PlayStation Move Developer Diary: Brunswick Pro Bowling

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Hey everyone, this is Bobby King. I’m the lead designer of Brunswick Pro Bowling and undisputed bowling champion of FarSight Studios! Well, Jeff Rice, the lead programmer of our bowling game is pretty darn good too, so he might dispute my title. More than half of our studio bowls regularly in a weekly league up here in Big Bear Lake, CA so most of us are decent bowlers and huge fans of the sport.

We are all very excited to be working with Crave and Brunswick to make the definitive bowling game. A big part of that excitement has to do with the real world data we get from the PlayStation Move motion controller. For more details how perfect the PlayStation Move is for Brunswick Pro Bowling, check out the video below.

There are many different styles to bowling and thanks to accuracy of the PlayStation Move, we can mimic the technique of all types of throws. Whether you throw a huge hook or toss a straight ball at rocket speed, the PlayStation Move will track your hand movement and wrist rotation perfectly to give us the information we need to match individual bowling styles and give you the most authentic bowling experience ever.

When we were introduced to a prototype of the PlayStation Move motion controller by Sony, we fell in love instantly with the tech innovations and possibilities it offers to Brunswick Pro Bowling. Our bowling game was at an early stage back in March when we first showed it; but even with just our first pass at the PlayStation Move motion controls, the game was already fun.

Our physics and bowling controls have come a long way over the past month. We can’t wait to show off Brunswick Pro Bowling at E3 this June!

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  • finlly some thing cool with playstation move

  • Great, more of these me too games.

  • If you put PlayStation Move support on High Velocity Bowling, it would ten times better than this!

  • yes, because going to a local bowling alley (which is so much cheaper) is totally out of the question now…

    nothing can replicate the real. leave the house, peoples.

  • please sony don’t ruin e3 by devoting 60 percent of the show with playstation move please pretty please

  • Yes. This is the reason I paid $600 for a PS3. To play a bowling game that is a copy/paste version of Wii bowling. Great job Sony. Keep doing what you’re doing and maybe someday you’ll get out of 3rd place.

  • Bring out the FPS’s with the PS Move and PS eye!

  • I understand the Move is a serious new peripheral for the PS3.. but lets be honest here. Those graphics are embarrassing. This message goes out to you SONY. Do not shoot yourself in the foot.
    by handing out shovelware to your loyal gamers. I already see this trend happening…. and for one I am not going to buy into it……

  • Hey Bob was that u at the nyc blog meet up?

  • Speaking of bowling games…Will High Velocity Bowling get Playstation Move support like in a patch? That’s the kind of game that seems it would more a lot better with Playstation Move than the regular controller.

  • I can’t wait!!

  • yea #9!

    great work with all this stuff you guys have been doing with PS Move. Itll be a great way to get a family together especially with the bowling. really looking forward to this to really get my PS Eye out and about and same with my family. day one must buy for any and every PS Move product involving family and moving. Great Work :)

  • Cool and intresting. Can’t wait for Playstation Move to come out. I wonder if No More Heroes: Heroes’ paradise will be Move support. I know that game came out in Japan, but delay the western release, I want the US and Europe version of the game to have Move support. JPN version should get patch for it when Move come out.

  • PS Move + PS Eye + High Definition + 3D > Project Natal + Wii
    Just bring the hardcore games, and Move will be a success ;D

  • gonna buy move! when it comes out first day buy!

  • @12

    I agree!! :)

  • @#7… I can agree but I have a little more faith here. Graphics are still a little first gen right now but im sure that will pass. This kind of stuff is being made by people who are fans and know what people want, and have seen what has failed. All the crazy stuff that came out in the NES days were mostly horrible and made by people who were not real game fans and knew what kids wanted because, well, they were adults who designed around the wallet. Now those people that played with that stuff know what suck and know what not to do. Same with why we are seeing tv shows and movies for things like Transformers and GI Joe….NOW, though the toys are 20+ years old when they were big. Its because all those people that played with them back then know what they would mostly work and are true fans. The Move is being made by people that have a real idea what gamers are looking for now! :-)

  • I’m hoping the “next gen” graphics are still being worked on, cause it looks worse than a Wii game right now. Either way, good job supporting the Move.

  • I’ve seen this before. Can I import my Mii’s?

  • Poor, poor high velocity bowling… :( But this game looks cool!

  • I cant wait to get Tiger Woods, MLB The Show, and a sick bowling game like this using the motion control.

  • You guys should make it Mod Nation Monday and Move Monday. i like these posts

  • You guys are doing DAMN good job- both the developer here, and Sony in general in building up Move support. That statement that “there’s so much to work with” was very eye-opening for me: having tons of extra information can provide SO much more power and potential to work with. I was aware of this on some level for awhile, but that statement specifically really resonated with me.

  • Playstation Move is looking better an better everytime I see it. I hope it will be supported by Playstation Home someday. :p

  • This looks worse than wii sports…

  • I cant wait to see what happens with Move, however to be honest the wii bowling game still looks like it plays better. I hope I’m wrong though.

  • If you could add Candle Pin as DLC, that would be fabulous! ( yes, I’m from New England )

  • I’m sorry to make the inevitable comparison to Wii, but how can you get around it. Wii also tracks the wrist movements with its 6-way accelerometers, applying spin and velocity to the ball. So that doesn’t seem to be such a good talking point for Move.

  • Not impressed at all.

  • put move on high velocity bowling…

  • i hope high velocity bowling gets the move patch

  • decent looking game. hate that move is pricey

  • I see this game has improved since the CES event. The game had about a 5 sec lag with the Move controller. If they were to add the Move controller to High Velocity Bowling, I would much rather it be a sequel instead of a patch. That way the controls can be built from the ground up. Not something that was just slapped on to the game.

  • Whils I appreciate the technology behind this, I have no interest in games like this. Tell me how these can improve my rpg or action experience, without worsening my rsi from typing, and I’ll buy it.

  • I bought ps3 eye and only a few games that work (support) with it so this might be the same thing. This time i’ll wait and see how many games are going to support the “ps move”. Before i even think about buying. I’m not knocking it down as it does look promising but i’m gonna wait on this 1. :) (Give us Games that will support it “not just 3”)

  • kewl but I already have high velocity bowling…

  • hmmmm looks interesting, i’ll keep my eye on it…and the price. But i agree with a lot of the people on here, High Velocity Bowling needs move support, or maybe a High Velocity Bowling 2??

  • Awesome.. Keep the Support up SONY.. I here for one am a Great Supporter here.

    PlayStation MOVE Supporter Day 1 for me :D

    The Controls are going to be way better then High Velocity Bowling and Wii Bowling by a Mile :D

    No Cheaters here :P Come on people get off the Chair and..


  • Love to watch these diaries.

  • Wow that just looks bad

  • Can’t wait to find out what Sony has to show at E3 about Move.

  • ugh…i love sony, dont get me wrong…but the move is just a bad idea. its a exact copy of the wii motion controllers…even with the little wristband and all. their whole selling point is…how accurate it is? who cares? if consumers want motion controls..they will go with what they know…the wii. you honestly think that soccer mom is going to shell out 400 bucks for the ps3 move bundle? your out of your mind. please keep the move segment at e3 to under 10 minutes…your customers dont want this…

  • I really hope those visuals and physics aren’t even close to finished. That is one of the ugliest and kludgy bowling games I’ve seen in a long time. And that includes Wii Bowling. At least you can see the reflections of the ball and pins in that game.

    Shoddy, lowest common denominator stuff like this will only end up hurting the Move as a platform.

  • I hate to see the slogan “it simply does everything” when the ps3 can’t reproduce the most common hd format i the world: MKV

  • this is FUBAR Wii bowling for PS3 no no no no no no no
    keep Wii to it self not for sony too copy that junk
    buy a Wii if you want this garbage

  • worst bowling game around , I bought it for my wii and honestly , the wii sports bowling is 10 times better in controls and gameplay and even audio .
    why would anyone want it on ps3 when they’ve shown with the wii that they can’t do motion controls very well .

    I wouldn’t waste my money on this unless it includes the ps move controller and costs $5 more than the ps move by itself .

  • Not too impressed with the graphics shown here, but if the precision is better, than I would happily pop this in over wii sports resort bowling. The kicker with bowling games is that we would never do as well on a lane as we do in our living rooms, yet we still complain about accuracy. If the accuracy on this game is really as good as they say, then I expect I will be more satisfied with the realism, but have a little less fun. But at least I’ll know it was me who screwed up the shot, and not a crappy motion controller.

  • Getting this company making games for your system is like going fishing for Bass and only catching Catfish. Your line is to deep and all your getting is bottom feeders.

  • I think part of the reason the flood gates were open for shovelware games on the wii was that Nintendo didn’t have any standards for graphics and control at launch, I hope Sony comes out with a high quality first party game on ps move’s launch to show other what the move is really capable of.

  • Wii= Yawn (Boring)
    I get to watch people play with the Move controler for the next 6 months thank’s Sony! But I got news for U SONY video doesn’t work so that makes us even LOL:)

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