ModNation Racers Artist Spotlights: David Jaffe “Swears” by ModNation

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Happy ModNation Monday!

I’m happy to bring to you our next installment of our Artist Spotlight series. Last week, Insomniac GamesTed Price showed us that it only takes a few minutes and some imagination to create girlfriends for Ratchet and Clank. This week, we are happy to bring you someone else’s take on ModNation Racers.

Making games is tough. Making blockbuster multi-million selling games is even tougher! Not many understand that more than David Jaffe, the talented and “outspoken” mind behind the Twisted Metal franchise and a little game called God of War.

If you didn’t catch it on this week, the founder of Eat Sleep Play and the voice behind took a break from his latest project to chat about the challenges of game development, seeing his characters getting the “Mod” treatment, and his reactions to games like LittleBigPlanet and ModNation.

Let the bleeping begin!

Sweet Tooth in ModNation Racers

Fans paid tribute to Twisted Metal during the ModNationRacers Online Beta in December

Kratos gets a Kart in ModNation Racers!

Kratos gets a Kart

Who’s next on the spotlight?

We’ll find out next ModNation Monday, right here on the PlayStation.Blog!

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  • @47 “would have, would’ve” Please don’t say would of…
    anyway, I didn’t realise this was going to be a series, I watched the one with ratchet and clank thinking it was a one off, looking forward to more ^^

  • i can’t wait for Modnation!!

    and something i’ve found interesting… i work in a gaming store, and of a lot of the games coming out this year, i’ve noticed Modnation garnering much more excitement from the customers than many games i’ve told them about. it’s pretty exciting to know that so many people are excited for a ply, create, share title. i don’t remember LBP maifesting this much interest.

    here’s to the hope of an incredibly successful IP, UFG!! kudos to all of your hard work/fun!

  • i’ve got a question, tho it might be a little too late in the article for feedback:

    will MNR have in-game screenshots or movie capture available?

  • I actually only had a chance to create one thing in the beta, but I thought it was something that just needed to be created: Crash Bandicoot.

    Hopefully Naughty Dog likes my tribute to their character. I played Crash Team Racing so much when I was younger and I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having with the ModNation Racers beta.

    Definitely picking the game up. Now I just have to decide which character I want to get.


    Is that just the costume or is he gonna be a separate racer like Tim Drake, Kratos, R&C, etc…?

    Also is there any plan for DLC as far as newer customizing items (designs, clothing, kart pieces, etc)?

    And last but not least, will the load times be just as long online?

  • i was doing some research and it turnes out that on the ps3 version of mod nation racers you can create tracks in the middle of the forest heres a vid to show you what i mean… is this possible on the psp?????

    sorry 4 bad english

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