Flood Warning: Heavy Rain Surpasses the Million Mark

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Heavy Rain PS3 Packfront

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to announce that since its launch in February, Heavy Rain has hit is millionth mark in sales worldwide! Congratulations Quantic Dream!

Praised by media for its gripping storyline, thought-provoking themes, innovation and engaging example of non-linear storytelling, it’s no surprise that more than a million gamers agree.

Don’t believe us? If you haven’t played Heavy Rain yet, then take a look at the following trailer highlighting the award-winning, critically-acclaimed, and one million unit-selling Heavy Rain!

In addition, the only true way to experience what makes Heavy Rain so unique is to download and play the PSN demo for Heavy Rain straight from the PlayStation Store.

We hope you’re enjoying Heavy Rain, and the newly released Taxidermist Level (available on PSN for $4.99). But, if you’re looking for more, continue to check back here on the PlayStation.Blog for the latest updates!

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  • Yea, this was deffinitlyyy a day one pick up, Congrats to QD for such a ground-breaking game… its like a real good novel, i dont want the book to end so u play it slow lol, Great Job!!

  • As one of the million who picked this game up, I found it to be very enjoyable. I highly recommend anyone who has an open mind to pick it up. There are moments that keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Congratulations to Quantic Dream =] i still haven’t got the game but ill be getting it soon. been playing God of War III. i think Sony should sign another exclusive deal with Quantic Dream.

  • I haven’t touched this game since Battlefield Bad Company 2 came out and I won’t be going near Battlefield Bad Company, now that Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City is out. :D

  • Congrats to Quantic Dream and Sony. Heavy Rain being such a niche title, I have to assume you guys probably only expected half that amount of sales. The game is absolutely amazing. Probably my #1 favorite story driven game of all time. It’s truly stunning in every way. In story telling, graphically, sound track and gameplay wise……..all stunning.

    I pre-orderd the game to get the free DLC (thanks for that btw, Taxidermist was great). And just the other day I finally got the platinum trophy. It was my first Platinum btw. Got my second on God of War 3. Amazing game, and I can’t wait to see Quantic’s next project.

  • I have to admit I LOVE playing this game. I hope we get another game from QD in 14 months or less. They have the tech worked out, I hope continued sales means they have the money, so I just hope we see another game with a whole new story in a year.

  • congrats Quantic Dream

  • congrats quantic dream! hopefully it keeps on selling

  • going for this plat right now…heavy rain is definitely an experience unlike any other

  • this game was the best! it had me feeling emotions i nevr thought while playing a game!

  • hey sony, waht about a blog post about todays GTA IV DLC that was added to playstation store at 12:01am last night

  • I wanna let know Sony and other publishers that I would happily spend 60$ for another game in this genre. I would even buy one every month. Bring it on !

  • Congratulations Quantic you prove those who said it could not be done wrong. I am glad your hard work paid off and this game is amazing. I am still playing just to see the different endings. Congratulations again :D

  • I wanted To Play This Game but When I Bought Some jerk Ruined The Ending And Told Me Who the Killer was Now It Just Sits On My Shelf

  • Hey, if they keep these games coming, they’ve got a loyal supporter!

  • I’d love to see both Omikron and Ferenheit get remastered/director’s cut/episodic releases. Both had good story, and great visuals and music. If David Bowie’s image on a box can’t sell a video game, I don’t know what will. (Bowie’s Aladdin Sane character was the basis for Kratos’ facial make up, after all!)

  • This is like a new age Silent Hill in a way :)

  • im downloading the demo now i hope this is good anyone beat this yet if so let me know if its good

  • I cant wait to have enough money to buy this. I still got other games yet to get by the time I do, Ratchet CIT is still on my back log. WKC, God of War 3, Killzone 2 and MAG taking alot of my free time lately. I cant wait to play Heavy Rain plus the motion control from PSmove and believe me, I will be the first one at the counter to get this.

  • Count me as one of those million. Loved the game. Would easily give my money for more DLC please!

  • This is no surprise at all. This was an amazing game, and incredibly different. It had me emotionally attached to the storyline from beginning to end.

  • i bought it and enjoyed it a lot :)

  • Congrats Devs of Heavy Rain, you guys earned it. Keep up the good work and hope to see some more DLC later down the road.

  • KUDOS QUANTIC DREAMS!!!!tHIS GAME IS aweswome!!!i cant tell you how many times i freaking out playing this game.excellent suspense!!!Reminds me of another great movie,”7″.You guys and gals did a hell of a job!!!!

  • I love Heavy Rain more than any other game this. I’ve been waiting for this ever since it was announced. I knew David Cage and QD can do it.

    I bought everything regarding this game, all the dynamic themes, the soundtrack, the Taxidermist DLC. And rest assured that I’m gonna keep buying Heavy Rain stuff as long as you’re releasing them to us so have mercy on my wallet :P

  • Can’t want to pick up my copy of this game next week. Been too busy working on platinum for GoW 3 lol. Congrats Sony and Quantic Dream!



  • I’ll Pick this game up sometime Hopefully :D

  • I, too, am one of the million. :-) I had it pre-ordered and picked it up on day 1 (and played it immediately!). Thank you for such an amazing, unique, mature gaming experience. And having been a fan of Indigo Prophecy, I was SO waiting for HEAVY RAIN… and it was truly worth the wait. I loved the dlc (it gave me the utter creeps) and am anxiously awaiting more and I play Heavy Rain for the 3rd time!

  • I’m proud to think that my contribution helped Heavy Rain reach the 1 million mark.
    Let’s see how this sets the stage for future games in this genere.
    Do your best Quantic Dreams!

  • I this means we get more game DLC, and more XMB items like wallpapers, themes, avatars.

  • FATHASUN said: “I am 1 in a MILLION.”

    Well, me too! =D

    But didn’t really have the time to play it sadly (FF13 first, then a bit of Modern Warfare 2, and after my University final exams I’ll be able to finally play (and finish) Heavy Rain) =D

  • “Why not celebrate landmark by lowering the price to $29.99 to pick up the NEXT million why the iron is hot? I am not buying it for anything more than that, sorry.”

    Don’t worry. You’ll have your chance when it becomes a Greatest Hit (and it WILL become a Greatest Hit) :)

    You just have to wait a bit.

    BTW I thought the same for MegaMan 10. I’m not paying more than $2-3 for a rom.

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