Wakeboarding HD Coming to PSN March 25

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Hey PlayStation junkies! I’m back yet again to announce our latest and greatest title for PlayStation Network. We’ve been working hard on this one for a while, and everyone here is very excited to finally announce our newest action platformer, Wakeboarding HD!

Do you like fast-paced arcade games? Do you like wacky, over-the-top tricks and stunts? Do you like crazy, high-speed racing and obstacle courses? Do you like beautiful, serene, tropical settings? Do you like wreaking havoc and chaos in beautiful, serene, tropical settings? (If you answer no to all of these… what are you doing here, anyway?) If so, then Wakeboarding HD is just the game you’ve been waiting for.

And you won’t need to wait much longer. Wakeboarding HD will be available on the PlayStation Network on March 25 in North America for $14.99.

Throw back to the non-stop action from the best of 90s arcades, while embracing the highly realistic killer waves that only the might of the PlayStation 3 can bring you. Wakeboarding HD drops players into 20 top-velocity, water-filled levels to maneuver through tracks, perform high-flying tricks, collect bonuses and avoid dangers from exploding mines to bloodthirsty sharks. (Seriously… sharks!) Show your skills and transform the South Pacific paradise resort into an action-packed extreme playground.

Wakeboarding HD 03

Jump onto docks and over boats, balance on rails and waves, and launch over buildings and landmarks. Flip, grab, roll, and spin as you hurl across the water and through the air. Smash through billboards and boats, splash the skimpily clad tourists. Race against your buddy in any mission with side-by-side split screen action.

Sound cool? Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what the trusty folks from TheSixthAxis.com had to say about Wakeboarding HD. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the insanity as much as they did.

As always, a big…no, HUGE thank you to all of our fans and customers! We love what we do, and we can’t do it without you all. Please let us know what you think of Wakeboarding HD, and what else you would like to see from TikGames/Creat Studios. Enjoy!

Wakeboarding HD 02 Wakeboarding HD 01

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  • @Scott Hyman; I was thinking along the line as a arcade/simulation multiplayer game. If and when you do some R & D, you can see the following behind these type of games, like sub-war for example. People really want to see games like this again. Thanks again for all your replies and really speaking out with the community.

    • Hey VipeNess. Thanks for the insight.

      Chatting with the community is a big deal to us. It’s not like I’m locked away in some tower. I’m right here with the team, and before that, I was part of many development teams. As a guy who loves to play games, and who worked as an animator for years before jumping into the crazy business side of it all, I enjoy chatting with the people who take the time to find out about what we do, and hand over their hard-earned money to buy from us.

  • Looks like a great way to welcome in spring. It’s definitely easy on the eyes. Will this run in 1080p?

  • If I can manage to put Heavy Rain down long enough, I might get this because these have always been the kind of games that I like. My one question is will this be like PAIN where I spend $10 and only have one level unlocked and I have to buy the others? I don’t really want to pay for a game and have to continue paying to play it fully.

    • There are 20 levels, and while some do need to be unlocked, you won’t have to pay to do so. You’ll have to *play* to unlock them, but that’s half the fun, yes?

  • Trophies! Sweet, count me in then!

  • That’s what I like to hear (err… read)!

  • The game looks very nice, Im feeling a Wave Race 64 vibe.

    But the lack of online multiplayer its not good IMHO, games like these are good to play with friends and I dont like very much of local multiplayer splint screen…

  • You deserve a buy from me just seeing your responses. Great customer service!

  • Scott,

    Thanks for taking the time to try and answer all our questions. THAT’s the kind of feedback support is what gamers really appriciate these days.

    LOVED Smash Cars BTW! Now how about some DLC love for SC??

  • So cool looking. I love the old-school SSX look to the game. I can use some mindless fun after hours of brain-draining stuff like Heavy Rain or MW2

  • Whoa this game looks sick. Must buy. Will hope for Move compatibility too. :)

  • Very exciting news! This is my type of game. Got the little one interested in it as well so its become a day one purchase for me. I hope we see support to the title after its release as well. I hate how some of these great titles are released and we dont see further dlc for the title ever again. My $14.99 is yours :)

    • BeastXJason, we greatly appreciate your purchase, and I can tell you first hand that my son loves it. He’s becoming coming into the office looking forward to play the “water man” game. Next week, he can finally play at home!

  • wow replied to almost every comment. good job Scott. wish more people answered peoples questions as good as you.

    • Thanks, NY214. I can’t do ’em all. But nothing is better when trying to understand how to make games then to talk to the people who buy them and care enough to post about it.

  • I was just about to write this off until I saw that it was by Creat Studios, now I’ll have to find some money for it!

    • Awww… poodude! That’s just too cool of you. Thanks for the support.

      More news is coming soon, so you might have to put it some extra hours!

  • Holy hell 59 comments and 48 response? Others blog posters should be talking notes on how to interact with the community.

  • please eventually get playstation move support for this

  • This game looks awesome! I’m definitely buyin’ it!

  • Looks really nice… If the water simulation is as good as it looks, it would make for a great jet-ski/boat game.

  • any word on custom soundtracks ???

    • The guys in the Russian office have gone off to bed, so I’m going to get up from the office chair and try to find out for myself.

  • hey got a ? can yall plz work on the next uno the one on ps3 right now isnt to good doesnt have cam support which sucks

    • DD, if you can get the great people at Sony to give us the rights to UNO, I promise you that we would make the greatest UNO experience ever conceived!

  • oh man this game looks pretty sweet. i dont got the cash for it for a while. damn i hope a demo comes out soon

  • I have already purchased cuboid , magic ball , mushroom wars , digger HD and smash cars
    love your games .
    this looks like it’ll be a good buy too
    I was actually just playing wave race 64 on the wii this morning and thinking how much fun an HD version with online could be so if there’s a demo I will check this out and probably buy it
    online would definitely seal the deal though

    • If you like all those games, FJ1100, I’m confident that Wakeboarding HD will steer you in the right direction, too. It certainly does capture much of the WaveRace vibe.

  • Looks like TikCreat have done games on land, sea… Time for air!

    And then space!


    • Ummm… no comment, no comment, no comment, no comment, no comment, no comment, no comment, no comment, no comment, no comment.

      I can’t just start telling you everything we’re doing, can I?

      Wow. *sigh* No comment.

  • This game looks great. Can’t wait to buy this off the PS Store.

  • As a serious fan of Wave Race 64, I’m certainly interested in this new IP.

    I especially love the local splitscreen option. Far too few games these days are taking advantage of our massive televisions and powerful consoles.

    It’s a generation of empty couches and ethernet connections.

    When it could be a generation of awesome party games.

  • Looks Awesome, but is it a PSN exclusive?

  • Also, thanks for replying and answering so many questions. The readers do appreciate it.

  • PS3/PSN exclusives always get my money first.

  • Love the video and was happy to see the comment about 2-player split screen. I have 2 boys (8 and 12) and frankly there aren’t enough good games where they can sit side by side and duke it out…plus Dad is always a sucker for topical locales ;) I think you can count me in for a purchase.

    I know you’re working on an answer for the Demo question, but is there a way you can get this video on PSN this week? Might make it easier to get the purchase past Mrs ykiki5.

    • Video should be on PSN any time now. You can also find it here, or our website (www.creatstudios.com) or on a bunch of sites online this week. Everyone seems to be getting excited about Wakeboarding HD.

  • The game looks great. Please talk to Sony about you guys handling a new Jet Moto game… I’ve been waiting for one sine PS2 era…

    • OK, I’ll make you a deal…

      I’ll talk to Sony about us making a Jet Moto game. You need to contact Sony and tell them to have us make a Jet Moto game, too. If enough customers approach them, then we have a better chance to make it happen.

      Thanks so much for thinking of us!

  • This and “Joe Danger” are now at the top of my “can’t wait” list for PSN games.

    • We’re honored to be in such good company. “Joe Danger” looks cool, and we always loving seeing what our fellow PSN developers are up to.

  • LOL I can purchase this entire game or the MW2 map pack that includes 3 new maps…hmmm…I think my money will go toward a NEW GAME!

    I still laugh at people who think $15 for a map pack is a good deal. How about buying a brand new HD game for $15?

    • I like you’re thinking, Sarij.

      That said, I can’t riff on MW2. The game is mind-bendingly good. I think there’s room for both choices. Just please buy Wakeboarding HD *first*!

  • just wondering if you can tell us how many different tracks and options there are for character customization
    is there enough variety to keep it interesting ? and will there be dlc ? maybe track packs or a level editor where you can upload created levels for others to try out ? that’s what would sell a ton of copies
    also I don’t use twitter but as a dedicated customer is there any way I can get an entry to win the game ? probably not but it doesn’t hurt to ask
    I just learned to play mahjong so I will probably look at buying your psn mahjong game soon too

    • Thanks for asking, FJ1100.

      There’s a lot of chatting about DLC, so don’t be shocked to learn more soon. But I can’t announce anything just yet. But Tik/Creat has offered a lot of DLC in the past, including 2 packs for Magic Orbz, and additional content and level editors for Cuboid and Mahjong Tales. We’re big on DLC, and we’re big on Wakeboarding HD…

      We didn’t add character customization, but there are cool ideas being discussed. Stay tuned…

  • Since it is named wakebaording HD..It sounds like it had a game before.

    IS this a new game in the Shawn murry wakeboarding games on Ps2/xbox?

    That is the only wake boarding game I remember and the ps2 “surfing games” and some water ski games from the early 1990’s.

    The water physics in this game look good been while since a seen a game where looks like you are really shreding water at high speed.

    Water games like this don’t come too often the beach water looks relaxing…I want a trip to a beach like that.

    I also have a guilty pleasure in that “surf’s up” video game since it had fricking surfing Penguins…I hope this game gets wakeboarding Penguins as a download add on later…

    • Hey Cubical… thanks for the questions. We love inquiring minds.

      This game is original. We just liked the sound of the title.

      We worked very hard on the water. I will pass your comments onto the development team.

      Wakeboarding penguins… WAKEBOARDING PENGUINS!!!! Ok, Cubical wins for post of the day! Seriously, now… WAKEBOARDING PENGUINS!!!! I am going to demand this from the dev team. I need to see this happen!

  • Well just watched the trailer and that looks like fun to play. Is there a demo planned?

  • EvilLemming was my UK profile… Ignore that Evil user ;-)

    But same comment applies…

  • @ Scott Hyman

    thanks for making it a PSN exclusive! i hate seeing games being multiplatform on PSN.

    • Tik/Creat hearts PSN in a big, big way!

      Everyone at Sony has been so good to us, and we are so very grateful for the opportunity to make cool games. We’ve launched eight titles on PSN over the past 15 months, and we have plenty more in the works.

  • Looks Awesome Scott, SOLD!!! 8)

  • Wow, that water looks amazing. Can’t wait buy and play this on my 46″ HDTV! Thanks for sharing.

    • VenomXv, we have a problem. See, once you buy it, that 46″ TV won’t be big enough. You’re going to have to go out and get a 60″, or even a 73″ TV.

      So, go do that today, and be sure to keep your last $14.99 aside to buy Wakeboarding HD, ok?

  • Shame about that use of sixaxis (or rather the lack of it). It would seem to fit extremely well with the game. To be honest I wouldn’t have bought it anyway, 15$ is a high price to pay when I can buy Brutal Legend for 20$ at retail. I’ll probably get it if it ever gets a price drop.

  • Scott, thanks for the reply to my comment (#74). Nice to see the feedback and support you’re giving us here on the PS Blog. Really can’t say enough good things about you and the gang at Creat.

    • Thank you, ykiki5, for taking the time to inquire. Making games can be a very isolating experience, as we gather a collection of proud geeks and gamers in the dark for months on end. It’s important to us to reach out and connect with the folks who play what we make, and we’re always grateful for all of you who take time to chat with us.

  • Wow, this has to be the best looking PSN title yet. Not only that but it looks so fun. Reminded me of the classic Tony Hawk games on PS2.

    This really looks fun. Is it going to be racing or just doing tricks to raise your score?

    I’m hyped for this. I cant wait!

    • Thanks, ryanb562. We appreciate your comments.

      The game features much more than simply racing. You control the boarder, not the boat, and tricks are a huge part of your score. Each level has a separate set of goals, from collecting stars to staying airborne to avoiding sharks. (Oh yeah.. sharks!)

      Please let us know your thoughts when you play.

  • Will there be a demo
    it’s hard to just buy a game like this without trying it out first. And no online play? Nothing should be brought out via download and not have online as an option.
    Thanks MFTW

    • Thanks for sharing, MFTW. We take every comment seriously, whether complimentary or constructive criticism.

      A demo is being discussed, but I have no announcement at this time.

  • Dude… I have never bought one of your games, but this game is just amazing… Day one buy for me.

    I do have a wishlist:

    Night time, you know, surfing by the moon light
    Surfboards, longboards(maybe with my cat on it with me lool)
    asking too much eh?

    Good jobs guys

    • Hey boricuacookie, thanks so much for the kind words. We’re sure that you’ll be having a great time.

      And extra thanks for the wishlist. I’ll pass it all along to the development team.

      Now, the cat… that’s quite an idea. I think that my cat would have the snot scared out of her on a wakeboard, but in a game, that could be fun!

  • Looks great :) Great game to play with. Would there be DLC be added to the game? I’m glad You took time respond questions :) I like see more Authors of the game do that here thank you.

    • Thanks, robertmc8! We hope you like playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.

      DLC is being discussed for sure. Can’t comment more than that.

  • Will do Scott, and by the way send my congrats to the team on some of the best water FX I’ve seen, period!!! 8)

  • Crazy productivity from your guys studio. I gotten a fair amout of entertainment out of each game. Nothing feels like shovelware. Hope you guys take a look at the Move.

    • Hey JKC31,

      Thanks so much for the comments, and for noticing what we’ve been up to. Our teams have been working so hard to produce great games, and nothing makes more worthwhile than being appreciated.

      For the record, we’re taking a very close look at the Move, and eager to see what it can do.

  • that is cute. dragon looks good. wave race 64 was my favorite N64 game. with six axis controls and rumbling, this will rawk! cant wait!

    • Hey CDubyahS,

      Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the game supports SixAxis (I’m still seeking confirmation now), but there’s plenty of rumbling.

      If you liked Wave Race, you’ll have a great time with WakeboardingHD.

  • Hey Scott,

    My names Rusty and I work for Alliance Wakeboard Magazine. I would love to chat with you about this new game release. Email me at rusty@alliancewake.com

    Hope to here from you soon.

  • Looks like it could be a lot of fun, reminds of of Waverace. I’ll most likely will be picking it up. I need something different to play.

  • Wave Race…eat your heart out! :D

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