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Hi everyone! A few weeks ago, we announced the METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER PSP Entertainment Pack will be available in the U.S. and Canada.


We have something very special for all of you ULTIMATE fans out there! Launching with the game on June 8, you can pick an exclusive limited edition “Big Boss” Pack for METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER, which will be available only at GameStop locations in the U.S. for $199.99 (MSRP). This premium package combines the highly anticipated title from legendary developer Hideo Kojima with a “Camouflage” PSP-3000 system, which was inspired by the Central American setting for the game.


So, what’s in it you ask? The limited-edition “Big Boss” Pack will include the following:

  • “Camouflage” PSP-3000 system
  • Voucher for in-game content unlockable early on in the game
  • PlayStation Network downloadable movie voucher — title to be announced
  • 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo
  • Premium carrying case

METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER is amongst the first of several premiere PSP titles from both first and third-party publishers coming in 2010. Don’t forget — make sure you mark your calendars for June 8, when the stand alone METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER game on UMD, METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER PSP Entertainment Pack and “Big Boss” Pack will each be available.

As always, we look forward to hearing you comment and enjoy!

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  • soundandvision77

    I don’t see how this bundle is alienating the people who bought a PSP Go – if you already have a Go then you don’t need to buy a bundle because you can just download the game from PSN. And even if they released a camo PSP Go, would you really turn around and buy a new system just for the camo? I don’t think so. These bundles are to entice new people to get the PSP. Peacewalker should be a big draw for people, and a cool bundle helps sweeten the deal.

  • i just popped a bonar!

  • LOOKS EPIC & i’m in need of a new psp too replace my psp 1000( my analog stick isn’t working correctly )

  • The camo is quite cool. The green one is hideous IMO.
    I want a GT PSP in a color change type paint like some show cars do, like blue to red or green to gold. Paints have come a long way, there are some really cool pearl essence and chameleon colors now.

  • Big Boss is a bad [DELETED]…..

  • $50 bucks less then the GO and comes with SO SO much more.

    buyers remorse kicking in, in 3, 2, 1….. :(


  • As a huge Metal Gear fan, I may have to buy the Big Boss pack. Even though I already have a PSP-3000.

  • so let me get this straight…both bundles will be $199.99?

  • Love my pspGo, no UMDs to worry with.

  • I don’t understand all of these PSPGo owners saying “What about us?” – What about you? A new game is releasing and with that a new PSP bundle. Are you entitled to free stuff just because you purchased a Go? No. This is merely to give people a reason to buy a PSP or for people who feel like upgrading to the 3000 because they’re not a fan of the Go.

    I’d love to know exactly what you’d like Sony to do for you when you say “WHAT ABOUT US?!” Trust me, I can guarantee MGS: Peace Walker will be released on the PSN the day it is released in stores and THAT is ALL you are entitled to. You wanted digital content, you got it.

  • I’ve never had a PSP and I’ll probably get the Big Boss bundle from Gamestop.

  • Wait- Are they both available in Canada or only the entertainment pack? Also, will it be on the PSN? I’m thinking about a PSPGo….

  • why dont you just release the psp2 lol. Yes your psp sells. However we should get a psp 2 by now.

  • Damn… If I didn’t already own a PSP2000 and PSP3000 I would pick this up. I am not getting another psp until the PSP2 comes out though… What would I do with 3 psps?

  • Well, i think its time for me to get a new PSP ( Im afraid my Red God Of War limited editions’ UMD drive is not working very well, and i love that shade of green from the top one :D )

  • I am legitimately regretting standing by Sony and buying a PSPgo right now. Hardly any support, can’t do [DELETED] with your old UMD’s, and now this??? If I hadn’t already spent so much money on downloadable PSP games, I’d ditch my admittedly sleek and sexy go for this mofo

  • WOW…it’s not even the PSP Go. I was thinking real hard about this but now I wonder why it wouldn’t be the new PSP ????

  • probably a dumb question, but there is an ac adapter in the big boss pack? because mine is broken, and a psp that wont turn on isn’t much good… if there isn’t one, i can just get a new one from gamestop at the same time i pick up the bundle.

  • wat the price 200

  • WOW! Amazing looks like this is my new psp system come june! lol =

  • now all we need now is a new PSP2 (kill the go ;)
    don’t include a phone! I’ve got an iphone! but what i would really want to see is a nice simple device which has a compass a good gps and motion sensor with games u could buy in a regular store! on something like a holographic memory stick.

    i never got why sony never invested a single penny in semi-solid-state optical storage technology.
    how hard could it be to read 3D optical data from a non-moving stick? either optically or magnetically (it’s all possible)

  • YES!!!! Thank you!!! Camo PSP! Here i come!!! It’ll make a nice friend for my original fat PSP

  • this would match my metal gear limited edition gunmetal ps3 console! i can’t wait! wish they’d carry the snakeskin pouch, konami-style edition with the stand to watch the cinematics! i’m a die-hard fan – no, really. have metal gear saga, shrink-wrapped, metal gear ac!d, shrink-wrapped, metal gear digital graphic novel, shrink-wrapped, well, you get the idea. :D

    if someone knows hideo kojima personally, tell him thanks and please bring back ZONE OF THE ENDERS!!!

  • SWEET!!!

    i might get this to accompany my umd less PSP Go
    that package is hot!

  • That’s way more cool then the psp go I so want the cameo one!

  • Can anyone confirm if this bundle (big boss bundle) will contain the actual game case or a slip with just the umd?

  • arnoldmcguire335

    This gets better and better. these two packs alone raises my hopes for the rest of the Carnival colors here in the US. I hope the next one is a Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Radiant Red PSP bundle, I would so love that.

    keep up the good work SCEA. kudos over 9000.

  • Just went and paid for it in full. gotta stay on top of that MGS. Yeah i have a psp go and no this doesnt bother me one bit. as my psp go is smaller and better to carry while out on the GO. I def will not be openig this either. gotta keep it hidden from the world lol.

  • Damn! I regret getting the Rockband PSP edition lol!
    Oh well At least I can buy the game later ;)
    Any chance if the camo like a PSP skin or it like embedded into the PSP system itself?

  • Should have done this with the PSP GO …. the sales on that are terrible… I see it full on store shelves…
    Maybe if you did this with the GO it would have helped sell a few.
    Sony… you really screwed yourselves with the PSP Go…
    Is it me or did you come to the realization that it just didn’t work so you abandon it altogether.

    And I know you read all our comments…So a response would be much appreciated.

  • Is the pouch going to include the strap that comes with the Japanese Premium Package? If so, and we can get the camo cloth/bandana from Gamestop, I’m buying this in a second.

  • DO WANT! I’m so glad this came to US. I was about to import.

  • My question is : Why is it a 3000 and not a Special edition PSP-GO. By doing a 3000 it looks as though Sony dose not like the PSP-GO. I mean seriously , Dose a new paint job really cost that much ? I want to know, who in their right mind is going to spend $50 more for a PSP-GO? When they can get this bundle. Sony really needs to think, when they do this type of stuff. It makes people think that they bought the wrong product. Especially when the newest bundle that Sony comes out is cheaper then what their “Newest Model” PSP. For me it would have been an instant sale if there was PSP-GO in the bundle. Now I am torn. And I ask Sony: Why should I get a PSP-GO? When I can just get this instead?

  • That’s a freakin awesome looking PSP.

    Sorry #50, I know what you mean by looking at the Store updates each week, they clearly weren’t ready for a download-only handheld. Why they decided to release it last year, idk. Really glad my gf decided to get the GT PSP3000 bundle instead. <3

  • That’s it june 8th I’m ready. That big boss pack is crazy its a must buy for me day one purchase for me, psp is back and it’s a good timing but I am mad that this installment of mgs went to rated T.

  • Does this mean the psp go people are left out again? they don’t get anything special? Anyways at least you guys ain’t charging extra for this exclusive bundle and just selling it at the same price as the other one.

  • So you put the better looking PSP with a 2GB duo and a movie no one will want.

    Then announce a hideous redneck version PSP with a bigger memory stick duo?

    I mean I’m sure the movie will be worth as much as the green man-purse you get with Big Boss since UMD’s were the portable Betamax and all, but come on.

    Does that mean you take the good with the bad or what?

  • Some other gaming sites are saying this will be available in Canada as well, but this post only mentions it will be “available only at GameStop locations in the U.S.” Can someone from Sony please confirm this?

  • I might just upgrade my PSP-1000 for this. God knows I would never get a PSPGo.

  • im gunna preorder the $H!T out of this game!!!!

  • I see a green PSP (1st image) and a camouflage PSP (2nd image).

    You lost me there!!!! why the difference?

  • you guys are the reason why gamestop gets these exclusive products. the consumers bought from gamestop and utilized their bs trade in program, so quit complaining. you are ther reason why gamestop is where it is today. why would the pspgo get a special edition bundle if there’s no umd… why would people drop $200 on a psp go with a memory card. umd clearly has more value than a digital file.

  • Thats what im talking about! I was glad a new color was released but I didnt like the green. Now this camo one I dont think I can pass up!

  • Q: will Peace Walker be available for Download over PSN the same week the game comes out in UMD?
    Thank you.

  • BRoNzE-ThE_GHoST


  • I would cry if PSP2 comes out after I bought this.

  • Will the Big Boss pack come with an AC Power Cord, AC Adapter, and Battery Pack like the normal pack, along with the Peace Walker game case?

  • Ugh. What’s up with giving GameStop exclusive stuff. GameStop is pure evil! I prefer the Spirited Green PSP to the Camo PSP, but why should I miss out on a 4GB stick and a case because of that? You’d think they’d try to reward you for not going to GameStop instead of prolonging its reign of terror. Anyway, I really hope the PSP Entertainment Pack includes the proper game box, I wasn’t aware previous ones only gave you cardboard.

  • says that Metal Gear Solid; Peace walker is going to
    have the movie 2012 for PSP UMD in it ?!?!?!

  • the big boss bundle is going to get you a new PSP owner! cant wait

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