New PlayStation Protection Plan provides added peace of mind

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Hi everyone! Many of you can attest to the fact that the PlayStation brand has long been synonymous with the highest quality in engineering and design. For those of you looking for a little extra peace of mind, we’re now offering an extended service plan for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PSP (PlayStation Portable) systems that is backed by SCEA and leverages our technical expertise. Under the new program, PS3 and PSP owners in the United States can purchase an extended service plan of one or two years that begins after the original one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty expires.

PlayStation Protection Plan

With the PlayStation Protection Plan, you can extend the same coverage from the original manufacturer’s one-year warranty for one or two additional years. The pricing includes all shipping charges and repairs, which are performed by PlayStation-trained service technicians at SCEA-authorized repair facilities. The PlayStation Protection Plan is available beginning in May 2010. PSP owners can also choose the Accidental Damage Plan, which provides coverage for cracked-screen damage in the event of an unexpected drop. See pricing below:

  • PS3 – 1-year extension ($44.99) or 2-year extension ($59.99)
  • PSP – 1-year extension ($29.99) or 2-year extension ($39.99)
  • PSP Accidental Damage – 1-year ($39.99) or 2-year ($49.99)

So, why are we offering this now, you ask? Well, we’ve heard your requests for an extended service plan that’s backed directly by SCEA. From the get go, we’ve been extremely committed to offering the best entertainment experiences possible. While both the PS3 and PSP systems are designed with future-proof technology and built for long lifecycles, we’re excited to be offering this service to those of you looking for a little something extra.

PlayStation Protection Plan Sticker

PS3 and PSP owners take note – the PlayStation Protection Plan is available to PS3 or PSP owners (both the PSP-3000 and PSPgo systems) who are still within their one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The PSP Accidental Damage Plan must be purchased within the first 30 days of owning a PSP system, and the plan is effective beginning on the purchase date. You can purchase the PlayStation Protection Plan by calling 1-866-716-7669. Additional details and are available at Web site will be accessible later today.

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  • Damn just found out that the New PlayStation Protection Plan provides added peace of mind does not work for my old 40gb ps3 WTF but it does work for my new ps3 slim 120gb.

  • ==========================================================
    “While both the PS3 and PSP systems are designed with future-proof technology and built for long lifecycles”

    Really? “Built for long lifecycles?” I beg to differ.

    My original 60GB PS3 survived a mere two years from when I purchased it, passing away in late Nov. 2009 from the RROD SCEA refuses to acknowledge is a “real” issue. Sadly, the “factory-certified” replacement unit I received barely lasted four months before it too died from the RROD last week.

    4 MONTHS! To add insult to injury, SCEA insists I must to pay them once again (an increased service charge, at that) for the privilege of having a working PS3 unit.

    Working, yes… but I have to wonder for how long?

    Originally, I would certainly have agreed with the statement that the units are “designed with future-proof technology and built for long lifecycles”. My PS1 and first-gen PS2 are still in perfect working condition to this day. As for the original “fat” PS3 units, they were built like tanks, and I had no doubts my 60GB unit would be running until long after I was gone. I was wrong.

    [cont. on Post #153]

  • [cont. from Post #152]

    My PS3 certainly SHOULD have worked for many years more than it did… but that was not to be. A design flaw caused many units to die from the dreaded RROD symptom. While any such problems resulting from any design flaws should have been fixed at Sony’s expense, it us instead the consumer that must bear this burden.

    (According to the customer service rep I spoke with, there’s a 1%-3% PS3 failure rate directly related to RROD issues… but that not a high enough percentage for Sony to “officially” recall the units or accempt responsibility and fix them. May not sound like much, but 1%-3% translates to 350,000 to 1,050,000 PS3s. Even Microsoft acknowledged their design flaws and fixes them at no expense to the consumer.)

    It is indeed a burden for consumers to keep their PS3 units hit by the RROD running. The original “fat” PS3s were already an expensive commodity when first released. In Dec. 2009, Sony charged me $163 for a factory-certified replacement “absolutely guaranteed to work”. Now a mere four months later in Apr. 2010 Sony charged me $193 to fix/replace my PS3 once again. (Sony now slaps on an additional $29 “shipping fee” for PS3 repairs.)

    [cont. on Post #154]

  • [cont. from Post #153]

    That’s $356 I’m charged for the same PS3 repair in the span of four months. How long will my next factory-certified replacement PS3 last — another four months? I certainly can’t afford to dish out $600+ in yearly repair fees just to continue using my 60GB PS3 “designed with future-proof technology and built for long lifecycles”.

    Under normal circumstances, paying for the same repair is an expensive-enough proposition, especially when it’s nearly the same as the unit’s original retail. But for someone in my circumstances, well… I seriously considered just throwing in the towel and saying farewell to gaming. This is the last chance I can afford to give Sony.

    The PS3 was an extravagant purchase for me to begin with… but aside from books, it’s the only form of entertainment left open to me. I’m 46 now and have been chronically ill/disabled from a very rare and virulent genetic disease for the past 12 years — Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome — and left with with extensive nerve damage. I’m rarely able to leave my home, haven’t worked in 12 years, and never will again, so repeated repairs like these are difficult to manage with only Social Security as “income”.

    [cont. on Post #155]

  • [cont. from Post #154]

    For people in my situation — with severe medical conditions — the PS3 is an amazing unit with many opportunities to keep my mind engaged & focused on something aside from constant excruciating pain. It has helped to improve the overall quality of my life, so having it sitting here as a lifeless, inoperative lump of plastic and metal is absolutely a hardship for me… yet the costs of keeping it running is a different kind of hardship entirely.

    Sony obviously need to show a profit to survive, same as any company. Yet that money comes from consumers such as myself.
    Sony should stand by their “designed with future-proof technology and built for long lifecycles” commitment and take responsibility for continued RROD issues. Because if Sony continues to build products with lifecycles measured in mere months, consumers will take their money elsewhere.

    I wasn’t joking earlier when I said I expected my 60GB PS3 to be running until long after I was gone… Hopefully this next “factory-certified” PS3 replacement will indeed continue working flawlessly (ha!) and outlive me — as it SHOULD have from the very beginning. If so, I will at least be able to die with some sort of smile on my face.

  • [cont. from Post #155]

    Apologies to all for the length of this post… but it simply couldn’t be constrained to a mere 1250 characters.

    Thanks for your (hopeful) understanding.

    Regards to you all…

  • Wow this is great! Since I paid $500 for a launch 60 & after 14 months YLOD. Paid my $150 to have it fixed. Cuz I’ve always been with Sony. Never played a box. So 16 months after Sony sent me a refurbished 60GB, it also YLOD’d! Wtf! I clean my ps3 weekly. It is well ventilated. Very well taken care of, & used normally. So, @ this time I couldn’t see myself doing the whole “refurbished” thing again. Bought a 120 from bestbuy w extended warranty for $60, no mailing, no waiting – just drive to store pick out a “new” one. Only wish I would’ve bought my 60 from bestbuy… years ago.
    Atleast now, it would be nice if Sony would alow us w older models to purchase extended warranty, even if its bumped up a few $s. I want my 60 back, as I’m sure many others do as well.
    Come on Sony, give us a break. Show us that you truly care about the ppl who have been buying your products since day 1! Rusty01

  • @BaronBrain

    Wow, those refurbs come with a 90 day warranty. I know several people who have had a system break within a month or two of the warranty expiring(both original and 90 day refub ones) and got the repair for free.

    Either you are very unlucky, not fully disclosing circumstances, or dont know how to talk to CSR’s.

  • Really wish this was available at the launch of the PS3 because now it’s of no use to my slowly dying 60GB that keeps locking up now if I want to have it fixed it will cost $150+ tax :(

  • @ Paznos

    No, they won’t fix your PS3 for $150, they’ll send you a referb one for $150. You don’t get the same PS3 you bought back.

  • @BaronBrain I totally agree with everything that you have said. (Better than what I was trying to say) well done. We seem to share the same story with our original PS3s. There r many, many of us with the exact same story. I love Sony & would really like to see that we are heard or cared about as consumers, their fans!
    Launch 60GB. YLOD 14 months old
    Refurbished 60 GB YLOD 16 months after replacement from certified Sony techs
    120GB Purchased from bestbuy April 17, 2010 w bestbuy extended warranty

  • @BaronBrain

    While I agree with your posts. Do not confuse “Lifecycle” with Lifespan. “Lifecycle” just states that Sony will have the PS3 platform available for purchase for 10 years. Just like the SP2, even though that system is long dead at retail, and for that matter new games.

    So a translation, “Lifecycle” is we will have that available for purchase, not we make awesome equipment that last forever. As certainly the latter does not apply.

  • @130, US customers only, your country has there own sony repair service…, @143 the answer is no i wont be for your ps3 and yes shipping is coverd and if u got a new ps3 of course it’ll be elligable.

  • Er, c’mon guys, at least throw us original owners a bone here. I’d gladly get an extended warranty, but apparently I’m not eligible (even though I ended up getting a refurb’d for $150 last year)…

  • BaronBrain….there is no RROD on PS3….I think you mean YLOD.

    I am still on my 60gb….I haven’t had any trouble yet. But I know some people have.



  • Good idea, but I think it’s obvious to consumers and company that this is poorly thought out; bad timing. How is PS3 going to survive 10 years in good health?

  • I have had my PS3 for over three years. does this mean that I am not eligible for this service? I would love to be able to have my 60gig covered against any hardware failures.

  • So does this protect against Sony’s firmwares? Id like to be protected from that more than anything else.

  • @162 TwinDad:

    Good point.

  • My PS3 20GB model is 2006 and still running fine. Does the new warranty plan cover this?

  • ill be getting a 2 year soon. and sending my old one away and getting 2 year on that one.

  • So wait, isn’t this only effective on slims? Wow thanks sony, I still have to pay you 150 to fix your flaw.

  • People really like to complain. Let me just say two words that you don’t hear very often any more….
    Thank You.

  • mm sound good for me

  • lobotomies4free

    What all info do I need to have ready about me/my ps3 when I call? Requirements? Thank you

  • I agree with #4:

    Would have been nice a year ago and $150 later. Or even better, it would have been nice if you owned up to the YLOD problem (broken solder on cpu) and extended the manufacturers warranty to 3 years – for free – like Microsoft did with the xbox.

  • This is kind of not fair since sony is excluding their orginal players that have paid 500 to 700 dollars for their PS3 and now we cannot get the warranty. It would be nice if it would cover the long term players not just the new onces because then when our PS3 brakes then we have to pay 170 dollars to repair it and the new people will only have to pay 60 dollars to repair their PS3 and the Same thing goes for the older PSP becasue mine still works but I will still have to pay a lot more to get it repaird becasue my USB just went out and now my PSP is havin g trouble reading the memory stick.

  • Just wait for the Next PS4 or whatever sony…you thought you had a hard time selling the PS3?…after YOUR YLOD PROBLEM on so many of us early adopters PS3’s….just wait and see.

    P.S. ….should have supported HD DVD…I was blind LOL

  • Great pricing for sure! It beats paying $150+ to get your ps3 repaired after the one year warranty.

    I might consider buying a 2 year extension =)

  • Can up you come up with a way to allow that had there PS3 longer tha year add a new warranty to there systems

  • …Because if it’s a PS3 phat, it WILL break. I’m on my 3rd YLOD repair. Funny that you say Sony is synonymous with high quality considering that- with the exception of my PSP- every piece of Sony electronics I’ve ever had has stopped working through normal everyday use. I’ve had an original PSOne and PS2 that stopped playing discs (remember “Disc Read Error”?), bookshelf CD systems with trays that don’t open, 12″ speakers with melted cones, and of course my 3 PS3 repairs (so far). Don’t get me wrong, I love my playstation, I just wish it were designed better from the beginning, along with all the other crap Sony has sold me that just eventually stopped working.

  • If you purchase a PS3, and go with a 2yr extension.. When you start your 3rd year, will people be able to buy another extension? Or after the 3 yrs are over and it breaks we go back to paying $150?

  • @ Those early adopters that are complaining.

    Do you really think that 4 years after purchasing your console you would be eligible for new promotions? I mean come on, didn’t you realize the price would drop and sweeter deals would come along?

    If you buy a 2006 car, and then in 2010 the same company release a newer model with some fancy new feature, do you call up the car company complaining your being punished for buying an earlier model?

    Progress is progress, and it needs to be funded. That’s the price you pay for being an early adopter… Getting the console early is your reward and being financially shafted is your punishment.

  • Hmm wasn’t this already in place if you bought extended warranty from Sony Styles store?

  • I purchased a PS3 Slim in August 2009 – I was quite upset that I could not get ESP on it through Sony, however; now I see it is available in the USA .. What about your Neighbors to the North? I AM CANADIAN :) therefore I live in Canada and have been told it is not available to us yet? I would love to get this ESP plan preferably before August 2010 any idea’s? lol (quite the predicament)

  • Another reason why I LOVE sony’s Playstation 3! They’re like the toyota’s of the gaming industry!

  • a little late, but I wouldn’t expect Sony to offer an extended service plan at that price on a brand new system back at launch. Now that the new slim models are out and there is a little more faith in their product, NOW they will offer a plan.

    If they would have offered this at launch, they would have lost a lot of money repairing and shipping all the disc read error PS3’s and YLOD’s.

  • That’s a real nice idea!
    But, is it only in the United States?
    what about the middle east?

  • So this is basically for all the people who’s 60GB PS3’s haven’t YLOD’ed (which is one). Too bad mine crapped out two months.

  • Well that would be great if everyone lived in the states… What about the rest of us? Canada isn’t exactly on the other side of the planet… Even if it were shouldn’t you, Sony, be willing to hold your standards of quality up to par for the rest of the world and not just one country? Or do we just not matter as long as we still give you our money?

  • Wow, that’s great news! I bought my PS3 in August 09 and my PSPgo Feb. 10, so I should be good, right?

    Oh, one other tiny detail… I am a Canadian customer.
    The keyword, being CUSTOMER…

  • ok now what about the ps3’s that got bricked and died -_- seriously u owe us a free 1 yr warrenty
    XD damn update killed my ps3

  • What about the systems that can’t play discs as a result from your 3.00/3.01 update? I haven’t been able to use my system in 7 months. I refuse to pay money to fix a software issue.

  • Sorry, I can’t resist to ask: Where’s the protection for my OtherOS ? ;)

  • @ 48 . Where in the article did you miss that only newly purchased or units still within their 1 year are eligible ? QUITE FRANKLY before i even started reading the article i just assumed that would be the case because its typical for manufacturer warranties . I agree with several individuals here . if you have burned through several units already… your doing something wrong . read the manual on care and upkeep , and take it to heart . I have never had a Sony console go bad or accessories , Including PS1 and 2 . DONT PLUG THE THING DIRECTLY INTO THE WALL EITHER . put it on a power conditioner .

  • sweet! getting 2 year in my 60gb

  • ### To Sony – Question ###

    How much does this cover? Is it just break downs or does it cover accidental damage? (I apologize if this has already been covered).
    I know PC world here in the UK currently do a replacement plan for unlimited replacements for a similar price on ANY damages. I currently have my gaming mouse ($80) on the plan for $10 and at the rate I seem to break them, seemed like a great deal for peace of mind. How will you plan compare? or wont it.

  • 60$ for 2 years that’s not bad but too late for me.

  • Vincent_Kavaldra

    I don’t see how this is gonna help me. My PS3 blu-ray drive is dead and Sony won’t fix it unless I pay 150 bucks even though it was THEIR faulty firmware update that broke it in the first place.

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