported over onto the North American PSN, you’ll get a genuine eye-opening moment out of me. Until then…this article is just a shake of the head moment to me.

  • Awesome news!! really cool, and i can’t wait :P But what will truly will make the fans go wild ,it’s a remake of Final fantasy 7 (just like the demo video that showed ,hoe FF7 wold look like if it were remade in HD for the PS3) I know the game is huge ,but such a game deserves to be remade, and brought back to the 21 century :P still this new is an amazing news:P

  • Vagrant Story and Front Mission 3 would be nice.

  • FFXI is great and adding FFVII and FFVIII was amazing, but come on I want FFX!! If their ever going to release PS2 games on the PSN they mite as well start with FFX! Please Please put FFX on PSN!

  • FFIX is great and adding FFVII and FFVIII was amazing, but come on I want FFX!! If their ever going to release PS2 games on the PSN they mite as well start with FFX! Please Please put FFX on PSN!

  • sweet !! that’s really awesome !

  • I won’t b late to pick up ff VIII!!!!lol

  • can i see legend of dragoon please?????????????

  • I’d hoped that this would be released. Can’t wait to play it again.

  • I would love to see more square-enix games on PSN like: Ehrgeiz, Xenogears and Parasite Eve 1-2. I have Ehrgeiz, Xenogears and Parasite Eve 1 only on my ps1 but i wish i can play Parasite Eve 2, I’ve never played PE 2. i saw on the japanese PSN store has Ehrgeiz , Xenogears and Parasite Eve 1-2 but only japanese versions tho.

  • I have FF IX, but never played it. Playing it on PSP anywhere is how to play. FF IV through VI were on PSX. Will we see those on PSN? Those are must have.

  • I’m glad, while I’m not sure IX is still my favorite (That is reserved for IV right now), it was… pretty much my first (Save for playing maybe a combined 5 minutes of VII and VIII on my friend’s brother’s PSX). I am so glad that it got cleared as well, and have been expecting it (Including buying a new memory card so I don’t have to delete anything on my other ones, and making sure my PSP was connected to the net, since my family decided to go mac.)

    And I realize not everyone’s happy, but I figure that there’s several games out there for them that are coming out, so they can stop being asses and trying to rain on the parade of those of us who aren’t. Would FFIX being brought to the PSN really ruin your life to the point it’s not worth living?

  • How about an exact date?

  • hope they make one for final fantasy 10 and 12

  • Soon. Now i can have all three ready for when the PSP 2 releases. :D Lets hope they add the FF Chronicles in Anthology FFS (IV, V and VI) later!! :D

  • yes!!! I downloaded Final Fantasy VII and i own the actual ps1 version on Final fantasy VIII (i also have FFI and FFII for psp and FFXII for ps2) and ever since ive played as Zidane on Dissidia ive wanted to play Final Fantasy IX

  • Those are great news and thank you, also don’t forget to bring Vagrant Story to the NA PSN, we are the only ones that we don’t have yet!!

  • that is all good but yes i would love to see L.O.D. as a ps1 classic but i dont think its going to happen cause it is an underrated rpg. those who played it knows how great of a story it was so push and keep pushing until we get some of the real old school games legend of legaia would be good to

  • i heard that released date is june 15th? has anyone else heard that?

  • no, sorry it was not real, i apologize micah150, and it was fixed the wikipedia page i saw it on, but I’m sure it’s not too long of a wait now that the Japanese have it.

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