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3D Dot Game Heroes, the PlayStation 3 exclusive that promises to inject retro-saccharin goodness directly into your corneas (those are part of your eyes, whippersnappers), has a full video trailer… And here it is! (Well, it’s actually right above this text. We can see how that could be confusing.)

So why should you be excited? Aside from the retro 3D visuals, ear-gratifying musical score, and extremely addicting, nostalgic action-adventure gameplay, you mean? Well… BECAUSE IT HAS TRAILER MUSIC! Did you hear it? Like, the part with the chorus singing in the background? Who cares if the game is awesome (it is, by the way) when you have trailer music with voices chanting in the background!?

Oh, and to address a couple comments that have been popping up in posts relating to 3D Dot Game Heroes:

  1. The huge swords evident in some screens/videos do NOT break the game. It is not a design flaw. You’re only that big when you’re at FULL health (intuitive, right?), and you’ll rarely be at full health for long stretches of time. Moreover, only near the end of the game will you have a sword THAT large, not to mention one with the ability to penetrate geometry (i.e. trees, rocks, etc). Many of the swords cannot and will not swing out all the way in those situations, making size… well… irrelevant. Ask anyone who’s played the game: it’s not about how big it is, it’s about… oh, nevermind.
  2. The game DOES look amazing in person; you’ll just have to trust us on this. Even videos often fail to do the game justice.
  3. There is no multiplayer component to the game.
  4. We’re not currently planning any pre-order bonus items. We view the super cool $39.99 price point as a rather nice bonus.
  5. The game has a number of significant improvements over the original Japanese version, including an OPTIONAL HDD install (approximately 1.2gb in size) to reduce/eliminate load times, dozens of new, North American-exclusive load screens that parody popular game box art, and more!

Thanks for watching the trailer and reading this far down. (And “nords!” to any of you who didn’t…I can make snide comments because you’re not actually reading this.)

Please don’t forget to pre-order your copy of 3D Dot Game Heroes, coming to PlayStation 3 on May 11, 2010 with an MSRP of only $39.99!

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  • when i pick up ps3 games i want it to actually look like a ps3 game not a nes game.. make this a 5 dollar pc game..

  • Well now that I know there are no pre-order bonus’ that I would be missing out on I’ll go ahead and do so right away!

    Thanks for that! And YES. $39.99 is a GREAT bonus!

  • $40 is definitely awesome, soooo looking forward to this! and my birthday is the 26th so if i can’t get it at release i’m getting it then for sure

  • Can I preorder this at my local gamestop or is this only available for online preorder at the moment?

  • Are there going to be any spoofs on classic American cover arts for the US release?

  • Well since nintendo has not brought back the classic style of zelda in any games lately this intentional rip off of zelda is welcome.

  • This looks awesome, but it doesn’t feel like a full retail game at all. I mean even if it’s long and big and epic, which it looks to be, it feels more like a PSN game download. Please Atlus, could you make this game downloadable also? So it could be a little cheaper since there’s no cd case and cd to pay for. But it’s not really for the price, it would just be a plus. It would simply feels more right as a downloadble game.

    If it was, I would definitly buy it as soon as I can, but as a hard-copy, I think I’ll pass. But I’ll will at least rent it for sure.
    Anyway, very good idea Atlus, good design, good work, we need more games like this. They all look the same nowadays.

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