ModNation Racers PSP: Props and Obstacles Exposed

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Hi guys! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my first post where I laid down a track for ModNation Racers PSP, created some water, brought up some hills and cliffs and painted the terrain to give it some flavor.

In today’s post, I’ll be populating that same track with a variety of the props available for use in our Track Studio – Seaside Theme. While I’ll only be showing one theme for this post, be sure to keep in mind that we will have four themes available when the game launches on May 25th!

So I’ve got the foundation of my track already in place and am now ready to throw down some props. There are some things on the HUD worth noticing. On the left side of the screen is the “Prop Thermometer.” As you start placing props, this gauge will start to fill up. It’s a quick visual representation of where you stand while you’re placing props, so you don’t get caught unaware if you’re not quite finished populating your track! The other important HUD element to note is the prop panel on the right side of the screen. This panel can be expanded by pressing the Circle button, which brings out a large, categorized prop menu, so you can browse through the props and categories with ease!

ModNation Racers PSP: Props and Obstacles preview

After finishing up the terrain, I like to populate all the track obstacles first, so I can get a feel for how the track will race. In this part of the track, I’ve placed some interactive track obstacles for the racers to contend with. Each interactive obstacle can have their “Dynamic Options” edited. That means you can adjust the speed at which the obstacle occurs, the frequency, trajectory, the initial delay, and so forth. If you want to make the obstacles easy to navigate, crank down the values. Want to test the skills of the people playing your track? Crank those values up!

ModNation Racers PSP: Props and Obstacles preview

Here’s a section of the track that has a tunnel built, with a kart launcher guarded by some “Wanderers.” These particular wanderers have their “Dynamic Options” set to stay in one place and jump up and down. I’ve got to get my timing just right to sneak under them to hit the kart launcher, which I have set up as a shortcut. If I mess up on my timing, those wanderers will explode my kart and I will have wasted precious time re-spawning. You can set up endless scenarios such as these, as you create a track that you can publish to the world and show everyone your track building prowess!

ModNation Racers PSP: Props and Obstacles preview

In these pictures I’ve started to populate the beach area of my track with buildings, boats and some signs. I’ve also changed the track surface to a cobblestone pavement with red brick run-offs. You’ll also notice I changed the racing style fence to a lamppost and chain style of fence. The combinations are limitless when customizing the track to your needs! Each theme boasts their own style of pavements, run-offs, fences, buildings, trees, rocks, plants, wall rides, skies… You name it!

ModNation Racers PSP: Props and Obstacles preview

ModNation Racers PSP: Props and Obstacles preview ModNation Racers PSP: Props and Obstacles preview

In these screenshots I got the buildings set up to my liking, touched up on the heights of the environment a little bit to fit the buildings, threw in some boats, some trees, a communications tower and changed up the default fences, pavement and run-offs. This track is just about ready to race! I’ve still got a lot of space left on my “Prop Thermometer,” so stay tuned for my next blog post. It’ll include the small details that make a track look pro, like checking the different skies to see which lighting and backdrop settings look best for my track or placing plants, chairs, tables, phone booths, rocks, trees, signs, chevron signs, rumble pieces… so many choices!

I’ll also showcase the whole track with all the fixings as I take it for a test drive! See you next time!

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