UNCHARTED 2 Siege Expansion Pack Coming This Thursday, Double Cash Weekend Returns!

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The day is nearly here for our UNCHARTED fans and the multitudes who have been awaiting a new co-op game type — The UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Siege Expansion Pack will be on sale when the PlayStation Network Store updates on Thursday, April 22nd, and will set you back only $5.99.

Look for the PlayStation Store Update blog post on Thursday to know when The Siege Expansion Pack is available for purchase.

As we announced just two weeks ago, the Siege Expansion Pack is our biggest DLC release to date: two new maps, six new multiplayer skins, one new co-op game type and 11 new online-only Trophies.

Do yourself a favor and read the full rundown of what’s included in the pack, check out the screenshots, and watch the gameplay and map fly-through videos. You won’t be disappointed.

Uncharted 2: The Siege (The Plaza)

The most significant portion to the Siege Expansion Pack is the new Siege co-op game type. You can read impressions of Siege from these IGN and GameSpot reviews of the Siege Expansion Pack. Since we started testing Siege internally, up through last week’s sessions with reviewers, I’ve really enjoyed the complexities of Siege. It’s not as simple as defending pre-defined locations against waves of NPCs: Between the different vulnerabilities of each new location and the lack (or abundance) of weapon pickups, you’ll find yourself testing out interesting new strategies to maximize your points and cash.

Uncharted 2: The Siege (The Highrise)

Apart from the Siege co-op game type, I’m really excited for the two new maps. We’ve spent our time post-release wisely and learned a lot about how to build multiplayer maps that not only offer more verticality, but make it an essential part of the navigation and domination of a particular map. I love both maps, but it is the massive verticality and need to use your traversal skills that make The Highrise one of my favorite maps. Ever. Of course, the potentially lethal helicopter assault and very real danger of jumping off the buildings to your doom takes the awesome to new heights. See what I did there?

Uncharted 2: The Siege (The Sanctuary)

We also revealed the contents of Title Update 1.07 this morning, prior to the release of the update worldwide. Title Update 1.07 includes the following:

  • Players can now choose between Hero skins for Co-op Arena matches only
  • Additional spawn system changes to enhance spawn point update effectiveness
  • Gameplay changes to prevent “airwalk” exploit
  • Updates to map geometry collision detection to improve prevention of players attempting to leave normal multiplayer map boundaries

And now, I’ll leave you with this announcement:

To celebrate the release of the Siege Expansion Pack, this weekend marks the return of Double Cash Weekend!

Starts: Friday, April 23, 10:00 AM PDT (what time is that in my city?)
Ends: Monday, April 26, 10:00 AM PDT (what time is that in my city?)

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  • YAY double cash weekend!

  • $6 with skins also or no?

  • thanks for keeping up the Uncharted 2 support! I seriously love Uncharted 2 multiplayer and the new maps and skins always keep me coming back, this is the only online game im playing atm with a few occasional MAG matches here and there. Keep it up and ill keep supporting, i havent missed any skins or maps so far and if they are as cool as the ones currently out, ill have no problem continuing the support. Also dont hesitate to put out a free map or skins from time to time, lol.

  • Oooh this sounds fun!

    And Yay for double cashola weekend!

    Can we get some more Chloe and Elena and Sully skins next time?

    And definitely do Heist Chloe in all black. And please, please, please, no more brightly colored shirts!! Street Elena has a white shirt, street Chloe has a red shirt, and Rika has a bright yellow shirt! Helllllo, I might as well be wearing a neon sign that says: “I’m right here, shoot me!”

  • Hey, do you guys have any plans to expand the Theater functionality beyond just the standard online matches? It would be great to be able to watch our survival mode matches as well.

    Can’t wait!

  • thank you naughty dog, just keep the DLC comming.
    cant wait, im even picking up the concept art book from ballistic (when it eventually releases)

    the siege mode is a brilliant idea.
    i was hoping for like 2 more story based coops but im happy with this.

    plus the story coops i can imagine will be more expensive to produce. (Hiring voice actors n all that jazz.)

    have you ever considered adding harder enemies?

  • Wow, I might have to get back on Uncharted this weekend, thanks for the post.

  • Dear Sony PlayStation and Naughty Dog et. al.,

    I can’t wait! This is great, totally downloading the Siege Expansion Pack DLC ASAP. This is a great deal too, Europe paid $7.50-$8.00 for the DLC, but USA gets a bit of a discount. Awesome. Also, huzzah for double cash weekend! We need more holidays or more of these little goodies!

    P.S. Naughty Dog – I hope you all keep doing these special costumes for holidays, I loved the Christmas double cash weekend. I played nonstop. Literally. Thank you for the many memorable hours.

  • Does Double Cash include medals, like the Christmas weekend?

  • What’re ya buyin? What’re ya sellin!

    Buying this, all my friends are too. Good work ND but read my email about a “do not include in shuffle” toggle for skins! I like to randomize skins but there are certain ones I never want to use!

  • Buying. No question. Uncharted 2 is in the top 3 of best games this gen, and top 5 for the decade. Even though I’m on MP less and less, I still play a decent amount and want to show my support and desire to see an Uncharted 3. and 4.

  • BTW, I’m not getting this. Don’t get me wrong I want it and have enough money in my PSN wallet, but I refuse to update until Sony adds something worthwhile instead of removing features. So you can blame SCEA for a lost sale.

  • can we get custom sound tracks?

  • I’ve been in since day one. This game and its DLC are both awesome.

  • Hi, i love this game, and I really liked being able to choose heroes skins in this new DLC, but why can not we choose villain skin also the co-op mode? I think it would be much nicer! Thanks.

  • That’s Sick so when are we rxpecting the new uncharted 3 and socom 4 yo

  • Will there be a money cap raise for the weekend too?

  • ok, i really have to say something that needs an answer. remember the fiasco with the ps3 not connecting to the network? well i thought itd be ok to just go ahead and play Uncharted 2 in story mode. well i completed one of the tasks in game to earn a trophy (30 kills rpg to be exact) and in the game it checked it off on my psn id not so much. i thought well let me just get the rest and maybe the platinum trophy will unlock. i completed the remaining tasks tonight and nothing happened. it shows it checked off for 30 kills except the trophy next to it is not shaded. i need suggestion on how to fix so my platinum trophy unlocks unless there is something else i am missing. please reply… i dont want to be the only one who tried and didnt get it.

  • Hey Arne,

    Very happy to see the return of double cash weekends and the DLC looks great and I can’t wait to get a hold of it for the low price of $5.99! I have a question and hopefully you have a answer… Is this the last DLC for Uncharted 2 or is there actively plans for more (besides skins)? Also I hope there are still plans to tweak a few gameplay issues in the multi-player *cough*grenades*cough*


  • So no more glitchers! Fantastic, now I can get back into the game! Thanks :D

  • Hello ND,

    I was playing a game of Uncharted 2 last night after the 1.07 update and noticed that there are -still people glitching the game and escaping the normal multi-player map boundaries. This was most notable to me on the facility level. The people who were glitching did end up ‘committing suicide’ but only after manage to sneak several kills from us. Is this problem going to be addressed? Or was 1.07 supposed to fix all of this?

    Regardless, keep up the great work. I love everything ND has done for Playstation and I especially think it’s a great merit that you sell the map pack (which is so full of awesome stuff!) for reasonable/accessible prices unlike some other companies at the time being… I think you know who I’m referring to.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Can’t wait to finish my day of work just to try the new Siege mode and the new maps! Awesome package, awesome price, thanks ND! …and Arne!

    This IS the best game of the decade. The SP story was a hell of a ride and the multiplayer just keeps me playin’!

  • Around what time will it be available in the PSN store? It’s a little past 12:30 EST where I am. Checked for it in the store a short while ago.

  • Heh. Nevermind. I’ll just follow the update blog as suggested.

  • what are the days on the extra cash? Does it go from today until sunday or tomorrow until sunday? Times and dates would be nice.

  • Nevermind my comment before I see it at the bottom now.

  • Hey I cant find this on the Playstation store?? Where is it!

  • Will the double cash weekend raise the max allowable winnings to $100,000 per game? I think during Christmas there was a $100k cap. Arne can you respond? It looks like a few other people have the same question on their mind since it’s very easy to get $50k per match after level 50.

  • This is so awesome!
    I’m glad too that ND fixed the spawning system. I hated how I spawned RIGHT NEXT TO THE ENEMY (and at one point we all had RPGs).

  • Hey, i’m having the same problem as the first guy! It’s 1:30 where i’m at and my PS3 is completely up-to-date on everything, including update 1.07.

    i was really looking forward to purchasing the new siege, but its not in psn??? Can anyone assist me?

  • Great DLC and very good update. Just wanted to know if this was the final DLC or will there be more content being worked on?

  • Why hasn’t the expansion pack come up on psn yet. Its 3:50p.m. here on the East Coast. I really would like to know

  • @ SandBaggs
    Thought it updates at 6 pm.

    lol I think U2 highrise looks better than MW2 highrise.

  • Hey arne will the Double Ca$h affect kills only or Medals too??
    ‘Cause you didn’t mention how it would work.
    What will the limit be? 100k

  • No updates yet and its now 5:15p.m. EST.

  • It would be nice to add to the single player experience but I know those things have to be handled at the beginning of the development of the game.

  • Keep up the fantastic work Naughty Dog. The Game of the Year crown was well deserved.

  • I don’t see the siege expansion pack in my PSN Store and I CHECKED EVERYWHERE AND I WANT IT NOWW.
    I bought a PSN Store Card just for this.

  • man where the [DELETED] is the new map pack, did it not come out in the USA?????????

  • Yeah, the psn store update is late…can’t wait to try the new mode…!!

  • Ah, great! It’s THERE on the store noe! …less than 5 minutes after my post! Ye! :)

  • I mean “now” and not “noe”, sorry for the subsequents 3 posts…

  • I just purchased and installed the new DLC and when I go under custom games and co-op there isn’t any new maps listed!!! When I connected to multiplayer it even had a note thanking me for purchasing the new DLC, so obviously I did buy it…Whats going on here…? :(

  • Get this, i was so exited about the new dlc that i rushed trough playstation store, and bought the first UC2 dlc that i saw, it was while it was downloading that i saw that i bought The drakes fortunes DLC wich i already had :( waste of money
    now goota wait til tomorow to get it(hopefully)

  • I played the game for 2 hours and could not get a new map to come up for anything. The game was taking forever to find a match also. I restarted my ps3 3 times to try and get the new maps. I’m mad i paid money for something I cant get to work.

  • Just a quick question to anyone who can answer. Are all the multiplayer skin DLCs available for use in single player mode?

    Right now I’m going for all of the single player trophies before I delve into the multiplayer ones and it would mean the difference between me buying all the DLCs now or holding off on my purchase until I finish off all the single player trophies I have yet to complete.

    Thanks. :)

  • When can we use villian skins for the co-op mode? that’d be awesome!!! I suppose someone could point out “why villians are fighting other villians” But I think that’s just nip picking!

  • I know this is a late post and I am just hoping that you guys will see it and maybe take it into advisement…

    When we are in the lobby waiting for someone to party up with who is in a match, you guys are able to say where they are playing and how much time is left, but do you think maybe you could put the score of the game too? That would be fantastic!

    Thanks ND

  • Will there ever be the option to be able to choose a hero or a villain to play as in co-op arena? So for example will Flynn, Drake and Chloe ever be able to play together? – It would be a great addition.

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