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I’d like to personally thank the PlayStation community (this means you) for your staggering level of involvement this past week. Whether it was participating in the new PlayStation.Blog Share, submitting your God of War III launch pic on Twitter, or RSVPing to our PlayStation Move hands-on community events, you all have been awesome.

BTW, we’ve still got more room for New Yorkers on Tuesday and Bostonians on Thursday, so please RSVP today.

And thanks to the many God of War III reviews, PlayStation Move impressions, and lingering GDC stories, the Blog Reading List is again bursting at the seams…

See you on the East Coast!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 15, 2010)

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  • Thank you Jeff!
    Play Battlefield Bad Company 2 when you get back!!!!

  • Thanks Jeff ure a great Social Media Manager. =]

  • Congratulations on God Of War 3 Sony and everyone at PlayStation and Sony Santa Monica. Because God Of War 3 was hands down the best game I have ever played. I’m going to go back and finish all the challenge modes and play through the story on Titan mode because beating it once is just not enough the game was just so gorgeous looking I need to play it again.

  • @Jeff
    Have you guys considered bringing in volunteer help for the PS Blog Share?

    I’m reading through the damn things anyway and I wouldn’t mind weeding out duplicates as I did so and I’m sure there are others who feel the same way.

    • We’re going to add a ‘flag this as duplicate/flag for content’ functionality, but it’ll take a bit of time to roll out. Probably do that with Blog comments as well sometime this year…

  • Great news week

    Hey Jeff, do you know how the guys at Sony are liking the wanted features and ideas in the Share section? Hopefully they’re taking note how much people want Cross Game Chat (Just broke 10,000 positive “Yes” votes) and PS2 Emulation (nearing 10,000 “Yes” votes) :)

    • A lot of people internally have noticed the level of interaction to Share. In fact, the Home people want me to add a seperate Home section, something that we’ll probably do once we get caught up.

  • Glad that demons souls did so well in the US, definitely interested in a sequel.

  • I’d recommend this very well written review of God of War.

  • Totally unrelated, but I wish E3 would hurry up.

  • Hey, how long would you say it takes an idea to show up on the share page after submitting it? I just want to know if mine made it or not. :-/

    • There’s no formula. Right now, ideas are coming in far faster than we can approve them, and we’re literally thousands of ideas behind. I’m sure things will settle down into a stable groove eventually, but we’re not there yet.

  • @ Jeff

    I really hope you can answer me this, i bought God of War 3 first day on the 16th the ultimate edition and as you know you get 3 codes, everything worked fine except for the Soundtrack code, whenever i put it on the store it says to me invalid, is there something wrong on why i cant redeem it? i live in Canada by the way, could that be the reason?

    Thank you and looking forward for an answer

    • Check the news section of I know that some people had issues with that, but that it should be fixed by now.

  • wow, so many posts this last week, eh jeff?

  • I have 2 Phantom of Chaos codes for trade!
    Looking for either the Apollo Skin from or the Forgotten Warrior skin from Game Crazy.
    If anyone has these contact me at nviziblgeek on PSN.

  • I’m still playing God of War III on Titan mode. This game is easily a system seller. You guys should’ve made God of War III PS3 bundles. You would’ve sold so many systems to hardcore gamers who haven’t picked up a PS3 yet.

  • i certainly going to pick up heroes and lunar silverstar harmony next month.cuz i am already low on cash after i pre-ordered mimana iyar chronicle (psp title) and sakura wars so long my love (ps2)

    jeff, its really a shame that sakura wars is the last rpg/stragergy title for the ps2. because i feel that there are titles in japan that could have been ported over.if only, the publishers and scea were flexible enough.i strongly feel that the ps2 should have at least a couple of years more of life not only because of its huge catalog but also its games cheap prices :0

    as for the share blog i hope my idea makes it in time before someone comes up with the same one XD

  • @10\\It better not be because you are in Canada. Ken Chan was on this very blog and said that the complete package was available in Canada.

  • @ Jeff

    I think I only got about 5 of the 10 Godly Treasures.

    I have a 55% completion rate on the trophies so I have some work to do still.

    I was playing it on Hard Mode and then my brother went and changed it to easy mode after he snuck on my saved game :(. So It will be a pretty big challenge beating the game on Chaos mode.

  • God of War 3 So bad[DELETED] beaten it on titan mode later.

    I can’t wait for FFXIII though.

    Playstation 3 it only does time travel XD.

  • After reading that interview Jeff linked from the Universal Gaming Database for ModNation Racers ( I am so excited for the game now! Anyone else think so too? Great interview.

  • Yo;)Jeff on the ‘PS Blog Share’ i can’t seem to comment on this one –

    “Remove Copy Protection From Game Save Files”
    Posted in Hardware, PS3 by LCaruana | March 17, 2010

    (there are no comments on it to, so it is not just me i think)
    I get this page when i press comment –

    ? Seems broken :D
    Anyway i hope we get some of those things we want(i want PS2 playback on the PS3 back) :P

  • yeah, i suppose there is a lot going on…motion controller, heavy rain, GOW3, GDC last week, etc…

  • Ah, okay. Thanks for the reply. :)

  • Hey Jeff there are alot of people having problems playing God of War 3 their have been some minor glitches and there have been some major glitches that you can’t play the game anymore the game freezes up on you and you can’t play it at all. This topic is everywhere in the godofwar3 forums and we are trying everything to get you guys attention so this can be fixed and we can continue playing this game we just need to hear something back from sony letting us know that they are aware of the situation or already working on a solution to fix this.

    Here is a forum of most of the problems that people are having including me

  • man gow3 titan mode is frustrating lol died 300times and not done yet!

  • Hey Jeff why isn’t sony mandating that all psp games being made on umd are also have a digital download copy for it for pspgo only owners. it really pisses me off that sony support for the pspgo is terrible hell the games in the store that been out for over a year we are still being charged full price it’s like going digital only also comes with a very bad price of it’s own. also i’m really upset that kingdom hearts birth by sleep is umd only & don’t give me that crap that its up to the publishers cause i know damn well u guys can get these games on the store u just are scared of pissing them off even though they don’t have a problem pissing off the entire playstation community & don’t act dumb cause u know what i’m talking about

    • Are you saying that we (SCEA) can take a Square Enix game and put it on the store without their permission? That’s ridiculous.

      If you want to see a non-SCE game on the PlayStation Store, make sure to let the publishers know.

  • @Destiny89

    You go to the website on the sheet not the PlayStation Store to redeem the code for the soundtrack. Right on the code sheet.

  • @Jeff

    Just wanted to give you and your fellow co-workers props for all the good work you guys are doing in regards to the interaction with your customers, to be specific, the Share section took me by surprise, I cant help but feel a true community rising on the PSN.

    I have been following this blog and the forums since I bought my ps3 in 2008 and I’m just loving this blog not just because I own a ps3, but because I love games, and the love of games just shows in everyone’s post here. (i love the Playstation conversation)

    ps: I really like your videos, even though you work for sony, you go out of your way to be unbiased, and I think that is most important.

    • Thanks, it really does mean a lot. With the videos, we try to ask the questions that we know you want answered.

  • but a hardcore gamer would have a PS3 and a God of War 3 PS3 like the one from the Last Titan Standing thing from GTTV.. that PS3 should’ve been part of a system bundle

  • What a great week to be a playstation owner.. God of war 3 was great!! The end was very appropriate considering how the series started. It was more of an bloodly intense moment than a surprise. Sorry if i said too much. Ultimate Edition was good too but could have been better if the Trilogy soundtrack were on CD but I guess download don’t cost a lot to make…

    I am just wondering when I will get the Phatom of Chaos code. Does anyone know? Maybe tomorrow. I hope.

    God of War best game series ever!!

  • Also Jeff you missed a great podcast at 1UP with David Cage and Stiq Asmussen

  • Ah, it’s probably too late for you to see this, but do you think the blog could do something special for the Sakura Wars release on the 30th? To us, at least, it’s looking like it’ll be the last major PS2 game released in the U.S.

    That, and it’s kind of a big deal for fans of Japanese games in general. The Sakura Wars series is (was!) legendary for being one of the biggest Japanese franchises to never get localized.

  • Jeff,

    You missed this solid review of Age of Zombies I wrote for USA Network’s Character arcade.

    God of War got mentioned in my Maxim article on The Weirdest Things in Video Game Hell.

    And Pads & Panels had a 5-Star review of God of War III.

  • Jeff, why did you ignore the core fact of Kane22_’s comment(the parts about treating the PSPGo Poorly)? I don’t own a PSPGo, and the way it looks, i’ll never get one..

    And WHY DOES THE STORE UPDATE VERY LATE? I’ll see the store update around 10 PM EST and have nothing of good in it… please go back to when the store updated at like 3PM GMT 00

  • I have to agree with IGN and give big ups to “Age of Zombies.” I’ve been playing this game more than all of the other great games I have right now. It’s just that fun. 10 out of 10 and worth a purchase at four times the price. LOVE IT! Thank you Halfbrick and Sony!!! :)

  • I have to add, I think Halfbrick should bring “Age of Zombies” out as a fully-featured PSN game, trophies and all. I’ve been playing a lot of Survival and scored just over 3,000,000 points in the Egypt stage! I’d love to have a leaderboard to see where I stack up against other “AoZ” players…

  • Godly Treasures??? I already have the plat.

    Go Gators.

    Lvl 15 1871 trophies

  • Oh! Almost forgot. I got the God of War III Ultimate Edition from Amazon. Used the code on the website, but I haven’t gotten an email back about the code I used. Checked my spam folder, too. I’m supposed to get a code to use on the PSN to download the skin. How long should I wait to get the code?

  • Congrats on a great week and hopefully many more to come. Heading to PAX, but won’t be able to get to town on Thursday. Is Sony planning on a Saturday or Sunday morning meetup similar to ones it’s done before in Seattle? Can it provide a link to or list of its events both inside and outside of PAX?

  • Any reason why Sony is doing a separate event in Boston on Thursday instead of actually being a sponsor of PAX like your competitors? It seems a bit sheepish not showing up to the largest video game fan gathering on the east coast properly and instead holding a small side event.

  • I just created my account and now i am trying to play need for speed undercover and my ps3 keeps telling me that the user name you have provided can not be found. help what do i do

  • Hi, Jeff.

    I don’t know if you are around but (in regards to a previous comment you posted) could Sony put up contact information for developers so we can request games. I have scoured the Square-Enix web site and I can’t find contact information. I can’t find it for Atari either.

    If you can, thanks!

  • 100% done gow 3!

  • if anyone has read my post around 5am mar22 please acknowledge there possibly could be a network problem. thanks tt57bird

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