3D Dot Game Heroes Walkthrough

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You’ve heard about natural sword enhancement. Over on the PlayStation.Blog.Europe you can see the most interesting hero in 3D.

Now we know what you REALLY want. An extended in-game walkthrough of 3D Dot Game Heroes. Well, your old pal Aram Jabbari from Atlus was kind enough to swing by our HQ, and prop himself in front of our camera with the game. Now that’s a big-ass sword!

Don’t forget, 3D Dot Game Heroes hits PS3 May 11 for $39.99. But I’m sure you’ll hear from Mr. Jabbari well before then.

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  • pre-ordered and ready. And for those who dont know, ATLUS RULES ALL. i would also like to mention to my Atlus friends that Strange Journey has me equally pumped!!!

  • This looks sooo awesome!!!
    I was hoping games like this would be developed this generation. I thought all my childhood memories were gone! But I guess not ;)

    By the way, this guy’s walkthrough was very, very informative. I hope to see him more…

  • I’m impressed, it looks great and the video was funny too :P

    Oh, and that price is just retrosexy.

  • Already got my pre-ordered. 3D Dot sounds like a great value.

  • I too want some bonus or deluxe edition. Looks super cool and would gladly grab the early/deluxe version.

  • Aram you sexy beast, of course I’m buying this on May 11th.

    Are there in-game dungeon/overworld maps? How big is the overworld, can you warp around?

    I remember seeing a reference to Falcom’s Ys series in a screenshot. Just beautiful. How about Ys Seven in America?

  • Atlus, you are simply awesome.

    any news on a soundtrack disc?

    already pre-ordered :)

  • WOW! That looks great. I just can’t wait to play it.

  • SOLD!!! 8)

  • Please tell me you’ll be adding 3DTV support

    I know you can make custom characters, but what about custom levels? This could be PS3’s RPG Maker

  • I love you, Aram! *rips off top*

  • some one stop atlus and there highway robbery!
    selling all these awesome games at budget prices!
    then to top it all off they often give you free stuff for pre-ordering!

    they put you in a situation where you fell like you HAVE to give them money!

    this cant be legal can it?

  • Tell me there will be an in-game gallery of the loading screens. Random number generators tend to hate me, and there’s a pretty big chance I won’t see all 100 of the parodies.

    • Not only is there an in-game gallery (one of the additions for North America), but the load screens reveal within it only as you experience the load screens naturally during your adventure. Awesome, we know.

  • can’t wait!! DAY 1 Purchase! Thank you atlus. PErsona 5 ps3 news?

  • for $39 hmm!! will take a hard look at this one after I’m done finishing God of War III some 20 times

  • changed my mind i’m going to pick this up now.

  • Yeah, consider me sold. Definitely a day 1 purchase for me.

  • Aram Jabbari: Great PR Man, or Greatest PR Man?

  • Atlus is publishing this. There is a 95% chance there will be a wonderful collector’s edition / preorder bonus. Anyway, most of my thanks go to From Software, for incredible continued support of the PS3. Their amazing games combined with the localization from Atlus makes a gamer very, very happy. If there is indeed a Demon’s Souls 2, I pray the two will be united again for the NA release.

  • incredibly awesome

    day one purchase..

    damn you sony.. stop digging in my pocket taking all my money

  • Retrosexy!!

  • dear playstation,

    will 3d dot heroes have a patch to make it ‘3d capable’?

  • This game is just… so beautiful.
    Now to figure out what these loading screens represent.

  • This game looks so cool. I’ll definitely need to pick it up sometime.

  • Day 1 buy for me! The mini games was an unexpected bonus! Thanks for that as that makes me even more excited then I was! I’m not sure how I’m going to make it to May 11 now…wait I’ll use Kevin Butler’s Time Machine!

  • So looking forward to this.

    But FYI, it’s pretty insulting and audacious for you to claim you can cram peoples’ childhood nostalgia on a Blu-Ray disc. Life is commodified to an awful extent as it is.

    • You’re probably right. Sorry about that.

      Could we interest you in an SD card filled with your hopes and dreams instead?

  • I wasn’t too sure about this game when I first heard about it. However, the more I hear about it and see of it, the more it gains my interest. I hope the character creater is better than the ones that were used in the RPG Maker series…

    Damn you Atlus! You guys always get my money…

  • Aram is the best. Preordered for Day 1. Thank you Atlus!

  • Close-to no loads due to HDD installs is killer. Christ, this game is looking so killer that it’s probably wanted for mass murder.

    With a sword.

    A large sword.

    The size of a 3-storey building.

    Can’t wait! Day one purchase :D Any word on if a soundtrack disc or something will be available?

  • i just found out about this game like a half hour ago and now its a day one buy for me and im going to make sure my friends get it, just a question though is there any multiplayer or chances of dlc like a sonic or mario type stage?

  • Dear Mr. Jabbari:

    Since PSN is a free sign-up service, you get a lot of kiddies and Xbots losers joining our blog and posting non-nonsensical and stupid comments daily. I think an enforcement of IP banning would do our Blog a great service.

    Please ignore those stupid, self-serving, ignorant morons, and keep doing your thing. You guys at Atlus and Playstation Blog are doing an AMAZING job, and keep the quality games coming!

    Also, to you a-holes that don’t like this game, WHAT WAS THE POINT OF POSTING? Just go on with your PATHETIC lives and play your Failxbox360.

  • Game shoulda had 2 player co-op (only even with voice chat) as a homage to the newer Zelda multiplayer iterations. Besides that it looks good, I’ll definitely buy it if it looks like its worth the $40. I gotta say that the graphics coulda been more artistic looking I almost feel like SNES Zelda looked better.

  • By the way I forgot to mention that you guys at Atlus rock… Bringing Demon’s Souls to NA was the most epic thing ever. It should goto Europe too… everyone should buy that game.

  • I love Mario, I love Zelda, and I can’t wait get this to remake them both!

  • Another Win for Atlus in the making!

  • Hey, Aram—I wanted this game so badly I bought the Japanese version. Is there by chance any English subs for this one? It’s hard getting through the menus! The game looks AMAZING on my HDTV though, and for those who asked, the PS3 JAPAN version DOES indeed have trophies.

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