PlayStation Move Developer Diary: Brunswick Pro Bowling

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Hey everyone, this is Bobby King. I’m the lead designer of Brunswick Pro Bowling and undisputed bowling champion of FarSight Studios! Well, Jeff Rice, the lead programmer of our bowling game is pretty darn good too, so he might dispute my title. More than half of our studio bowls regularly in a weekly league up here in Big Bear Lake, CA so most of us are decent bowlers and huge fans of the sport.

We are all very excited to be working with Crave and Brunswick to make the definitive bowling game. A big part of that excitement has to do with the real world data we get from the PlayStation Move motion controller. For more details how perfect the PlayStation Move is for Brunswick Pro Bowling, check out the video below.

There are many different styles to bowling and thanks to accuracy of the PlayStation Move, we can mimic the technique of all types of throws. Whether you throw a huge hook or toss a straight ball at rocket speed, the PlayStation Move will track your hand movement and wrist rotation perfectly to give us the information we need to match individual bowling styles and give you the most authentic bowling experience ever.

When we were introduced to a prototype of the PlayStation Move motion controller by Sony, we fell in love instantly with the tech innovations and possibilities it offers to Brunswick Pro Bowling. Our bowling game was at an early stage back in March when we first showed it; but even with just our first pass at the PlayStation Move motion controls, the game was already fun.

Our physics and bowling controls have come a long way over the past month. We can’t wait to show off Brunswick Pro Bowling at E3 this June!

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  • Just update the bowling game we already have to work with the move then re-launch it We dont need another Bowling game.

    Next thing you know you guys will be releasing a PS Sports Resort LOLZ!!!

    I understand you guys need launch titles for this thing but Do Better Please.

  • Why you guys copying the Wii.. it’s kinda lame.

  • I disagree with a lot of the comments here. If the studio can deliver a true 1080p experience with great looking/sounding (better than High Velocity Bowling) characters, local/remote competitive play (without splitscreen) and HD audio, there’s no way one could reasonably say it’s a clone/knock off.

    If we can get the photorealism of Heavy Rain in the characters and environments, with unparalleled local and online modes, this could be quite amazing. Maybe at E3 we’ll see some more detailed lighting, shaders, and maps on the ball, environment, and characters.

  • just dont 4get custom soundtracks and

  • First, what a blatant Nintendo rip-off!
    Yes better tech, but still theft…hahahaha!
    Yet another example of their ignorance!

    …and second…

    Shame on you all for purchasing ANYTHING after the way they’ve treated us all.
    Yes that’s right…ALL!

    Even if you weren’t directly affected by the theft, it means nothing…
    You’re not special in their eyes…you weren’t in the path of the issues destruction this time…what about next time

    There will be one you know.
    Eventually something else will get pulled and perhaps that time you WILL be affected.

    So like I said…shame on you all…shame on you for purchasing…but most of all shame on you for not understanding the

    truth of the matter. The fact that it’s the principal more than anything.

    Stop grabbing your ankles for them…
    they’re not the boss’, we are!
    They’ve just lost sight of this fact.

    Set it straight!

    Remember, hacking is legal but stealing is not…
    So, who’s the true criminal here…ahem…Sony?

  • Such harsh comments from you peeps….

    wii ripoff? wii bowling is fun and easy to play… though it may lack in graphics a bit this game is way more technical than the wii and even more than high velocity bowling..and that is hardcore.. read this paragraph again…

    I USE TO GO BOWLING 2 TO 3 times a week for a whole year. so I know very well what he meant. it’s not just wrist action to get a spin like the wii. the MOVE will be able to track your wrist weather you are holding it vertically or horizontally. that means the character onscreen will be hold the ball respectively. this will effect your bowling…

    and i’m guessing this game will do away with arrows before you actually bowl… so if u can’t swing your arm straight, you will gutter. this may be the most technical bowling game to date… it will not be easy at first…

    just wait for E# demo…

    personal best score 8strikes9spare9spare6=26sumthin on a house ball.

    advice to developer.. have and easy setting for the casual gamers…

  • @55
    your trying to shame a company you would of gladly stole from…ahem..FAIL

    theyre a company…they are in business to make money. they dont OWE you squat. taking linux away to protect their investments is totally understandable. being that only 256mb or ram was available made it pretty useless..which is why less than 1% actually used linux on their ps3s. so what are you so upset about? to go head over heels in rage over something you didnt even use is pretty pointless.

  • ahem…PRIN…CI…PAL!!!
    Damnit, is everyone retarded?

    …and how do you know what I didn’t use?

  • can we turn the light off in the game so it give midnight playing feeling? please

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