God of War III’s Stig Asmussen: Your Questions Answered

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See, I told you we’d get him! As you could imagine, God of War III Game Director Stig Asmussen is a very busy man. But as promised, we managed to lock him down for about 10 minutes to bombard him with your questions at the GDC PlayStation.Blog.Lounge (also, check out our chat with Designer Director Todd Papy who filled in for Stig last week). With T-minus four days until Chaos, Stig is looking very relaxed, and so he tackles your inquires with ease. And I promise there are no spoilers here, so no need to worry for those of you that are struggling to stay in the dark.

Can you believe March 16 is just around the corner?

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  • Is there going to be DLC for this game or not?

    A “yes” answer for DLC is a *guaranteed* NO-sale for me for this game.

  • I’m already intimidated at the idea of hard mode.

    I’ll be at the midnight launch for my reserved Ultimate Edition, but then I have to sleep because of work at 6am. Chris, do you suggest I call in sick? I have plenty of PTO (Paid Time Off).

  • arent like a WHOLE BUNCH of people calling in sick on tuesday? lol


    STIG IS KRATOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I Wont Be Able 2 Play It Till I Get A New System :(
    The Yellow Light Got Me

  • is it me or does Stig loves to say “badass” lol

  • Thanks alot for uploading the video! Can’t wait til Monday! =)

  • Can’t wait for this game! I have a question though, are you guys going to release the God of War III dynamic theme on PlayStation Store anytime soon?

  • This is a game, where they can sell anything (ANYTHING) for DLC and I would blindly buy it. God of War 3 will definitly be my favorite action adventure game and the series it self 2nd favorite after Metal Gear Solid!

    Makes us PS3 owners feel so lucky.

  • @Chris.

    Sony Vegas Pro. Just kidding ;P

    But thanks for the videos! much appreciated!

  • what i was disappointed with is that game reviewers give it such a low score i mean this game is unmatched and deserves a 12/10 i hope the story is good

  • Chris, great interview! Any chance Stig is related to Kratos?

  • Dear Playstation,

    I heard that the God of War III Ultimate Editions are going to be Delayed due to a manufacturing error… is this true or false?

    Please be false, i have waited for this game for about 2 years…

  • bad questions no one asked about future dlc that were not costumes. maybe new chapthers

  • Good interview Chris. Wish I could have voiced my questions in time lol. So, did you do the math? How bad-*** was he?!

  • The videos don’t work on the PS3 browser can you guys fix that?

  • ia there gonna be a ps3 bundle with gow3

  • I have never played God of War, but after watching this video
    I might just have to get it. Looks amazing!!

  • Ultimate Greekuel rewlz!

  • Freaking Sweet!!!! My fingers are itching to get started… Does anyone know how many Ultimate Edition will released?

  • Hello Chris. I am a big fan of the God of War series, and i want to ask. Who voices Kratos?

  • This game is going to be amazing!

  • You guys still listen to game reviews ? (To who it address by the way, if the shoe fits wear it). Just go by what you know, and you know God of War is badass so reviews mean nothing. they gave Ratchet and Clank an odd score, but it deserved way more. The player rates the game, not the review.

  • Hey Dikina TC Carson voices the Kratos. His voice is strong and fits the Kratos character.

    I agree with Azure. Reviews are only as good as the person read them makes them. Meaning a game can still be good and fun if it gets not so good scores. Personally I think God of War 3 got really solid review scores.

  • I want Ultimate one,but what i can afford is the standard.

  • My PS3 just got the YLOD this morning…. CURSE THE GODS!!! I WILL GET MY REVENGE AND BRING DOWN THE HEAVENS OF OLYMPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Been playing for the game for the last couple hours, one god damn addicting game. Can’t seem to be able to put the controller down. Hopefully im able to beat the game before the release date

  • I enjoyed the interview, but I do feel you can ask better questions. Anyway, I can’t wait to open my ultimate edition on 16th and I’ve already make time on 16th and 17th so I can fully enjoy God of War III!! Can’t wait!

  • How do you guys think about the review esp. by IGN and gamespot, do you think they gave a bit too low score?

  • omg….2 more days!!!! ahhhh!!! i can hardly sit still!!!

  • Some of you are lucky, I ordered my Ultimate Edition of GOW III from Walmart and they said it will not arrive here until the 24-26. Gotta wait over a WHOLE WEEK !!! Last time I order from them….

  • Hi Jeff,

    I am from Istanbul, Turkey, and guess what? GoW III was released here early, I started playing it on March 13th. Hollahhh!!!

    The game is, simply put, ASTONISHING… I didn’t finish it yet, though, because I’m taking it slowly. You know, I don’t want it to end…

    **Spoilers; I just kicked Hercules’s ass and got my Cestus weapon.**


  • just started playin the game last night it is friggin awesome


  • @Blkant… I noticed that to. Wonder why a PlayStation employee would be using an Apple computer? Interesting….and oh bring on GOW III…Can’t wait for this masterpiece…Though I was disappointed in the length of the game. Stig originally reported 14hrs of gameplay and now I see it’s around 8hrs.

  • AAA, they need to get some rest then get back in there! ;P

  • Dear: Chris Morrel,

    I know it’s the end of God of War trilogy:( but are you gonna make another game just like God of War style but different story, character, place and more. I wish you’re gonna make a God of War style but futuristic time and you can carry two weapons or guns not only your main weapon like the blade of chaos. The character will be a cyborg, and the guns will be like a gears of war guns:)

  • Will there be a cance of a God of War 4?, because im a little curious about the scene after the credits of God of War 3. Id give my left & right legs for another. besides it wouldnt make sense if he died, with the sisters of fate, the 3 guardians of the chain, the boatman, Hades and his wife dead, Everyone would be immortal. because there is no one to end their lives, so kratos dying would not make sence, its clear that he swam away at the last scene, besides not all of the gods, titans, and mtyhological creatures are dead yet.

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