Watch Major League Baseball on PS3! MLB.TV App Live Today

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Hi Everyone – I’m excited to show everyone the new MLB.TV application for the PS3 that will be available from PlayStation Network, in both U.S. and Canada, later today. This app allows MLB.TV subscribers to watch every regular season game live in HD (local blackout restrictions do apply), with tons of new interactive features designed exclusively for PSN.

Some of the unique interactive features that we show in the demo include:

  • MLB Scoreboard – See a schedule of today’s games (and set options to control whether or not you see the scores)
  • Home and Away Feeds – Choose to watch either the home or away broadcast feed
  • HD quality video and DVR functionality – watch a live game in HD (with Live Game DVR functionality that lets you pause and rewind live games of fast-forward back to live game action)
  • Season Archive – Want to re-live a great moment? Go back and watch games you’ve missed from earlier in the season.
  • Scrollable Linescore – Go directly to any half-inning to watch only that portion of the game.
  • Favorite Teams/Calendar Schedule – Scroll through the entire 2010 Major League Baseball schedule in calendar format or designate your favorite team(s) to see the schedule for that team.

You can now download the app from the “Media” category on PlayStation Store, and launch it from the Video section of the XMB.

You must be an MLB.TV subscriber to fully utilize this app (some features, such as the calendar schedule, are available to everyone for free). There are two annual packages: MLB.TV is $99.95 and MLB.TV Premium is $119.95. If you aren’t already a MLB.TV subscriber, you can go to to sign up. Once you’ve subscribed, link your MLB.TV subscription to a PS3 (via the app), and enjoy the season!

This is truly the ultimate baseball viewing experience from MLB.TV and PlayStation Network. Enjoy!

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  • Lol – Are they serious? $119 for baseball what a joke! It’s free on tv for regular season added $24 for Dish w/200 other channels. Heck, NBA, Hockey, Soccer and Football has higher ranking than baseball and season tickets with Dish and DTV is still far cheaper and better because as I said you still get tons of other programing with it and internet is not required to see it. This baseball stuff should actually be for free… Don’t know about you guys but they give away free unlimited tickets to the Detroit Tigers at McDonald’s weekly.

  • That’s awsum cool app, an NFL network app would kill it

  • I really agree about the World Cup App… I would absolutely pay for something like that. The NBA App idea would be cool too, but since the playoffs have already gotten underway, by the time they got one out it’d probably be too late.

    The price is a bit high for something like the NBA, NFL, or MLB because there is only one organization. But for the soccer app, it would be a reasonable price considering how many leagues you have: MLS, UEFA, Italian Leagues, etc.- so if we got all of those then I could easily see myself paying this price.

    Either way, this seems very well put together and it looks like it came together quite well. Nicely done Sony!!! Keep up the great work!

  • @polo155 I was wondering if you could use remote play with this app as well. The Singstar app is remote playable, so it’d be interesting to see if this will he as well

    those saying it’s a bit pricey, I do agree but it is on par with the price point of the cable subscription. So at least their not hiking the cost up.

  • That’s pretty freakin awesome, I won’t get it because I’m not a millionaire and can’t afford MLB.TV, but it’s still really cool. Thanks for the update Grace

  • There’s really no reason to get the higher priced package. You only get DVR and tiling functions for the extra $20.

    $99 will get you all the games in HD.

    Extra Innings on cab/sat. costs TWICE as much.

  • if only you guys put pure TV on here …. if only

  • @ClubUgly is for transplanted fans and hardcore fans who want to see games other than the ones on TV in their region. Is this so difficult to understand?

  • Now, do the same for NBA :)

  • Thank You very very much.

  • Can we please have the best most influential sport(Fact not Opinion) next. Football(or Soccer here) is the only sport that has managed to stop a civil war in order to watch their team participate in the World Cup. Warring factions came together around one TV in order to watch the game. Football(Soccer) is the only sport capable of doing this. We need this on Playstation for Football(Soccer)!!

    This is maybe one of the best (network) ideas you guys at playstation have had in what a year? Keep it up and maybe we’ll begin to forget about the last updates.

  • Even if you don’t have the premium package of MLB.Tv will you still get the dvr features on the PS3? or do you have to pay the 20 extra dollars to get the full features on the PS3?

  • I will love to see a E3 app. like this one for June.

  • Oh damn looks like I will be subscribing to this when I get some cash flow back.

    Great job Sony

  • Awesome move!!! I am not so much a baseball fan, but if you get other sports like NFL, or college basketball, that would be totally sweet!!

  • wow this is so awesome !!

  • This is GREAT! Thank you Sony and MLB! Now I have MLB on my iPhone when I’m on the go, and now have it on my PS3 when I’m home.

  • nice feature this is

  • you need to do this with the world cup

  • This is awesome! However I have been trying to get the app to work and it is still saying “No content available”.

  • When will this be active?

  • I can’t wait to get home and download this!!! Anyone know if the content is available?

  • Still not working for me. Would have been nice to post this on the blog when it was actually available!!!

  • I guess the “sometime today” means 11-12 pst?

  • video isn’t working for me

  • all right now i can watch the sox games. can sony do this with the NFL

  • This is cool for hardcore baseball fans. What about a TNA wrestling app or WWE app? That would be awesome.

  • @clubugly are you sires Soccer and Hockey have a higher ratings then Baseball. Soccer higher ratings in America, that’s a nice joke. lol. nether dose Basketball and Football might be even.

    every sport have these types of sports packages that’s priced at a little over a $100. i think $119 is not bad since its 192 games in a season, 30 teams in the league, an average of 12-15 games a day.

  • Where is the app? I’ve been waiting all day

  • App is under “Media” section of Playstation store. Still not working though.

  • This is awesome!! I hope they do this for the NBA next season!!!

  • Thx for including Canada. This sounds like an impressive app. I’m sure I’m pushing it if I ask for a hockey app for the fall :-) Better yet, I’d love to see Sony make their own NHL game :-)

  • I wish I was a huge baseball fan.

    If this was NBA or NFL I would be TOO excited.

  • how about NFL

  • i would love to watch nhl in hd on ps3 and i would pay

  • i`m very happy to see more apps available on the ps3. i hope that you can continue to bring more channels like CNET TV.

  • Fantastic app for me anyway. MLB extra innings is cool but this would solve a lot of problems for me.

  • WOW
    This is HUGE over the Xbox 360!
    All this needs is some great advertising…

    Next up: NBA, NFL, NHL, Pandora, heck… keep trying to get those, Sony!

    Surprise the world at E3 2010!!! This is your year to shine!

  • holy crap, this just made me buy a MLB.TV subscription… hell ya

  • This is awesome, while I’m not a MLB fan, I think this is wickedly cool. Personally I’d love to see an app, nfl app and a ncaa app down the line :)

  • Still waiting for this app to be placed in the store…

  • Very good idea.

    I hope this continues: Pandora, LastFM, NBA, NFL, Youtube, ect.

  • Hey! Playstation:

    Prime time games starting NOW. Where’s the App?

  • hrm…you might have just made the mlb some extra money i’ve been on the fence about getting the subscription and one of the biggest reasons against me getting it is that i can’t watch my cubbies on my nice hdtv.

    might just have to get a subscription now

    nice work :D


  • I have one small question. Can I link my account to multiple PS3s? Or am I stuck with just one?

  • can anybody help me with a ps3 error code 80130504


  • When is the PSN Store gonna have a dedicated app store? The singstar viewer app is almost impossible to find. Get it together guys.

    Also make this available on the PSP as well.

  • Hockey please!

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