ModNation Racers PS3: Bringing Back the Split-Screen

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Greetings! Mat from UFG, back again to talk about all the split-screen goodness in ModNation Racers for PS3!

There are two multiplayer experiences that we were keen to deliver in ModNation Racers. First, there was the online race experience (up to 12 players), while the second was the couch racing experience. It is hard to beat the multiplayer experience on the couch against friends – I think we can all remember this experience from other games we have enjoyed, and we were keen to make sure we delivered the same frantic experience for ModNation Racers.

Modnation Racers PS3 Two-Player

We wanted to make sure we delivered two-player split-screen. From the start, we wanted our two-player split-screen to work online. ModNation Racers enables you and a friend to go online and play the game together. This makes for intense competition and a lot of fun! Do you play together, helping each other out or do you take your friend out at every available opportunity? You can play action races and pure races together. More importantly, two players can play together on any tracks developed by United Front Games or anyone online. It makes for an almost endless experience that two players can enjoy together.

Modnation Racers PS3 Four-Player

Finally, we decided to deliver the four-player couch experience. This was a lot of work, but we have managed to create a great experience where four friends can settle down for some great kart racing. What we have delivered is a fantastic local multiplayer experience reminiscent of some of our best local multiplayer play sessions from years gone by. Sit down with friends and family and battle each other to see who the best is! Again, you can play action or pure race, as well as race on any tracks in the game created by United Front Games or other players.

Overall, our multiplayer experience has been created to cater to all different players, and we feel that when people play the game they will be able to get the experience they desire. Here in the office, we all play it on a daily basis with each other, whether it be online or at someone’s desk in split-screen. The game is so much fun to play and with us nearing completion of the title, we can’t wait for all our fans to join the ModNation in May! And be sure to head over to GameTrailers to catch the first four official behind-the-scenes videos! See you all then!

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  • TY UFG!

    Now we just need a battle mode and an editor for battle mode maps and we’re all set.

  • Quick question, what is Mod modding like in splitscreen? Does everyone get to customize their Mod and kart simultaneously, or is there no modding in splitscreen and each player either chooses a premade Mod or one made in a singleplayer game?

    • From what I understand, it’s only split screen racing not creating. You are able to pick from a selection of Mods and Karts you have made or unlocked in the game. :)

  • i am moderately intrigued about the offline splitscreen, now if you can do something like that when doom and final doom eventually make it to the psone classics part of the store, or even just make those 2 in particular able to be played online in either deathmatch or in co-op that would make for a sincerely high amount of people purchasing both of those games on day 1. all that needs to be done is utilize the same technology.
    speaking of which does anybody have any information on when and if doom and final doom might be making their way onto the store by chance?

  • Yeah my question is the same as 49, can I use my account at my friends house and level up? (Assuming there is some sort of ranking system.)

    • We do have a robust online ranking system, but when you play on friends PS3 it will be as a guest, you will not be able to use your own PSN account. Think of it as incentive to challenge him online and earn XP at home.

  • yes i’m so happy. now i can play with my friends, not just my “online ones” lol

  • Gah I loved the beta of this game, but I cannot justify buying it on a blu-ray for $60! It should be a downloadable game!

    • Totally respect your opinion but this is too big of a game to ever be downloadable. A solid next gen Kart Racer, plus the ability to make your own tracks, PLUS the ability to download unlimited player generated content (YOU NEVER RUN OUT OF TRACKS!) is well worth $60. Not many games other than LBP offer that kind of creativity and value.

      I know! I’m the Sony guy, I’m “supposed” to say that, but that’s the plain truth people! :)

  • Thank you for 4 player splitscreen, this gen that is rare to see

  • YES! I really miss the times where multiplayer meant couch-potatoeing with your friends… Those were the golden days of gaming (sort of…), but now that has all disappeared. They even removed it from Resistance 2, after they had made it function just great in Resistance: FoM =( Thank you, thank you, thank you, UFG!

  • I’m definitely glad you guys chose to devote time to split-screen multiplayer for this awesome looking game. It is sure to give it an extra boost of fun! Thanks! and the drifting looks on par, if not better, than Mario Kart N64’s so that is a thumbs up!

  • I hope the loading times have been improved. They was VERY long in the beta. And I hope the kart racing feel is better, it was little big weird to drive.

  • Thank you so much you have no idea how much I have wanted a good 4 player splitscreen game and a game where I can play splitscreen online, even if it is only 2 player still 2 is better than none, again THANK YOU

  • I was always planning on buying this game, but now that you guys have added this, its a day ONE buy for me! gonna call up my friends when I get it for a day of mod nation racing!

    I have a question though, with the 4 player split screen, will there be bots in the race as well? or will it be just the 4 players?

  • I rarely buy games day 1 due to money and so many games fighting for my time but this is now a day 1.

  • Custom Soundtracks = Day ONE must purchase.

    Without Custom Soundtracks = Must play demo then decide.

  • How many tracks will come on the disc made by the developers?

  • Can you tell us how much the game have improved since the beta?

    • The game has come a long way since the Beta. We collected a lot of valuable data, and the user feedback was incredible. Since the Beta closed we have been hard at work, tuning, fixing bugs, and generally giving the game an extra layer of polish. We listened to what all the fans had to say and I think everyone will be happy with the improvements we have made.

  • thank you so much guys…keep up the amazing work!

  • I am still very much on the fence for this game, I will wait to buy until I hear good reviews or play a demo.

    Demo coming?

  • So can you sign in with 2 different accounts or is it one account and the other guests. Because my whole family has their own gamertag. That would make earning trophies alot better.

  • 4 player split screen in this generation? I think we’re gunna need a bro fist right here.

  • HELL YEAH!!! now if we can get a battle arena mode that would be the best two features from past kart racers.

    local split screen is underrated these days and thrown out for online multiplayer. online play is good but there’s nothing like destroying friends split screen & being able to tell them to their face that that was you that just hit them with a missile and knocked them out of 1st place. =)

  • now if we could just get a fps w/split screen and bots ala 007 Goldeneye back in the day the world would be a better place.

  • Can you play split-screen in the campaign mode? (is there a campaign mode where you unlock tracks/cars?)

    Is the 4-player split screen mode usable with bots? I.e., other car racers controlled by the computer? This would add some diversity and better action to the 4-player split screen games.

    • Yes there is a full single player campaign mode. You can split screen race all the campaign mode tracks after unlocking them in single player. But no split screen play as you progress through the campaign.

    • The career mode will be single player, and you will be able to race through all 28 United Front Games designed tracks. This is where you will be able to unlock the majority of the games’ extra content by achieving special goals in each race. These races will unlock new parts for the Character, Kart and Track studios.

      You can use A.I. in split screen, but depending on the number of human players, the A.I. numbers will change.

      •2-player split-screen will have support of up to 10 A.I. racers
      •3-player split-screen will support 1 A.I. racer
      •4-player split screen will be human only

      Also, if your online race isn’t quite full, you can fill out the grid with A.I. racers.

  • Well done for adding 4-player split-screen! In this era of online gaming Sony programmers forget the fun had by a group of friends competing in the same room on the same console. The N64 was fantastic for this, but too many modern games ignore it. Sure there is a graphics hit, but when you are playing 4-player you don’t care it is a more social form of gaming.

    Resistance 2 doesn’t have it. Killzone 2 doesn’t have it. Both are worse because of it and it means they can’t be played with the company of friends.

    Motorstorm 2 DOES have 4 player split-screen and is much more great because of it, and it has given the game legs, so I’m very glad to hear that Mod Nation Racers will support it too.

    Look at the multiplayer options including in Halo 3 – split-screen AND online at the same time. Please tell all the other programming teams at Sony -especially the Resistance 3 and Killzone 3 teams!

  • multiplayer on same screen= WIN

  • I guess I won’t be buying MAG….unless I suddenly get rich…:)

  • dam awesome!

  • Awesome! Mario Kart on Wii was a huge hit with me and my girlfriend because we could play online together, so I’m pumped that we can do the same with this game.

    Just one question, can she load her individual profile to play split-screen with me? This is possible in LBP, so it would be awesome if ModNation Racers could do it as well, though not a deal-breaker it would add a lot and definitely keep her happy rather than just being “David2Crazy’s Guest”.

  • Hopefully tis game comes with a combat mode like in all the other kart racers. There hasn’t been much talk so I don’t think it does. If it doesn’t you guys should add it through DLC.

  • Nice! That feature adds a lot of replay value!

  • Already pre-ordered entirely based on split-screen.

    Need more multiplayer online games that include > 1 local players.

  • YES!!! More split screen, finally! Just to have a game with split screen anymore is pretty much worth purchase of the game because most of my friends can’t get ps3s, so having online only is pointless if I want to play with friends.

  • Meh, splitscreen is so over rated imo.

    I like playing games with my friends on the same tv but only when the game isnt split, like fighting games, or sports games.

    Split screen sucks, it makes the screen feel tiny even if its a big screen, and it makes it hard to see among other things.

    Online is where its at. I have disliked split screen the moment i played on ps1 or whatever old console.

  • battle mode! battle mode! battle moooooooode!!!!!!!! please
    I think it would be good :]

  • I went to BEST BUY today to PRE-ORDER ModNation Racers, but they didn’t have in stores to PRE-ORDER yet……..any word on when Stores will get the vouchers so I PRE-ORDER in STORE?

  • consider this game already sold to me :P

  • 2 players online and offline, 4 players split screen offline….. VERY, VERY NICE!

  • I went to BEST BUY today to PRE-ORDER ModNation Racers, but they didn’t have instore vouchers to PRE-ORDER yet……any word on when Best Buy stores will get the vouchers in, so I PRE-ORDER in STORE? Los Angeles area by the way………

  • are there multiple PSN log ins supported in split screen online? Like Resistance 2 had?

  • This game is GREAT but it would be PERFECT if it had diffrent modes battle or eliminations or drag racing..these are just some ideas that can HOPEFULLY become DLC in the future :) and i sure wish it will :/ but i played the beta and i was really impressed with the CREATE and SHARE part of the game and now the split screen options and the Kratos pre- order made it a MUST BUY!

  • Yay custom Soundtracks, now it’s a must buy for me :D, add an install option, I want to have the game to load as fast as possible

  • This is a day one purchase for me.
    Maybe Sony could make a fighter or an rpg with the “Play, Create, Share” thing.

  • day one purchase for me im a racing freak lol

  • I’m so glad that the devs managed to pull this off. Two player split screen is good but four player is so much better. Thanks for all the hard work. Will definitely be picking up ModNation Racers on day 1.

  • day one for me and day one for my brother and day one for my brother-in-law and day one for my co-worker!!

    There’s 4 copies sold already! LOL

  • you got a deal with this, i’m buying this

  • I’m astonished. This was a day one buy for me now I wanna get it today :(
    I was so addicted to that other kart game but I have a feeling this will be amazing…

    I just have one question:

    For multiplayer, do you have “battle” modes apart from racing only? If so, does that work for both online and offline?

    Thank you for making this game!

  • The game’s looking better and better. The PS3 needs more racing games. This will be welcomed. Will the pre order characters be available later for purchase as dlc?

  • It´s great to have 4 player split-screen, i will buy this game because i had a lot of fun with the beta, i hope too loading times are greatly improved, if you can, try to add -optionally- at least 2 bots to the 4 player split-screen mode to spice up things a bit.

    Thank you

  • I know you’ve addressed this in the comments now, but if your team can get over the technical hurdles, I think it’s really important to eventually support two PSN accounts playing split-screen online on one console. Not everyone lives alone and only plays against people online. For families and couples, most only have 1 PS3 per household with multiple accounts on it. Nothing would be more awesome then being able to play with my girlfriend as we both gain XP and unlock items for each of our accounts as we play online together with our own PSN IDs.

    LBP has done it, so I know it’s technically possible and not just something people on XBL can do.

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