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The PS3 has changed a lot since it first debuted in 2006. Trophies, movies and TV shows on the PlayStation Store, in-game XMB and more have enhanced your experience – and some of you readers have let us know what else you’d like to see us do.

Unfortunately, this frequently manifests itself as an off-topic comment in an unrelated Blog post.

We know that many readers find such digressions annoying, but we’ve been reluctant to crack down on them as readers didn’t have a good place to formally make requests. Starting today, you do: I’m happy to announce the launch of PlayStation.Blog Share.

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Share is a subset of the PlayStation.Blog where readers can submit ideas to us about anything PlayStation-related as well as vote on the ideas of others. Many of you are already making suggestions to us, and we’ve always been listening (that’s the whole idea of the Blog), but now these ideas have an official place to call home. You can find the entrance to Share right at the top of this page.

Share uses a lot of the same Blog features you should already be quite familiar with, with the notable addition of a voting system. If you’ve ever visited Digg (or Reddit, etc.) you already know how this works: if you like an idea, you vote it up. If you hate an idea, vote it down. We’ll be keeping track of the popularity of an idea (the +/-) and also the volume (total number of votes). Authors that submit the most popular ideas will find themselves ranking on our leaderboard (which is really just for fun/bragging rights). It’s also important to note that we’re restricting idea submissions to one per person per day at launch, as we don’t want just a handful of people to “run the site.” We’d like to see ideas from as diverse a group of people as possible, and we think this rule will help.

You’ve probably got a few questions about how this all works, and for that we’ve made a pretty comprehensive FAQ that you’ll want to take a glance at before you get started. One thing I want to point out ahead of time is that yes, we’ll be reading these ideas. That said, we ask for your patience in advance; don’t expect Share to lead to overnight changes or actions. Moreover, if we can’t or don’t plan to enact certain ideas, we may jump in and tell you why not.

One final note – now that we’re providing a forum for suggestions (in addition to our long-established traditional Forums), it’s time to crack down on Blog comments. Starting today, moderation for off-topic comments will be much more strict.

That about does it – the PlayStation Social Media team has been working on Share for some time, and we hope you take the time to explore it. We’re quite excited to see what you have to say.

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  • The limit is too small, please increase it to at least 250 characters. I sound like an uneducated robot

  • good idea…lets see if anything gets acted upon…also will we know when an idea is being considered for development and such…

  • OMG, so all those comments about being “1st” and insulting PS3 will now be gone as well as trolls and ppl whining about not having a video store in their home countries!!!

    Please moderate those, please!!!

  • Sweet, my suggestsions shall single handedly solve all of Sony’s problems!

    I’ll try not to post any million dollar ideas though, I’m not giving those away for free. I didn’t read the fine print, but I’m sure it says by posting an idea, we no longer own it and its yours to use for free.

  • Good idea.

  • Movies and TV shows? What? Where? Oh right, in the US…

  • “If you have rights in anything you send in, post or disclose, you grant to SCEA the licenses necessary to use it.”

    Something tells me that won’t hold up in court if push came to shove.

  • I love you guys! You want to hear from us and it’s very nice!

  • Outstanding idea!

  • Nice :D Really nice :D

  • Love the idea! It’s great that you guys are actually listening to us users. Keep up the great work!

  • Okay, I just tried posting an idea and it put a whole bunch of slashes(“/”) beside all of my apostrophes(“‘”) putting it over the character limit causing an error message each time.

    So my first suggestion is: Fix the share page!

  • Great stuff! Glad to see you guys have a great interest in what we have to say!

  • Thank you so much to everyone in the Social Media Team for getting this together. This is a great way to organize requests for features and provide feedback!

  • Thank you, now I can read peoples comments about the actual topic! Very much appreciated.

  • Really U want my ideas Well I want $$$ =)
    Untill then I will not be doing this. I’m a Gamer and I don’t work for Sony.

  • I love it!! I just submitted mine… waitin for moderators to post it. Only one Complaint. Please increase the character limit to at least 500

  • In FIFA, there should be all of the acctuall stadiums in the top leagues
    if not all then at least IBROX , HAMPDEN And PARKHEAD

  • It’ll be interesting to see how Sony actually responds to these requests. They’ve almost completed ignored the community to date.

  • Q: How many ideas can I submit?
    One per day. Make it count.

    It seems multiple users have been allowed to submit multiple ideas today. Is this rule not going to appply? Can we just submit however many we want?

    The above is taken from the FAQ btw.

  • This is an amazing idea, i’ll submit mine soon

  • 2 things

    1) This is not gonna amount to anything, if you post an idea there and eventually it comes to fruition, I’m 99.9999999% sure they were already gonna eventually implement that anyways and it wasn’t your idea that made it happen
    2) Most “ideas” there will be about port begging (Please bring Gears of Wars/Mass Effect franchises to PS3) or new game begging (Please Legend of Dragoon, Dark Cloud, Syphon Filter, etc)

  • Wow, people have really picked up on this, eh? Not even an hour in and there’s already like 500 suggestions, lol. Mine already made top 10!!! Yay!! Fix the PS3 browser’s freezing, PSForum not working and PS Blog videos not working. Lots of agrees too. This is pretty cool, though it’s going to get so flooded it’s going to be a hassle to keep up. I just hope you guys keep your word and delete off-topic posts so I don’t have to see crying about cross-game chat or how someone thinks PSP Go isn’t supported enough in every single game related post, lol.

  • Uh oh, to many ideas = downtime, we are too creative ;)

  • Well that was a quick fix, nice :P

  • Proof + that PS3 has a lockdown on da netz. Best console ever made +1 (yes, i’m biased.)

  • Now this is great. But if you’re only using this to keep the comments on topic and not actually going to use the suggestions, that sucks.

  • i think it is a good idea

  • EPIC!
    This WILL be the best idea you guys have ever had if you actually implement some of these ideas!
    Thank you!

  • My ideas cost money :P

  • Would suggesting for more songs for Us Singstar count as an on-topic we have really been screaming for more US songs and also the US to get Singstar Wireless Microphones.

  • A great idea and hopefully this blog won’t have so many people allways asking for the same things…they’ll be on Share.

  • Hi Patrick,
    First off Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

    Secondly as Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media, I think that it must also be a part of your job to oversee what happens within PlayStation Home. I want to ask a quick question about the future plans for Home.
    Will voice chat or “Party voice chat” be added to Home at all this year? And will cross game chat be coming to the PS3 anytime soon? These are two areas of interest that are creating great concern amongst the people who loyally buy your hardware and games.

    I thank you for whatever answer or information you can give me.

  • maybe we should do that??

  • So does this mean that GAP members like me will be soon no longer needed. I really love being part of GAP the so called elite group of PS. I think we have tremendously contributed a lot in helping Sony and the Playstation brand to make or do certain things to improve the brand. Anyway PS for life. Peace.

    GAP member.

  • Any of the Sony people will actually read this?? They barely respond in the main blog.

  • not a good idea wat if we want to ask about a new feature of ps3 to a developer such ps move would we have to til that developer come the blog and talk about it

  • MY idea be able to post pictures if you cant explain things in words or if it takes to long.

  • @84 you just gave up your membership right there man!

  • About time! Thanks for the grief relief!

  • Very cool. The only thing is, I like to post ideas or suggestions in hope to get a reply from Jeff or Chris. It would be cool if you guys made a reply feature. For users AND for mods like you guys.

  • I like this addition to the blog and already posted my idea. I would be even more rewarding if we’d know that one of two of these ideas are being looked into. Get the PSN member involved in the process and watch this share concept catch on fire and be viral.

  • BRILLIANT!!!!!

    Great way for the fans to have their voices heard.

  • @88 LOL maybe but its all good. I just making sure GAP stays around. Love it.

    Oh yeah Make sure that all you gamers get GOW 3 it is Fracking Awesome! 10/10.

  • AWSOME, can’t wait 2 use this

  • I tried it out and it’s pretty awesome! Can one of the catagories be Playstaion Home? I think that should be added in as well because i have some good suggestions that i’m sure the Home Team would want to see. Same with other Playstation Home users. Just so many suggestions we have and always talk about on the official Home forum.

  • YAY, no more “where’s the video store in Canada comments,” kidding guys just kidding, 8P this is awesome news though Patrick, give my thanks to the team!!! 8)

  • Singstar Michael Jackson for the US since Sony owns the rights and Singstar Glee for US cause it is really popular and awesome songs

  • Excellent idea SONY. But make sure you give us what we want ;D erm PRETTY PLEASE ;)

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