This Week in PlayStation Home: UNCHARTED 2 Space, MW2 Play Session, Items for Red Dead Redemption, & more

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The UNCHARTED 2 adventure continues this week, as the celebrated franchise expands further into the wide world of PlayStation Home with the release of the new UNCHARTED 2 personal space. Situated in the heart of Pokhara, this dazzling personal space harkens back to the action-packed scenes of Naughty Dog’s award-winning title, where Nathan Drake and Co. battle it out with Lazarevic’s henchmen in the war-torn streets of Nepal. A true must-have addition to your UNCHARTED collection, this personal space will be available this Thursday, May 6th in the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall. Like they always say, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million pictures, so check out this video we’ve made for you that shows off this exciting new space.

To celebrate the release of the first ever DLC for what is inarguably one of the biggest titles of the current generation — Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 — the Community Management team will be in the Gamer’s Lounge this Friday, May 7th at 4:00pm PT (7:00pm ET) to launch into the new multiplayer maps of the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package. You make the call as to whether you want to jump into the Bailout, Salvage, Storm, Crash, or Overgrown maps — just let us know when the time comes to set up the multiplayer session. More details, including host accounts, will be posted in our Message of the Day prior to the event start time this Friday.

MW2 Event in PlayStation Home

Also coming this week into the ever-growing PlayStation Home universe (which is currently expanding at the rate of your average supernova) are special items from the upcoming remake of the classic martial arts film The Karate Kid. Available from the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall, these hot new items are essential for fans of the classic film that are anxiously awaiting the June 11th release of this highly-anticipated remake. Be sure to grab yours first thing Thursday morning.

Karate Kid items for PlayStation Home

Those of you that, like me, obsessively collect each and every unlockable reward from your favorite PS3 and PSN games in PlayStation Home will be stoked to learn that Rockstar’s upcoming sandbox-style western game Red Dead Redemption (available for the PS3 on May 18th) will unlock exclusive outfits for your avatar upon reaching in-game milestones. We don’t want to spill any beans concerning the plot of this sure-to-be-hit title, so we’re not going to tell you how to earn these rewards just yet but trust me when I say that, if you love Red Dead Redemption, PlayStation Home is the place to be when you are looking for people to challenge to a good ol’ fashioned Mexican standoff in the 16-player max multiplayer.

In other news, Sodium is getting yet another update this week. Be sure to keep an eye out for Vendy – the artificially intelligent vending machine-bot conveniently placed in the Sodium Hub to provide all you scorpion stompers with Vetoxade, the anti-venom needed to stomp the fiendish blue scorpions.

Finally, we want to alert you to a pretty awesome event in which PlayStation Home will play a pivotal role. As the excitement builds for the highly-anticipated release of METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER for the PSP, Konami, Best Buy, and Sony Online Entertainment will feed the frenzy by hosting a code-collecting contest that begins the month before the game’s launch. The CODE HUNT will have contestants 18 and older in the United States scouring locations for elusive Peace Walker codes, each of which gets them closer and closer to the grand prize. Hint: Hunters that visit PlayStation Home should keep their eyes peeled. The contest begins today, May 5th and will end just in time for the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker release on June 8th. Join the hunt now at and win big (official rules can be found at http://www.konami/user/rules)!

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker event in PlayStation Home

See you in Home!

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  • The PS3 and home are not perfect . There are however two types of people within the community .

    1. Those who complain too much to have fun .

    2 Those who have too much fun to complain .

    I’m glad that I’am one of the latter . If that makes me Deluded…. Well then …. COME HITHER YOU SWEET , SWEET DELUSION AND LET ME EMBRACE YOU TIGHTER !!!!! I dont know what i would do if I allowed flaws to turn me into a miserable , whiny , IMP .

  • Since questions are getting answered here maybe you can tell us when Tecmo Bowl Throwback is coming to the PSN. No one wants to answer that question. Your buddies at Microsoft released it last week.

  • i try so often to use home and hope i can find something that will amuse me or keep me entertained, but every time i go in there, theres nothing to do. HOME IS BORING. that place is only good for selling digital clothing, which is not a fun thing.

  • i have tried so hard to play home. however, the lag is too much for me to handle, and with a lack of any real purpose to it i don’t care about home anymore.

  • what kind of red dead items are there. I need to get that game now.
    Plus modnation racers and 3D dot heros.

  • I hate the fact that you sold us these Map Packs a force us to play these Dumb@$$ Campers paridise games … why are you punishing loyal subscribers who continue to spend money with you and force us into Demolition and Capture the flag games when all we want is some good old fashioned team deathmatch!!! Screw these other games and the camping idiots who play them !!! and screw you if you aren’t going to do something about this crap!!! I’m sick of cheaters and Im sick of you not doing anything to satisfy those who have been loyal to you !!!


  • Are they going to be optimizing Home’s loading times in a title update again anytime soon. Because I know the lack of integration with the XMB and the speed is one of the main things keeping me out. And the fact that it is so hard to make my Avatar look like myself. Is there an upcoming PSEYE integration where i could take a picture of my face and have my Home avatar have similar features?

  • Once I realized that we’re probably never going to get any of the media sharing (besides pic frames) abilities, proper game launching (for more than like 10 games) and trophy integration, I gave up on Home. It’s too bad because I actually thought Home had a lot of potential and I actually spent real money in Home on items and spaces like these.

    Home is moving in the wrong direction to appeal to me. Although the personal spaces and items are cool, what really appealed to me was the fact that we would be able to share media, launch into multiplayer game lobbies and more PSN integration such as a trophy room. But since they seem to just be focusing on personal spaces and items (and in-Home games like Sodium), Home no longer appeals to me.

    But I know Home does appeal to a lot of people, that’s just my opinion about Home and why it no longer appeals to me, so even though I no longer enjoy Home, I hope others do.

  • “Red Dead Redemption (available for the PS3 on May 18th) will unlock exclusive outfits for your avatar upon reaching in-game milestones.”

    This is NOT an outfit for your Playstation Home avatar folks…Only for an in game outfit that increases your shooting skill….

  • im 2 beast 4 u in mw2

  • musicman1234 im pretty sure it will be a home outfit or they wouldnt have posted it here.

  • YES! The Karate kid costumes we’ve all been asking for! Will there be a shower costume?

  • @ Locust_Star

    Please tell the guys who work on Home that the list of games saved on your hard drive that show up when game launching is a jumble mess. I am sure you know that when trying to game launch anything but a blu ray disk one must search through what seems to be a random list of games. It would be much more intuitive if the games that populated the game launching list were organized the same way they are on the XMB. All my games are organized in albums but when looking at them to game launch I must search through a long list of random games. This could be done probably very easily and make game launching much more efficient. Thank you Locust_Star for all your and everybody’s hard work on Home.

    Tried submitting this idea twice through blog share with no luck.


  • This is So FCKN COOL!

    Logging In NoW!

  • A Poster Said Add Trophies. He’s RIGHT! The Desicion is Easier for Trophy Hunter Completionist.
    Another Poster Said Give up Personal Games For Our Space.

    I would Pay $3.00 For The Golden Ak-47 & The Pool Table.
    Especially, if I never Have To See : Game Is Occupied : Again : )

  • I am so interested in the Metal Gear. I need to get the guys together to figure this one out. The Uncharted space does look good, but i am wondering are there any interactive or exclusive stuff in the estate?

  • Hey everyone! I’m new to playstation Network, and I was wondering if I could get some help. I’m connected to the interent with my PS3, but I was wondering how can I play with other people. I just can’t figure out. Please give me a shout!

  • There are Some Really Good Ideas & Stuff Being Said here.
    Cydonia X & Locust? I know You Guys are Getting So Rich because we all care about home
    & we check in online & off.

    E3 is Coming & I Hope Home & PS3 Blend in With A Gamers Attitude & take over the World.
    Option for Public Voice Chat & Mute.
    Risky Games.
    More Code Hunting.
    Video & Audio from your HDD in Your personal space & Clubs. Home Theathre with friends sharing content.
    PSEyE & photos compatibilty for your picture frames & Identification.
    More Creative Tools for your Avatar.
    More in home world & in game rewards & unlocks.

    We know You Can Do it!
    Use the money we are giving you guys To hire a couple of Rocket Scientists from another planet.
    How about that guy who made the ps3. Give em some of that stripper money.

    Hee Hee!!! Have Fun Guys!

  • Wow Home is useless. Every time i go into “home” i have to re-download everything all over again. Each time i logged in i spent less and less time on it. Logged in today to check it out and just gave up on having to DL the plaza for the 10th time.

  • Jdubzz?
    What do you mean u need help figuring out how to go online?
    You kinda just do when using menus & choosing to go online dude.

    Good luck!

  • Lets get this over with.

    Did Kevin Butler stay away from the flaun or whatever? Today is Cinco De Mayo if I spelt that right, I think it is at least.

    Back to the real topic. Home has deteriorated since the beginning. What happened to the cool home I use to know and love.

  • i was just wondering if you know that the hot shots golf space is broken. the statue keeps saying the there is server congestion, even if there are only two people in there.

  • virtual items and apartments are cool but can we get something else? I’ve been on home since day one and even though it has changed in good ways it just seem like its the same thing every week. How bout some web cam some music streaming the good stuff mannn?

  • week in week out the same questions get asked and NEVER get answered i.e music/video streaming to private space and the trophy room.WHY DONT YOU ANSWER THIS QUESTION???????????????????

  • I was about to play CODMW2 and an update came up. I updated the software, and was going to play the game, and download the new levels from the PS Store. After the update my system shut down and won’t start again. Its like it tries to boot up and then just blinks red. I’ve tried to contact Sony and all I get is a computerized run around. My system is only three years old. I play almost every day. And, now I have 100’s of dollars of software just sitting on the shelf. I have stuck with sony from the original grey playstation, then PS2, and now ps3. And, this is the first time anything like this has ever happened.

  • Home was an intersting concept when the PS3 was released.
    I was able to get in on the early testing phases, I really tried to like it, i did. Admittedly I have not been in Home in some time.
    I dont know if it has been reimplemented, but the removal of the open voice chat made Home less appealing to me.

    In general I am not a fan of micro-transactions ,and this is primarily what Home has to offer.
    for the most part, for me, Home is and continues to be MMoB – Massive Multiplayer online Boring.


  • wrong place to post your complaint pal but thanks for stinking up the place with your misfortune.

    Hey Locust?

    I know how you can make more money for HOME.
    Have you played MEtal Gear Online???
    Well Konami allows us to buy animations and voice commands from thier website to use in-game.

    Just do the same thing with: Everything that were excited for.
    At least give us some answers because keeping hope alive starts taxing the soul, ya know?


    are you part of the moderation staff?

    My post is not a complaint, its an opinion.

    I believe that is your horse over there….

  • i believe i may have misdirected a message MAGNUM-RAM

    were you responding to my post or gothundr3’s post about his problems with CoD.

    if its the latter, you have my apologies.

  • “Call of Duty” is a MASSIVE Franchise for Sony PlayStation, why didn’t Sony pay to make the release date of the Stimulus Package the same as the PS3’s so that Sony gathers more sales than Microsoft’s Xbox!

  • Rollotomozi,

    yeah I was making fun of the COD complaint.
    I wish I was a MOD though, I would have deleted everyone, lol!



  • Where is the “Hall of Fame/Trophy Room”???? I want a place to show off Platinum trophies that I worked very hard on… and where are the TV’s/Stereos that I can stream my HDD content???? Please stop avoiding these questions and give the people a straight answer.

  • Just wondering? why didn’t owners of the game get the space when we get the game like when i got Batman:Arkham Asylum

  • Home 4 me is alsy quite useless now. Instead of fixing the massive horrendous bugs that keep it crashing and disconnecting and the minigames that NEVER work properly they keep adding more overpriced garbage nobody wants. Seriously $5 for a black lightsaber or juno eclipse outfit nobody wants. GET REAL SONY!!! and what about the $4.99 + tax I paid today for the sodium pilot outfit to play the salt shooter game? I still cant play the ffull game what a ripoff!!!!!

    And what is gonna be done about the hordes of perverts & their harassment going on home constantly? These pervs never get banned but more often than not their victims do get banned for speaking out about this issue. If thse perverts did the same “activities” in real they’d be quickly arrest and jailed not given a pat on the back and a free pass.

    Its long past time sony started listening to those who keep them in busines. That is their customers who buy their products and pay their salaries.

  • Red Dead Redemption!

  • awesome! looking forward to seeing more.. They should do a God of war space. That’ll be awesome.

  • Woot!

    Red Dead Redemption gives free outfits for Home. Now if the rest of the developers would add free stuff with every game.

  • Yeah, thats why i don’t buy movies, videos, shows anymore because they havn’t implemented a feature where you can get those videos back. & really? why are the people from IW gonna play MW2 with us…? all they’re gonna get is *****ing from everyone for making dedicated servers for xbox & not for us & they’re gonna get a whole lot more crap for giving them the maps first. everyone is gonna be very very… umm angry isn’t the word… “Upset” is more appropriate

  • Do you people even notice the word “beta” when you go on Home? lol Home isnt anywhere close to being finished, so calm down until full version Home is up and running… if you still cant jump over a bench after full version, then go on complaining. Until then, let Home evolve and slowly advance towards its full potential

  • Show us what the exclusive Red Dead Redemption outfits look like please? is it like the ones they give out if you pre order at lol i MUST SEE Good post all i wanna hear about is Red Dead Redemption really good game everyone should buy it!



  • @45(S-E-G)

    They’ll start thinking of us when it’s convenient for their wallets.

  • Weird, I tried to find this on PS Home, but it gets stuck at the connecting page when it first turns on. Sad

  • I’m so sorry I put it on wrong page

  • as a 69 yo grandfather of 7 who’s always loved gaming i don’t feel really welcome in PS home. should i not be there?

  • @97. Try the SodiumOne area in Home. I have found it a slightly different audience than the other areas. If you are at all into sci-fi you may enjoy the Salt Shooter and scorpion stomping.

  • I just want NHL jersey implementation. GO HAWKS!!

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