EyePet Available this Fall with PlayStation Move Support!

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Calling all EyePet fans! I’m here to deliver some great news! Some of you may be familiar with EyePet and have had the chance to play with it at various events last year. Well, we made some changes to the game and I am pleased to announce that EyePet is officially back on the calendar, and better than before. Available this Fall, the new version of EyePet will come complete with PlayStation Move support! Instead of using the EyePet Magic Card, players will now be able to interact with their new furry friend using the more intuitive and easy-to-hold PlayStation Move.

The PlayStation Move motion controller can be used in many ways throughout the game. For example, you can engage in a variety of pet care activities such as feeding, washing and styling. With the styling feature, you’ll be able to completely customize your pet such as modifying fur length, color and pattern, as well as outfitting your pet with over 250 unique costumes.

You can also use the motion controller to play various games with your pet. Namely, it allows toys to appear magically in your hands. For example, it could be a bubble wand, a fish net or a trampoline. Other games include bowling, tennis, treadmill and snap.

One of the coolest features of EyePet is the drawing feature where you can utilize the motion controller to create drawings on screen that will turn into 3D objects for your pet to play with.

EyePet Egg Hatch

EyePet brings a whole world of imagination out of the TV and into your living room.

As one of PlayStation’s newest offerings, EyePet allows players to have all the fun of owning a pet without the mess! Featuring next-generation augmented reality, EyePet is the first digital pet for the PS3, and is the perfect addition for any family! So isn’t it time you welcomed an EyePet into your life?

EyePet Styling Mohawk EyePet Football

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  • i was gonna get that game but i’m not sure anymore with the motion controller the official version seemed more fun.

  • Erin English sounds like an 80’s pop star name!

  • PSeye and Move bundled?

    I stand corrected this was the stupidest decision ever.

    You really think people are gonna shell out $100 for this game?


    off to ebay.co.uk I go.

  • Hi. Any idea on pricing? Many people, me included, already have a PS Eye and would prefer a bundle of the game and controllers only. Could you also consider offering this possibility (a la Wii Play, see how successful that has been)? I think you could catch alot of extra customers looking for a second set of controllers who weren’t necessarily interested in Eye Pet already.
    Also, will the PS Eye offered for the Move have exactly the same specs as the PS Eye that has already been available?
    Thanks for the work on unique projects.

  • i already have the cam,will it be bundled with just move?

  • thanks 4 the respone

  • so i already own eye pet new costums and toys only in the new version or will we get them with an update or patch

  • LMAO @ # 11 Any way.. I like that this is coming out soon its pretty cute :P I plan to buy it with Move. I just hope Move with the controls alone is cheap.. cause Im tired of the DualShock3 being 50 bucks.. I mean dang come on.. Sony Money does not grow on trees.. you would know that..

  • Why is this game being pushed back yet again? It’s already been released to EU during Fall of ’09. SCEA pushed back sales for NA back to Spring of ’10 once already. Now it’s going to be fall?

    You do realize that by pushing this product back so much for no apparent reason you’re also pushing potential buyers away from it as well, right? People like me who’ve waited since before the EU release to get a shot to get this game just to find out it’s not coming out here.

  • why cant sony release it with the card? the card would be more creative…

  • IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Erin I would like to know something and Im sure its already been established somewhere in this Post but I dint feel like readind through it all. I live in the US and was wondering if I import the original EyePet will it work and correctly on my system?

    I want to get it for my daughter for her birthday in April of 2010. She loves the trailer. I was very dissapointed that it wasn’t gonna be coming out a day after her birthday anymore. I do plan on getting her the New version as well but I just want to get her the older version for now.

    Also for everyone else on here I have a question for. If I was to buy an imported version, where is the best place to do so, and do you think that a 2 year old would enjoy this game? Thank you everybody. If anyone can help me out you would be a great help as its the end of March and time is running out for me getting my daughter a B-day presant. If anyone has an answer please reach me on PSN AK-47God or email [DELETED] Subject EyePet. Thank you!

  • I know for a fact I am getting the bundle, probably one of the few if not the only person in my state who has a reserve already in at GameStop for it ;). My 3 and 6 year old saw the original demo video and fell in love with it. The fact that I can get the hardware all in one swoop is huge, IMO. I hope the PS3 starts churning out Wii style games along with its more hardcore mature offerings honestly. I want my kids to get more use out of it (plus it makes an easier sell to the Mrs!). $100 for PSeye, Move controller and the game, that is three items that could go for 40+ each easy.

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