Huge Announcement: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer Revealed!

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Marvel vs Capcom 3 unveiled!

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Welcome to the New Age of Pringles. Coming Spring 2011. ‘Nuff said.

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  • I have read that it will be 3D, the gameplay 2D and will have ALL previous Marvel vs Capcom 2 characters + new ones, there will be A LOT of characters, Im hoping that quality doesnt get lost in quantity.
    This looks really sweet.


  • When do we find out the specifics?

  • Hey John, if you are in a giving mood, remember how much you love me and want to send me a code for something ;)

  • So John, I see you have a Fei Long avatar. Will Fei Long make an appearance on MVC3? I sure hope so I wanna see the dragon in acton. waataahhhhhhhh!!!!! LOL

  • where are my capcom avatars John D.?

  • More old Capcom games for PSN PLEASE ;)

  • So much Win >_< ! ! !

  • It’s Maaaahvel baby!

    Giving mood? Hook me up!

  • Yay, more Capcom games!!

  • Well. I just don’t know what to say?
    Bionic Commando Re-armed 2, & now Marvel vs Capcom 3…
    just wow (in a good way).

  • The revolution will not be televised……….it will be played on playstation 3 and its name is MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3!!!

  • Indeed, Capcom is doing good lately…

  • holy **** i cant wait cant wait cant wait and did i hear a certien someone from capcom maybe in a giving mood? :D and now that mvc3 is coming out any chance for sum megaman legends love?

  • A MVC3 dynamic theme would be awesome.

  • I still play MVC 2 on my PS2, great game. Awesome to see how far the came has come when compared to the original MVC, what’s it gonna look like when we compare MVC 2 to MVC 3?

  • WOW! Can’t wait to see Chris’s moves. I think Tyrant would make an excellent fighter in this game. If he’s not in there maybe he could be added as DLC. Keep the Capcom developed games coming!

  • Okay, i shall remind you. It’s rather a lot. So much that words can’t describe it! :D

  • @ John D

    My curleh mustache is a full beard with pringle crumbs here and there.

  • Incredible, Go Morrigan!

  • Welcome back John its been too long. Epic announcement. You gonna try to “break” the PS Blog again? Love when you do that, its just fun. (Don’t tell Jeff I said that ;) )

    Can’t wait for some gameplay screens or even better video! Make it happen John!

  • That is fantastic news!! Chris Redfield, Iron man… Awesome!!!

  • Can we get Playstation Home Marvel Characters Finally?

  • Wow!!! im a newcomer to the whole series, my friend got me to buy MVC 2 and i was hooked!! (even though i couldnt win a single match against him >_> ) but im DEFINITLY pre-ordering this baby once its announced at gamestop, lol Plz more news!!!! :D :D :D

  • Well, I’m shocked. SHOCKED, I say! I never thought I’d see a 3rd part to my favorite fighting series of all time. My head exploded twice when I saw the news.

  • Mega awesome! Day one buy for me!

  • As long as this game continue to have the same fluidity and awesome combos that MvC2 has, this could be the best Fight game ever!!, you know, like MvC2 but with the unbalanced issue GONE!

    Kuddos all around, awesome news!!!

  • I think it’d be cool if the marvel characters that were involved in the age of apocalypse had those costumes available to fight in.

  • Hey John, when can you release a bit more info on it?? OMG IF IT WAS TWO ON TWO (with real ppl of course playing) IT WOULD BE MY DREAM FIGHTING GAME@~!~!~!~!~ ^______________^

  • LOL. i really cant answer that i dont know! 3D would be awesome, walking around the entire arena fighting and executing all special moves, but 2D is so traditional, and you can never go wrong with that either, especially if it plays out a little similar to SFIV.


  • Just the thought of getting to see Ryu put the smackdown on Chris Redfield is enough for me to buy! If it wasn’t for Capcom, console gaming would be nothing more than glorified PC gaming by now. Thanks for keeping the arcade alive!

  • John, sir, you just won a billion awesome points and have made my crappy day obsurdly awesome! I thank you.

  • Am i allowed a beta code so i can test the game please but only if you’re in a giving mood john

  • New Rival Schools


  • he´s back! go lakers

  • It’s not going to break the blog. It’s just GONNA TAKE YA FOR A RIDE.

  • It’s 3-on-3.

  • New Characters needed in Marvel vs. Capcom

    Gene from Godhand
    Amaterasu from Okami
    Harman or Kun from Killer7
    Anybody from Monster Hunter
    Anybody from Breath of Fire
    The Knight from Ghosts ‘n Goblins

    Can you make this happen John?

  • Welp, I gots to get back to the daily grind :-[( <–curleh mustach If there's a contest I guess i'll have to miss out on the blog breaking, though I do think the awesome poster that is #50 should win the most awesomest prize of them all (if any). :)

  • Sweet! I really like the first Marvel vs Capcom, it’s probably my favorite out of the two released. Part 2 is alright, I just can never win because everyone picks broken characters and juggles me all match. I also didn’t like the music in MvsC2. Every match made me feel like I was shopping for groceries, lol. You know that music.

    Anyway, I’m excited to hear that the third one is finally (or better yet, “actually”) on it’s way. I hope it’ll be in 2D.

    It could just be me, but 3D models give off an immediate impression of being sluggish compared to 2D. I appreciate the art and color of sprites than those of polygons. Some cel shaded models look nice, but I favor the classic 2D. Oh well, I just hope this game rocks.

  • John. You are ALWAYS AWESOME when you are on this blog- PS BLOG! All of us should bow down to you? :-) Nah! But welcome back, John! Keep us in the loop for this game…

    Any more surprises or megaton announcements we should expect from you anytime soon…???

  • Sweet!! I can’t wait. How many characters selection will there be in the game?

  • This is awesome news, especially for the hardcore fans out there. I enjoyed MvC2 even though I wasn’t really good at it, it’s still fun.

  • Damn John, I don’t know how you were able to hold that in so long. I know I couldn’t have. You deserve a raise homie! Now, allow me to speculate/wishlist: Dante, Deadpool, Nathan Spencer, Noir Spider-Man, Viewtiful Joe, Carnage and/or Doc Ock. And of course, as a PS3 exclusive, KRATOS! So we have can Kratos versus Dante matches! As much as I love the SFIV engine, I hope this game is more realistic, less cartoony, though I know that probably won’t happen. Either way, can’t wait until next year (next year? Dammit!). Any news on BC:R2 you would care to share?

  • Are Deadpool and Mike Haggar in the game? That’s all I want to know……

  • Let’s start a chant! BREAK THE BLOG! BREAK THE BLOG!

  • I also want Rival Schools series!!!

  • What engine will MvC3 wun with? SSFIV engine or HD version of TvC? can’t wait for this game… it’s about TIME

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