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The month of April is typically a slow one when it comes to video game releases (not that I’ve minded, after a season featuring God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain and more).

Well that’s over for now. Super Street Fighter IV, ModNation Racers, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Lost Planet 2, and more are coming your way in the coming weeks. Hope you caught up!

We found stories on those and other games this week. Feel free to share your own links in the comments below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 19, 2010)

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  • May is going to be the slowest month I bet, just to annoy us before E3.

  • The weekly RBN cap really needs to be raised, and before you mention share Jeff, I already made the post there.

  • East Coast Baby, Philly Where you at?!

  • Jeff, will there be any new news on Explodemon this week?

  • Here is zippers new podcast Zipline for the socom and mag fans.

    and here is Podcast BEYOND! the best plastationcentric podcast ever that teaches us that Ryan Clements is in fact a super cool dude.

    Hope to here an official PS podcast soon.

  • PS3 360 gap soon to be just 4 million

    Anothe PS3 exclusive coming from FromSoftware?

    Can’t wait for E3 it’s becoming closer and closer and the wait is killing me. PS3 better have some UMPH to show us. Ok Jeff?

    Also, Jeff another convincing 7 goals by Chelsea this season. The third time they’ve netted 7 this season. Tell Arsenal to take note. ;)

    • Great links, thank you.
      Arsenal was over performing all season – they couldn’t keep it up forever.

  • Oh yea one more thing, how long does it take for an idea to be reviewed. I submitted one about three weeks ago and it’s not up there. I know it’s not a duplicate cause I typed in the keywords for my title and there was no definite results. I think the Playstation Blog share needs to become like N4G where 10 users have to give the thumbs up for a story/idea to be approved. If it is a duplicate it will most likely be sorted out amongst the readers. It works wonderfully for N4G, don’t see why it won’t work here.

    • If it didn’t make it through it mustve been adjudged to be too close to another idea, even if it wasn’t identical.

      But you’re right; community moderation is he way to go. I hope to roll that feature within a month.

  • Nice monkey island review, looks like i will be getting it.

  • Here are a few more articles worth checking out.

    “PS3’s GPU 45nm redesign results in reduced power consumption” (PlayStation University):

    “Mark Cerny: Game Changer” (1UP):

    “Two More Ex-Infinity Ward Employees Confirmed at Respawn” (1UP):

    “PlayStation3 Update Prepares Console for 3D” (1UP):

  • Red Dead Redemption FTW

  • I really want that Lightning Ps3 white controller!
    I have a regular white one, but that one is just 100X the awesome~

  • I would say I’m jealous of Asia, but. I live in America. It sure would be nice to get my hands on one of those Lightning themed sticks, though.

  • i hope at E3 The U.S get its DVR version cause The U.K have PlayTV and Japan have Torne. i hope its like Torne cause that one is hot. i also hope GT5 get a U.S release at E3 to.

  • awaiting moderation i’ll try again

    Here is an interesting link:

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    and here is another:

    ht tp://w ww.o sne ses_To_Rei mburse_PS3_Ref unds

    Let’s see if those stay up here. remove spaces of course

  • Jeff, you forgot to mention that another thing that comes out in may is:

    Modern Warfare 2 Fans like me
    Stimulus Package For PS3 May 4th 2010

  • jeff,i dont get it why people want a podcast since you post video interviews with devs and the like. i still dont get me video interviews are far better than podcasts because you can get to both see and hear the people that are conversating…i know that podcasts have the convinience of “portability”.meaning that you can just download it and listen to it at anytime you want…but still…i have listened to a couple of podcasts and let me tell you that it feels pretty unnatural because people will start laughin nervousloly(sp) and like i said everything feels just pretty forced..

    anyways,i find it quite interesting that in the ign interview sony didnt talk about the stuff that the community has been asked since day one.for example cross-gamechat and other feautures/apps.the guy of the interview just talked about 3D and the move control =/

    • Enough people have requested it that we’ll pursue it. Give me your feedback once we’re launched.

  • i have a question, does the graphics downgrade affects the games in general or it only affects if i use the 3D effect?

  • Anyone up for Uncharted 2 Siege multiplayer?

  • Why do I have Battle Tanks as my game and on the PSN it’s listed as Tank battles. The game doesn’t have the red bag and is listed as Tank Battles on my download list. I called to find out what was up and the dude said you guys are F’ed up. Day in and day out dealing with issues from people that don’t pay attention. I joined in on make fun of you guys but still didn’t resolve any issue. The store has tons of games not in the right category and miss information. Over a hundred PSN PS3 down loadable games and I have to track it on paper, do internet searches, and follow every game to keep up to date. I’m not getting another Sony PlayStation product ever again. In fact I’ll go elsewhere and let others know how bad your publishing on the network side is. Dealing with you guys is worse than dealing with some whacked out Walmart cashier.

  • Jeff, I have to say congratulations on the PS3 Slim it is doing great at least in my area. I have had the 40GB PS3 upgraded to a 320GB HD since March of 08 and since the price drop to $299 and the new PS3 model 4 of my very close friends are getting the Slim one got it for Christmas and another bought it with birthday money in March. And the other 2 are planning on getting it either this week or next. And at least 20 people I know (not close close friends) got one since then

    2 of these friends are converts from the other HD console.

    There is no better time than now for cross game chat.

    And as soon as the price is cut again I myself plan on buying a second system for the family to have when I go off to college.

    I Can’t wait for E3!!!!!!!!!! Surprise me with awesome content.

  • already pre-ordered SSF4 and Red Dead Redemption!!

  • never mind Jeff, i read that some games that are going to be ported to 3D like Wipeout HD and Motorstorm are going to be visually downgraded, so I only wanted to know if that is going to affect the game visually even if i’m not using the 3D feature, i mean for future games

  • hey question the reason why u guys r gunna move the psn store update to tuesday is cus sonys confrence at E3 is on tuesday as well is that why u guys r doing that cus ur gunna upload a great amount of good stuff? cus the force is telling me this and i havent been wrong yet

  • @14…

    Neither of those stories are from this week and neither of those stories are in SCEA’s territory.

    Jeff…After 3 years I’ REALLY like to see and SONY E3 App (like for this year’s E3….I want to click on it and see it live and or like a DVR (again…like

    Please make it so.

  • Why didnt you guys put What did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord in the last game update?

  • how many people here have a 3dtv?
    can we get a poll up for this?
    i’m really curious to see the results.

  • Funny, nothing about the massive amount of discontent from irate customers, PAYing customers who’s PS3’s have been messed up cause of the worthless firmware updates from SONY. Also nothing about whaty SONY is doing to rectifity the situation.

    Do tell us all who is the “CONSIPIRACY THEORIST” now Jeff?

  • I will NEVER purchase a 3D HDTV from SONY…not until 3 . 2 1 is reversed.
    Shame on you all for still remaining loyal after a company treats you with such disrespect!

    Even if you didn’t get affected by the downgrade to PS2.5, you should realize that it’s the principal. Sony’s attack against its consumer is a general one. Even if YOU aren’t feeling the affects yet, it is still against you. You just so happen to have been lucky enough not to be in the path of distruction, this time at least.
    You should realize that Sony didn’t care if this hurt me or you…they just did as they please as usual, with no regard for those who might hurt.
    This fact alone should infuriate EVERYONE!!!

    It was a dishonourable move Sony, and you know it..and the rest of you should too!

    I’m still shaking my head in disbelief…of all the companies, you were the one I believed least likely to revoke loyalty to its loyal followers.

    wow Sony, just wow.

  • Heavy Rain’s most effed up ending? Tears in the rain without a doubt!!!

  • Did Sony miss the Singstar Protest? That made news around the web …. and is still making news.

  • Ohh – and stri’s comments regarding the removal of the alternate operating system …. he/she is right.

    As a consumer I don’t think Sony cares; keep alienating your user base Sony ….

    … I can spend $$ with anyone.

  • Can anyone please tell me about this rumor thing being sent out in the friends list? Is it really a virus? Is Mr. Butler (Kevin) actually with Sony and Is Sony actaully going to credit your playstation store account with 37 bucks? Ineed an aswer asap please because I told my friends about it and even went into playstation home and made some new freinds just pass the word along and try to get the 37 bucks! Yeah I now see the error I’ve made and I need to find out the deal before someones’ account gets comprimised because of me! PLEASE HELP!

  • BTW its this same induvidual JEFF RUBINSTEIN who accused us sonys paying customers who pay his salary of being “conspiracy theorists” after thousands of us complained about the previous downgrade firmware. I must say both Jeffs actions and many others in the employ of sony to b most dispicable in its response to and treatment of paying customers. I am a small business owner and I can say with certainty that if any employee treated 1 of my customers with such contempt they would be instantly fired.

  • No nuggets of gold from the fount of knowledge that is fuzzyclutter in this post, eh? You guys won’t know what is what until this genius tells you how it is. Also, 3.15 FTW. Eff all this new corporate mistakery being forced upon us. I will never purchase another online game from this or any company ever again. It is far too easy for them to take it away without any reason at all.

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    Here is a neat link

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    no spaces

  • Is Playstation.Blog Share still active? I haven’t seen any new ideas published for voting since last week.

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