Watch PlayStation Move Live on the Engadget Show! Now!

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What are you doing today? Out enjoying the warm weather that’s somehow taken over the country this weekend? Well, you *could* do that, but that’s tacit approval of global warming. And that’s evil :-)

Why not stay inside, away from the sun’s dangerous rays, and catch Dr. Richard Marks as he takes the Engadget crew through a behind-the-scenes look of the PlayStation Move, LIVE on today’s Engadget Show, which starts at 5:00 p.m. ET (2:00 p.m. PT). It’s streaming right here!

Once you’ve seen PlayStation Move, how about actually playing it? For those in the New York area that want to get their hands on the PlayStation Move, be sure to stop by our first New York meetup this Tuesday, March 23rd. RSVP for the event here and let us know you’re coming.

Oh, and we’ll also be in Boston this Thursday, March 25th, PlayStation Move in hand. Details and RSVP are right here. See you there!

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  • Great show, enjoyed the demos.

  • i wounder what happen to Eyedentity that was suppose to come out for The PlayStation Eye.

  • Eyedentify was only a proposed game that Japan Studio had tried to push, just like Eight Days, and also was probably shelved to put funding into othergames that were further along.

    But I posted the suggestion on the Blog Share that they should bring it back as a Move title.

  • You must put up a direct feed video of the 3D image manipulation program and the robot skeletong. Those two were truly something. We need direct feed videos of those tech demos.

  • The new 3D Desktop demo was most excellent. Fortunately I’d already seen the other demos without stupid interruptions from annoying, even trollish Engadget presenter/editors.

  • Sony needs to have Steven Spielberg come up and play with the minority report demo on scene at this years E3.

    The absolute devestating irony of that Move(!) in contrast to MS 2008 E3 show would be the absolute greatest.

    SCEA, are you reading this? You know that this is a must.

  • How was the show? Is it gonna be put up soon? Missed it due to awesome biking in Malibu, worth it.

  • I missed it! Can we get it replayed?

  • great tech demos! i just wish those engadget guys didnt do so much interrupting and trolling

  • I didn’t get the chance to watch the show but I did see the minority repot type stuff on YOUtube but i want to see more stuff on MOve so if any one has the stream video send me a message over PSN:trounbyfire so i can watch it

  • You need a very very big demo to demonstrate(like Uncharted 2 level or visual effects game demo) the key or strong feature of the PS MOVE here,and make a unique and brilliant game with PlayStation MOVE,and introducing or advertising it from now on like crazy!!!!!!!

    Advertising or introducing PS MOVE ‘s key feature like it is only on PS MOVE(but don’t say it) even others can do it too.

    as for the lag if that’s everyone’s problem,don’t mention it at all,’cause that will sound it as if it’s your only problem,some commenter here is just your enemy company’s spy,they want you to take a problem they also have sounds like it is your only problem here.


  • anyone know where i can see it today?

  • few more minutes.

  • waiting for the stream…

  • wrong day nvm LOL

  • Folklore would be perfect for Move. It needs a patch to work with it.

  • Havent been to one of these before but planning on the boston one. Any suggestion on how far in advanced to get there?

  • I can’t wait for Playstation Move, it has so much potential, Also Kevin Butler does a great job promoting the PS3, Hes a new Playstation Icon XD. Should get his own character in LBP, haha.

  • How come the video doesn’t work? =(

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