PS3 3.30 System Software Update

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Hi everyone, in our continued effort to provide the best, most comprehensive entertainment experience possible, we’ll be adding a few new features to PlayStation 3 (PS3) via the latest system software update, which is a mandatory update and will be available shortly. Most notably, you’ll see some new sorting options within Trophies that make it easier to claim bragging rights among your friends on PlayStation Network.

  • Trophy enhancements –- Now you can more easily sort trophies in the [Trophy Collection] and [Comparing Trophy] sections. Sorting can be done with [Trophy Collection] in the [Game Category] and also when comparing trophies with your friends in the [Friend Category]
    • Trophy Folder (Title List) can be sorted by game name/ by title according to the date in which you earned your last trophy (ascending/descending)
    • Add-on list (Group list) can be sorted by original/the date in which you earned your last trophy (ascending/descending)
    • Trophy list can be sorted by original/trophy name/grade/date of obtaining the trophy (ascending/descending)

In addition, this update preps the PS3 system for some upcoming new features, including 3D stereoscopic gaming, which is coming soon to PS3, in time for the launch of Sony’s 3D BRAVIA TVs.

Let us know your thoughts and as always, we look forward to your feedback.

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  • How about putting features in that everyone wants from the PlayStation Blog Share? Like cross game chat, voice messages and mkv support?

  • Jeff, i know ive went off on you before about these updates, and Im sorry. But seriously, besides 3-D, the main feature we are waiting for is cross game chat. So please, for future reference, unless your optimizing the RAM usage and OS of the ps3, just concentrate on giving us cross game chat. Or at least acknowledge the fact we want it, and tell us when we can expect it.

  • I actually take my PS3 to other locations, can we get an update where you can have more than one wireless connection setting. One where it can automatically connect to it based on stored settings, sort of like laptops. This would save me the trouble of typing in the password, especially those WEP passwords.

  • You remove the other os function and give us trophy sorting. You guys are on a roll. Just keep doing what you are doing Sony…you must like being in last place.

    I am going to enjoy watching you fail after you shafted me and all other linux users.

  • You had people download an update to kill otherOS when you knew this was coming out within weeks? For shame guys, you know that the more times you make people update the more chances there are for unit failure. If you think I’m letting go otherOS, I am not. I will be back here anytime its even remotely relevant. I paid for it, you took it. Putting aside your fancy legal talk, anyone would see what you have done as theft plain and simple. If I am just LEASING my console and you have the right to remove stuff from it then I believe you should also have the responsibility to maintain and service all of these millions of consoles don’t you? Isn’t that how leasing things works? I have a house full of Sony equipment, rest assured there are other brands that I can and will choose from for my household electronics. New feature, update your PS3 every couple of weeks so it bricks faster! Awesome!
    For those asking about a better web browser, the otherOS that you all didn’t care about runs firefox beautifully and has NEVER crashed, unlike the cheapo XMB browser which crashes every 10 minutes…

  • Wow seriously guys? that’s why I like xbox live more and more every time, I mean updates are just useless, you guys don’t care too much about the online (Playstation network) the only firmwares I liked were v2.0 and v3.0 (something useful) but I mean, every time you guys release an update is for, fix bugs, change maybe 2 colors in something (useless also) etc etc… and now this? c’mon a whole firmware for just “improvement for the trophies?”

    You guys have to focus more into “features for the online gamers” and that you have a new update, it is an update, not just change/add one thing (that to add more to this) is always useless. We more things for online like, chat on XMB, change your playstation netwrok ID for $10 etc… I’m sorry Sony, that’s why many people go to Xbox, and you guys are “competing” but are you guys putting new things? while your enemies are doing the best that they can. Yeah, I know that the next update will be something like add 30 characters in your comment (instead of 25) see what I mean? get my point, and you will see a lot more members coming to the playstation

  • When is this update going live?

  • Why is ANYONE asking Eric a question. In 3 years I think he has answered 2 questions…TOTAL.

    You’ll take your FW update and like it. And no, you may NOT know what all the features are.

  • so this is a mandatory update…is this due to a number of people refusing to update to 3.21? also, is this just mandatory to people who are currently on 3.21 since you specifically said that the 3.21 update would be voluntary? I see no other reason to provide such a pointless update than to force people into the bullsh– one you were pushing before.

    unless you’re able to skip the 3.21 and keep the stuff you paid for(read: OtherOS) while still getting this. but I doubt that, so I guess people will have to wait for Geohot…figures you’d have to hack to keep what you bought.

  • Less of these small negligible updates please. Especially so when there’s a chance it can brick my PS3.

  • great update but seriously in tired of these appetizers bring the meat with the potatoes Xgc

  • I’ll skip it as you have still not given be back my Linux support. Wait you never took took it away because I would rather give my money to MS than to you than give up the ability to run Linux on my PS3. Makes me happy to know I dropped $600 on your hardware the month it came out because I feel the love you have been giving me.

  • Hope you guys “SONY” read the comment #106

    one more thing

    …I guess you guys are focused on “it only does everything” yeah, true, but the online there are many features because you guys are focused on other things so that “it only does everything”

  • I wish there was a video to explain this…

  • Tell me, what do you guys get paid to make these lame updates that take months to put out?

    Wow a trophy update…wow an update for compatibility with another overpriced product. With all the other highly requested features that we all have been waiting for, you guys still churn out this crap.

  • also, facebook and twitter XMB integration would be very nice. but as i said before sony, u guys should seriously drop playstation home. it has no practical use, and nobody uses it. people would use the game launching feature if you didn’t have to get on HOME to use it. people want a playstation network party feature, that allows people to always chat no matter what game they are playing, and they are able to launch into games together (WITHOUT HAVING TO USE HOME). i feel like a lot of the features that are added in these updates are useless, but i do kinda like the trophy thing u guys did with this update. when xbl has an update, they pretty much always add some cool, and actually useful feature that people will use. people would like to see more of that.

  • You take away people other os screw them over and the best your come up with is trophy enhancements. Nice :D.

    I love the update personally, but what you just did was take a mansion from your users and give them a broken down house.

    PlayStation 3 It only pisses people off (Oh damn it does do everything). O_o

    Thanks for the trophy enhancements, and 3d support, but how about fixing the crappy browser, my friends iPod touch works better than the ps3 browser.

    Also fix the thing you call HD, it’s a joke, my psone looks terrible on my HDPC (thats native in 1080p mind you) even with a HDMI cable. At least make the graphics look a little better.

    My wish list for an update.

  • Sounds kool,but a wanna deleted some trophys like the one from trash panic.

  • It would be fantastic if you could add a few more languages. I even volunteer to do the translation from English to Greek.

  • Is the otherOS back?

  • I swear, Sony is dumber than a bag of hammers…

    WTF? *Another* fw update within 2 weeks and all it does is provide some lame sorting options for trophies?

    I’m so glad you put up that useless Share site so that you can take everyone’s ideas/votes and collectively ignore them.

    So tell us Eric, where exactly was “more trophy sorting option” on the blog share list? #5? #237?

    Sony’s shareholders really need to step in and fire these dumb-a$$ ‘executives’ – starting with Eric L.

  • Now how about some real updates?

  • what i really need is a much bigger friends list . i’m constantly having to delete less active friends to make room for new people . i am a commander in the homelings and as such i need room 4 new people that wish to join our glorious collective . please help me sony . i have spent over a $2,000 between home and the psn store and feel you owe me (and others) this much , thank you

  • I find this amusing. Before, as soon as people saw a new upgrade, they started asking for Xgame chat, for new features. Now, most of the early comments are either asking to get back something that was taken away (Other OS, backward compatibility), or to fix something (mainly the browser).

    Sony thanks for the good work, but don’t get complacent: if you mess up too much, I might abandon my PS3 to use only my Vaio… Oh, wait…

  • i really wish sony would come up with some useful features….
    please sony

  • WOW!! this is a good update but where is the PS2 emulator software at for the PS3 console.

  • Fantastic stuff.

    I would prefer that you concentrate on cool features like this rather than the dead end of Other OS. I’d like to see some additional grouping options for games – custom folders for that would be nice.

  • Could you guys update the data transfer utility to give us the option to transfer single profiles off of the system?

  • You remove an awesome feature and then release this fluff update? I think what’s going on here is pretty obvious.

  • *yawn* *stretch* Another update for this? I guess if we must…

  • like others…….I would like to delete trophy’s that I don’t want

  • Nice all new update but……. It takes forever to download it. At least it’s a good update unlike the recent update that is USELESS. Now’s update is good but not enough. How much will be the 3D Bravia cost? Will you be selling a official PS3 3D glasses?
    Things I want in the next update:
    1. Play your music while playing a game.
    2. Cross Chat
    3. More detailed profile.
    4. Free premium avatar
    5. Open someone’s profile while using the internet.
    6. Faster and Adobe installed internet.

  • sony, alot of systems die with every update. so please try to make fewer and bigger updates….


  • Sony to Upgrade the PS3 browser (Netfront) or add the Mozilla Firefox Browser. This is a request for 95% of PS3 users around the World.

    Sony atualizem o PS3 browser (Netfront) ou adicionem o Browser Mozilla Firefox. Esse é um pedido de 95% dos usuários PS3 espalhados pelo mundo.

  • Sony. Update the PS3 browser (Netfront) or add the Mozilla Firefox Browser. This is a request for 95% of PS3 users around the World.

    Sony atualizem o PS3 browser (Netfront) ou adicionem o Browser Mozilla Firefox. Esse é um pedido de 95% dos usuários PS3 espalhados pelo mundo.

  • Really? REALLY?

    We all know you guys are prepped to stop GeoHot. At least add some useful features, hmmm, maybe, CROSS VOICE CHAT?! XMB In-game Music for all games?!

  • sounds like a nice update you should do a browser update or put in Cross-Game Chat but nice update

  • can you please delete the trophy sets with 0%, and also some updates to the web browser would be cool. Good update anyway.

  • Not the worst update I’ve ever seen, but certainly the most pointless.

    I still CANNOT BELIEVE how far behind PS3 is to the XBOX 360.
    It’s embarrassing really. Whilst my brother is on his 360 getting updates that actually mean a damn (such as new applications, extra ways of party chatting, avatar items etc, etc), I’m here downloading a patch that lets me erm… organize my trophies?

    This should have been in there from the beginning (just like trophies themselves should have been, but hey. Sony wanted to rush the PS3 into the market).

    Please Sony. Give us an update that actually DOES SOMETHING or that makes the PS3 features at least rival the 360’s.

    Because for the past year, we’ve had to spend 40 minutes downloading patches that consist of things like “organize your trophies in date/alphabetical order’ or ‘Wow! now you can change the colour of your gamercard!’.

    Sort it out Sony? Please?!

  • Good job!
    Though i don’t have a 3dtv i’m excited for the people who do.

    I’m more excited about hte trophy sorting.
    Hopefully we’ll get an update thats relevant to me soon. the last two weren.. (this and OS Removal)
    I dont have a 3dtv nor do i use the OS (or used to).. so i found the upgrading to be a bit disappointing.
    NEVER THE LESS! i love your guys commitment, and iknow you wont let us down in the long run

  • No that’s the point, more updates so they can brick more units so they can sell more PS3s just like M$haft and the 360! Why else would an update for trophy sorting be MANDATORY? Oh and “prep” for 3d which, yay will be out just in time to buy a ridiculously overpriced Sony TV… New Sony electronics will not be welcome in my home until you compromise with honest Linux users. I can feel the love growing for Sony, wow. Hey guys what do you want to bet those of us who are angry are adults paying for the product ourselves who not only used to buy other Sony products but are tech people who used to recommend the brand to other people?

  • -And yes. If you’re going to give us an update for trophies, GIVE US THE ABILITY TO DELETE THE 0% ones!

    There is nothing more messy than having ten 0% items on our lists.
    If you want to give us an update that lets us ‘neatly arrange our trophies’ them surely let us get the most pointless trophies OFF of that list!

  • AWESOME UPDATE!!! When will it go live? I wanted this feature so bad! Thanks sony. Next should be x-game chat then psn premium and I will be one happy customer who does not miss his xbox anymore.

  • What, no Other OS?

    I’m not buying any more games until I can log back in.

  • Nice! Seems pretty useful, just wish i can delete or at least hide the 0% trophies or even in the games i don’t want to get trophies in but already have, such as hard games like GTA4. Maybe not a delete but a hide option, now that would be genius!

    Anyways, yeah like many others said, a updated browswer would be nice, or even a entirely new browswer as my broswer tends to freeze quite a lot and is quite slow on some websites…

  • I don’t care about these features specially the 3D , because the cheapest 3D TV costs more than 3000 dollars . Anyway the only thing I want is the most basic thing ( my language in the ps3 ) , I mean “Arabic” .

  • ya that 0% is annoying cause i dont own some games that dont have trophies so people should be able to delete 0% trophies… if u have a trophy on the list for that game u should not be able to delete it. on the 3-D side w… is the 3-D stuff going to show on a 2-D screen for the games now… or could we still play like we are doing right now… cause i am one of the people that cant watch 3-D… and if all of it is goin onto 3-D on the 2-D screens as well than I would have to stop playin… if its goin to show 3-D on the 2-D screens than could u make a option to turn it off so i could still play my ps3… and continue to support sont all the way.

  • Is anyone listening?


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