The Tester Episode 4 Available Today

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Hey The Tester fans. It’s Thursday, which means the wait is over for the next episode of The Tester.

Game developers know that the ability to thrive in almost any situation and use creativity to problem-solve are key qualities necessary to work in quality assurance. Testers must be able to adapt and create scenarios to fully analyze a game.

So, what better way to take people out of their comfort zone and assess their creativity than with a surprise live-action role play? That’s right, things definitely get dramatic this week as the remaining 7 gamers use random props, their wits and sheer guts to entertain and impress the panel.

And to help evaluate the performances, PlayStation Home’s Katherine de Leon joins Brent Gocke and Hal Sparks on this week’s panel. Katherine oversees the creation of environments and virtual merchandise for the platform. An RPG veteran and former US Marine, she brings strong opinions and her d20 to this challenge.

Don’t miss Episode 4.

Thanks again for downloading and watching. Enjoy the show!

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  • @17 yeah johnny he looks alot like him..

    but yeah i like the show but it’s way to short. now days, shows are an hour long not 15 minutes..

    also i would like to point out, that it’s really not fair to cast mostly pro gamers on the show.
    luge was on the MLG circuit so was star and a few others..

  • I think the show just lost my interest with the person they eliminated this time.

  • I guess I can’t edit comments, I wanted to say, I am really enjoying the challenges, but I don’t think they’re really qualities you would want in a game tester. I don’t think you would want a creative thinking leader stuck opening and closing a virtual door 500 times in a row. These qualities are more things I think you’d want in a game designer or project lead.

  • Hey SCEA, how much is this show really costing you? I mean the production, the guest ‘star’ judges, the download bandwidth, etc. You could have taken that money and done something with it that more than .04% of your audience cared about. That 1 day when you could download Fl0w for free? That was awesome. This ‘show’ is not.

  • This is one of the worst things I’ve ever wasted my time on. After watching the last episode and seeing that they will be LARPing in the next episode I’ve decided that I’m done with this crap. Even though its free I still feel like I need to freak out at somebody cause I’ll never get that 20 minutes of my life back. Garbage.

  • @slim lol sorry there are no refunds! but thanks for watching! :-p

    It’s all in good fun, i’m glad all the stuff wasnt shown about me during that episode and I’m not telling it either. Tester cast if you say anything ur getting shot lol, n e ways….

    Kevin as expected their will be haters so dont bother on even changing their minds but all in all that was one of the best so far.

  • @ 56 don’t even act like your in the show poser… your names not even spelled the same lol…

  • I don’t know why all the hate. I think it’s cool seeing people that are so interested in the video games industry.

  • @58 no one is really hating the show. it’s how they did the show.. they only show one ridiculous challenge then make people feel like crap and make 1 leave. no gaming at all or their lives there in ps land. and what gets me is that most if not all are pro gamers. it’s not right. als the show is way to short..

  • Honestly this is one of my favorite shows on right now (apart from who they eliminated this week, heh). It’s inspiring to see how badly these guys really want to be in the game industry. It gives me motivation to work on my own game projects.
    I’m glad they aren’t having a VG competition on screen, I think that would be kind of boring as a reality show. Plus, there are plenty of other places you can watch people compete in video games if that’s what you’re into.

  • yeah it’s a good show. but it’s to short. and being related to video games they could have thrown some game play in.. also most if not all are pro gamers. so they have nothing to prove. especially luge she was in 2nd place or 3rd on mlg..

  • Why is Hal sparks even on this show? I’m not a fan of his. at least he doesn’t interact much.

  • Just downloaded 1-4 this weekend and watch all of them. So far I am really enjoying it. Though I did expect a few challenges with video games.

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