This Week in PlayStation Home: Easter City Huntdown Event, MAG and Irem Virtual Items, The Tester Marathon, and More!

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What’s up Home-bodies?!?!

This week brings more of what you’ve come to expect from our weekly updates over at PlayStation Home. And by “more of what you’ve come to expect” I mean “awesome game content, compelling community events, and free media, all served up in a dynamic social environment that is only possible on the PS3.” To start, we are celebrating the arrival of spring in the only way we know how – by throwing a huge event smattered with the irreverent humor you’ve come to know and love. This Friday, April 2, all of you action movie fans will want to log into PlayStation Home to partake in our Easter City Huntdown event. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and movies are worth a million pictures, so I’ll let the clip below speak for itself. Needless to say, you won’t want to miss out on this one.

The PlayStation Home Mall will also be seeing quite an update this week, with a host of Anime-themed virtual items (to complement the Anime personal space we released last week) and MAG costumes being released. And if you head to the updated UNCHARTED 2 space or the Irem Carnival you can pick up new costumes (a Sark costume and a host of Western-themed items, respectively). Check the pics below for a sample of what is coming into PlayStation Home tomorrow, April 1.

Home - MAG 1 Home - MAG 2

Home - Cowgirl 1 Home - Cowboy 1

Be sure to visit the PlayStation Home Theater this week for tons of Tester-related goodness. Tonight at 6:00pm – 7:30pm PT (9:00pm – 10:30pm EST) we will be hosting yet another meet-and-greet with the cast of the PlayStation Network exclusive reality series The Tester (this week we will be bringing in two of the strongest contestants from this season – Amped and Cyrus).

Amped & Cyrus in Home

Come tomorrow, we will air the newest episode, Killer Memory, as well as release two new commemorative The Tester items (including the Blue Surgical Scrubs, pictured below). And if that’s not enough for you, we’ll even be airing The Tester Marathon (episodes 1-6) throughout the weekend, so you can catch up on any of the episodes you may have missed in preparation for the season finale, which will screen on April 8 in PlayStation Home!

Home - The Tester Scrubs Female

Just a reminder for you valiant souls who, like me, can never get enough Warhawk: LightBox Interactive will be hosting a month-long Capture the Flag tournament starting Friday, April 2. Winners will be awarded the super-rare Champions Blade in-game weapon as well as exclusive Warhawk t-shirts to sport in PlayStation Home as a sign of your general radness and badness.

See you in Home!

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  • @ vercity26 yeah that’s [DELETED] I have a japan acct. a uk acct. aussie acct. they all have way cooler free stuff than the us acct. and I’m sure the U>S> spends way more money on sony products than any of them other country

  • That video was super lame.

  • u add more UNCHARTED stuff nice is it outfit plz repy i want 2 know

  • Ok would love to see some NHL stuff in EA store. That being said I really agree with the trophy room also if you really wanted to push home you should offer .05 for a bronze .10 for silver .25 for gold and 1.00 for all platinum trophy’s in your trophy room. This would inspire people to play and BUY MORE GAMES WHICH IS WHERE YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY it would also get people who may not be willing to buy things now started kinda like a drug dealer you gotta give a little to get em hooked.

  • I can see both sides of the coin on the voice chat thing people in Home start acting like drunken sailors its so bad that the female feel the need to use male avatars so that they can be left alone and not swarmed by the whole sausage party that is HOME ( the sausage party thing is self created guys no 1 to blame but your selves) My best suggestion to making HOME better is more free stuff mainly when you shell out 60 bucks for a game you should get some free stuff half of the costume maybe and again that would inspire people TO BUY THE OTHER HALF . Sodium Hub needs better prizes the all require ridiculous amounts of points and they are all really cheesey .

  • ALSO HAWX stuff in home a space maybe. The PS3 has seemed to overlook us wanna be pilots we got HAWX and a hand full of the done to death WWII stuff Help us out we shelled out the cash for this system too. Maybe update the avatars once and a while . But as an overall i give u guys a B- and the Whole X BOX live pile of crap a D- so i believe Sony will again prevail but barely. As for the loss of the Linux system O well how many people actually had it to begin with The only reason you want it now is cuz of all the talk about FREE games well if they don’t get paid to make the game THEY WONT DO IT .How long would you continue to go to your job if you didn’t get your paycheck .And to those of you who say the music industry is doing fine and the are pirated billions of times a day i say RADIO Stations AND CAN YOU REALLY CALL THE CRAP THE PUBLISH THESE DAYS MUSIC NEWAY LOL OK im done ranting now

  • Yes, i requested those MAG Costumes a lot, glad we finally got them! :D
    Also, hey GlassWalls, you should reply on this blog more often. :p

  • Easter event and MAG. Perfecto. Now I’ll have two different things to wear when game launching MAG from Home.

  • Please….pretty please….Can I have some info on the Socom OPFOR Space?….Is it not coming at all?….Just a little info would be appreciated….Thank you.

  • So the Make.Believe Black orb thing is over? I thought there was going to be more.It would be nice to get newer game content in home. The Final Fantasy room was a joke for what it costs. God of War costumes would be real nice….Kratos and Gods.An Olympus or Hades personal space would be great.Heavy Rain content would be awesome too. Lastly there have been alot of personal spaces and furniture, but the max limit for furniture is too low for most personal spaces.

  • As for the people posting about 3.21 this isnt the place. It sucks that a whole update was to help shutdown piracy but don’t blame sony blame the people you know that get “free” or “back-up” games. The ones with modded X-box 360s and PSPs and Wiis that are stealing games. Games take $ to make so they take $ to play. If your not willing to pay find another hobby. Don’t blame Sony blame the dumb ass you know.

  • Why the update of playstation home is not done yet?

  • and why they say that the new costume in Irem is the cowboy thing went they have been release last week?

  • Northstar77, you’re an idiot. And so is anyone else who believes this firmware upgrade is preventing anything. All it does is hurt PAYING CUSTOMERS who BOUGHT A PS3 with A FEATURE THEY LIKED. Let me guess, you’ll be fine when they remove the harddrive, the blu-ray drive, and the usb port functionality too, right? Because all of those things are open to hacking for playing backups in the future. Get your nose out of Sony’s ass.

  • I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about how stupid the video is.

    I thought it was hilarious. Good job Home Crew.

  • @zorvan Obviously, you’re the idiot for making the ability to install an alternate OS your reason to buy a particular system. If you were soooo anxious to have that feature, you should’ve gotten a COMPUTER instead of a game system, moron. Don’t berate someone who points out the obvious. Everyone knows the real reasons so many of you ignorant individuals are complaining about the update, i.e., hacking the network to obtain freebies, running macro ‘cheat’ programs in games, etc… Stop bawling like an infant when you lose your ‘toys’.

  • hi i love home:
    but PLZ!!! bring FF13 costumes ASAP!!!!. i’m having a problem only here on playstation blog i can see people posting, cuz i can’t see half the playstation forums posting do 2 ps3 internet cuz my pc broke. y we can’t see playstation forums posting on ps3, PLZ!!! do a ps3 internet version playstation forums r do a update on ps3 so we can look @ ALL posts on ps forums in PS3 system PLZ!!!!!!. if u go into playstation forums on ps3 u can’t see the posting only the topic. i’m having problems w 3 irem outfits lik cowgirl outfit pants bottom (white,F), skirt (black.F) those 2 saying error: 0×80023111 and an checkout problem w bikini bottom with pareo (orange,F) on home basket say it but going 2 the checkout says differently it says bikini top (orange ,F) not bikini bottom with pareo (orange ,F) on the checkout PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX ASAP crying ;.; sincerely a customer of playstation.

  • Why such realistic avatar building choices? If you can have blue hair why not blue skin? why only human avatars? Being a cat or bird would be awesome! Where is the imagination? I WILL ALWAYS BE A NEWBIE I REFUSE TO BE ONE OF YOU ARROGANT JERKS WHO OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO LIFE TO COMMEWNT ON OUTSIDE OF HOME! Is it apparent that I take the newbie slamming personal? And for you pervs who ruin the experience for children, yes I know they dont have to be on home, home isnt forced on anyone, but you disgusting pervs are like people who fart in an elevator! Hopefully your day is coming!

  • @Lita77..i highly agree..i always used my p3 for the forums..wonder why it was taken away from us..i would also like to see that fixed.

  • How come HOME is still down? Or am I the only one?

  • @semioticon 1.The avatar options are getting better, just be patient. 2.There’s a difference between a newbie and a noob: a newbie is someone who is unfamiliar with his/her new environment; a noob is someone who’s unfamiliar with his/her new environment and intentionally behaves in a manner that makes others desire bodily harm upon said person.

  • And stardeth shows himself to be a bigger moron that northstar77. First of all genius, I have a slim PS3. I never had the other OS option. Doesn’t mean I can’t agree with those affected. And I have a computer moron, which is one reason I seriously wonder hy I even bought a PS3 when 99% of its games I’ve already played on my PC or on my 360. Also, you’re lame enough to accuse everyone who uses an OS on their PS3 of being hackers? You do know that alot of people use it to run Folding@home and other research projects. Even th military uses the PS3 as a computer, with a bunch of them clustered together into one server. Furthermore, the only one I see bawling is you and your Sony fanboy circle-jerk pals like Northstar. Remember to lick your lips clean when you’re finshed.

  • For the record I don’t care about the Other Operating system. I was unaware that my post came across as me caring. Its not fanboyism at all either. I laugh at the Idiots that had the 360 banned from online play. Microsoft Nintendo and Sony have every right to protect themselves from Piracy.That was my point. 3.21 update sucks because it added nothing new but hackers made Sony remove the other OS. I had Other OS installed for awhile but never used it enough to warant keeping the partition. Also you can still use Folding at Home and the PS3s can still be used for the military clustered together just cant do update. I imagine they dont use the PSN on those machines.

  • @Locust_Star

    I just purchased the Incomplete Mech Suit from the new Anime release items last night. Every time I try to put it in any one of my personal spaces, my PS3 freezes. It doesn’t happen with any of the other items, just this one. Can you please fix this glitch? Been waiting for this item for a week. Thanks again.

  • well i’m here on easter hunt web-site – already no idea of where this is happening on HOME

  • How about music, video, and public voice chat? These are the things that are going to make Home amazing and yet they are constantly ignored in these updates. *sigh*

  • How and Were do i get the Blue Surgical Scrub shirt?

  • TESTER TESTER TESTER TESTER TESTER OMG SONY ” IS A multimillion dollar company ‘ why in gods name should the tester be so huge ? such as ‘ the apprentice ? at least the apprentice ” is on television why is the TESTER ” not on cable television ? & the actors they hired ive seeing better actors from days of our lives & WWE RAW ” simon can do a better job at judging ‘…………..

  • I forget the last time I actually played Warhawk

  • I have a question. When is XI going to be up and running again?

  • They should make The Tester episodes longer. It barely shows anything that happens. It’s just waiting till the end to see who gets eliminated.

  • FF13 costumes PLEASE for the love of god

  • im

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