God of War III Launch Special Tonight on SPIKE TV + Midnight Launch Events!

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God of War fans –

The day you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. At 12:00 a.m. tonight, Kratos will be invading a retailer near you as the widely anticipated God of War III will be hitting store shelves! For those looking to channel your inner Spartan warrior, check out GTTV Presents God of War III: Last Titan Standing on SPIKE TV at 11:38 p.m. In this 30 minute special, action adventure comes to life as 10 of the biggest God of War fans in America get pushed to the limits, both mentally and physically.

These die-hard disciples of Kratos must shave their heads on the spot to show their allegiance, climb out of the underworld, and know their God of War trivia, as asked by game director Stig Asmussen. And, above all else, prove their physical strength across epic challenges and gameplay ability in a battle against Hades from God of War III. In the end, only one titan will be left standing – the one who best embodies the characteristics of Kratos, the God of War.

Here’s a look at the promo…

GoWIII lasered PS3

Here’s a look at the custom Kratos PS3 that the winner will be receiving…not bad!

And for those of you looking to be the first to get your hands on a copy of God of War III, we’ve teamed up with GameStop to host Midnight Launch Events at locations all around the country. Tonight, more than 3,500 stores nationwide will be welcoming Kratos faithful with various contests, challenges, and giveaways. Most participating GameStop locations will open at 10:00 p.m. local time, however, consumers should contact their local store to confirm the exact time of the event as they may vary by location.

GameCrazy and Best Buy are also holding midnight launch events. Click the corresponding links to find the nearest location.

Below are store GameStop addresses in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York to get you started. To learn more about events near you, visit a local GameStop store or go to www.gamestop.com/kratos.

In the End, There Will Be Only Chaos….

Los Angeles
(323) 845-9685

San Francisco
(415) 362-7601

New York City

NEW YORK, NY 10001
(212) 967-9070

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6 Author Replies

  • Yeah, like when MS made that Ninja Gaiden 2 xbox 360, I wanted it!

  • OH MAN, that is just SICK! they should sell that!


  • No stores around me doing midnight releases either. :(

    Square did limited edition bundles for FFXIII, just wasn’t for PS3. Walk into Best Buy and you can’t miss them since no one is buying them on that system. FFXIII was the first multi platform game where it was more of a benefit to get it on PS3 (IMO)

  • You apparently didn’t contact your retail partners in Canada, like EB Games, because none of them here are midnight launching…which is total BS considering this is the biggest game the Ps3 has EVER seen.

    Try harder, Canada hates you.

  • Why do you guys like the LOOK AT MY KRATOS FACE!!! art so much?

    Its so bad looking, yet you guys put it everywhere, even on the ps3 itself..

    Its like you guys DONT realize that theres much better art from GoW out there…Its so frustrating to see, and mind numbing.

  • I have it already by far the best game besides Uncharted 2 in terms of gameplay and graphics

  • wow that ps3 looks amazing , im with comment # 40 , the playstation store should be with kratos in the background , god of war 3 avatars , god of war 3 themes , this is kratos week

  • 7 hours till CHAOS, literally, I mean once the employees bring out the games, they’ll be no stopping the flood of the spartan army

  • my bad 6 hours, lol, SPARTANS! TONIGHT WE GAME!


  • In the end, there will only be Kratos!!

  • Hey, Sony, have you seen the comments? This needs to be a bundle pack!!!!! I would sell my pet pegasus to have that!!! Please, for the fans!! I would be willing to be bound with the blades of chaos to obtain this pandora’s box of a gaming system!!!

  • Laser etched kratos puts my “Ken” SFIV vinyl to shame.

  • Eric… you need to fire someone… this PS3 alone would have moved playstation units. That thing is beautiful….the best I’ve seen.

  • nooooo not fair we don’t get a chance to win that God of war 3 PS3 in London. (well for now atleast anyway) Cant watch the Adert launch video or any other videos on the US and EU blogs.There all still unsupport by the PS3 internet browser

  • i dont want to bash anything here but, IMO the custom designs dont fit on the PS3 slim well, now that kratos would look great on the original PS3 but you guys at sony stopped production on those other units and only keep producing slim

    but i understand because of production cost.

  • Am I the only one getting that preorder page when linked to the gamestop list? I can’t tell if my store will be open.

  • You guys definately should have made it a bundle, for $399..

    oh well, I mean how many units did the MGS4 ps3 push?

  • Leaving to go get my copy at the midnight launch right now!!!!!

  • Is this ps3 for sale in stores?

  • I’m not able to go to the midnight release cos my husband MESSED UP OUR CAR D: So depressing.

    Getting that sweet PS3 would cheer me up though!

  • Leaving right now to pick up my ultimate edition, so you guys online.

  • Tonight !!!! Finally. There will be sleeping, You all crazy!, not everyone can stay up late. I gotta work to pay for this collectors edition. Sheesh..But i will play a bit.

  • http://twitpic.com/18vkyn


  • The game is by far better then I expected…Been playing for good amount of hours now..
    Killing the Gods in GOW3 feels amazing the way its set up, Epic, the visuals are stunning too! Up there with Uncharted 2, maybe even better!…

  • Meh… Well at least you got some Best Buys to do the midnight launch. Sadly, I live in Palmdale, and the closest Best Buy doing the midnight launch is in Victorville! And Victorville is not even as heavily populated as the Antelope Valley that I live in! :(

    *sigh* oh well, I guess I get my Collectors Edition in the morning when Best Buy opens at 10AM. :P Thanks for trying though… At least your giving Best Buy the opportunity instead of forcing GameStop on us. Thanks anyways guys. :) You’re getting better at least. Perhaps next big game huh?

  • Dear sony and santa monica i just recently played GOW3 and there’s 3 trophies that i am not unlocking and i want to know why the hell its not unlocking, im playing on titan mode (first playthrough) and i have the 120gb slim model. so can i know why my 3 trophies are not unlocked and i dont want to say which ones arent being unlocked but it’s in the very beginning of the game 3 specific ones. so please make a patch that makes this glitch go away i achieve other trophies but their not story related so fix this glitch cause i’m a huge fan of the god of war series thank you dont make me regret buying a ps3 from all these f’d up glitches that have been happening with the playstation 3

  • Sony should be bundling the PS3 with the game, i am sure it will sell like hotcakes.. I wonder why, they dont do it in the states… Japan and Asia got our Final Fantasy Lighting Special bundle (proud owner). :P… i would be tempted to get a 3rd ps3 if it had kratos face on it :P


    I would upgrade my Phat PS3 to that!

  • Sony should sell Kratos branded PS3. It will go like hot cakes. lol sony always does that for some reason. they never do the most desirable. btw first time commenting here :), picking up my copy of GOD OF WAR III today, cant wait to go home and bring my revenge. i m going to take down one God at a time.


  • psn network is down again is there anything that can be done to keep this from happening over and over again? you pay $60+ for these games then you cant even play them online

  • actually it is Cod MW2 that is down sorry for that but like i said you pay all that money for an online game and have more problems with it than you can play it. PLEASE PSN fix this problem

  • How many of these PS3’s have been made? At least one or two for the Last Titan Standing, at least one for Gamestop…how many total?

  • You should be able to buy this PS3!!! You know how many copies would sell!!!

  • I never have any problems with play COD MW2 online!!!

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