Hustle Kings Adding Video Chat, Voice Chat, Game Launching and More

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Since the game launched, the Hustle Kings team has been watching with interest how the game has been received and where you guys think it can be made even better. After weighing up a lot of commentary from the community and how we’ve seen the game played online, we’re gearing up to release our first title update for the game. First out of the gate, we’ve added some amazing new features that will greatly enhance your experience with Hustle Kings, as well as some general updates to the game as listed below:

  • General improvements to game stability
  • In-game Voice Chat
  • In-game Video Chat
  • Game Launching from PlayStation Home
  • More stats for the loading screens
  • The sound effect for the chalk has been turned down
  • Chalk can now be used by pressing the R3 button as well as shaking your SIXAXIS
  • Free Play mode
  • Blue chalk only online rooms
  • Online: Opponents are now allowed to change view while watching the player at the table
  • Online: The player that breaks is now randomly chosen
  • A new, “minimal” aim line
  • Dampening effect on the pockets, to stop accurate high powered shots from always bouncing out of the pockets
  • Small adjustments to the fine tune aiming to make it easier to use

Hustle Kings screenshot table 1

Soon after this update is out and you’ve had a chance to experience it all, we have more features coming via the PSN Store. First up will be the Time Saver Pack which is aimed at the Hustle Kings player who wants to experience everything the game has to offer, but doesn’t have the time to unlock all the items. This pack unlocks all the cues, avatars, balls, and the unlock packs from the in-game Hustle Kings Store.

If that weren’t enough, we’ve then got not one, but two awesome freebies to give away! Two bizarre and challenging Crazy Tables Packs are heading your way soon, adding a whole new dimension to your game when you want a fun challenge aside from regular pool. To whet your appetite check out these pics of the tables.

Hustle Kings screenshot 5 Hustle Kings screenshot 4

Crazy Tables are coming soon and they’ll be absolutely free! We’re already hard at work on even more exciting content for Hustle Kings for release later this year. If you haven’t already downloaded Hustle Kings, be sure to grab it today and start enjoying first-ever billiards simulator made exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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3 Author Replies

  • now that is an awesome update for an awesome pool game. i was thinking, 3D would be cool with this game.

  • With the crazy tables you should make a mode that allows for a miniature golf type mode. 4 player OL would be snazzy.

  • I agree with JKC31.

  • -_- are we going to get its home space too?

  • Next up ability to use the Arc!

  • As long as they’ve embarked on Crazy Tables, I’d like to propose a round table, with pockets every 45 degrees on the perimeter and one in the center.

    The center one would make it difficult to avoid accidental pottings (like the 8-ball too soon) and might be pretty challenging.

  • Looks like I will pick this up after all, great work.

  • Ok, that’s a big enough improvement to tip me in the ‘I’m getting it’ category. The game looks great!

  • Hello, Does the game have local multiplayer yet? According to the review I read it does not. It shouldn’t be difficult to add. If you let me play 4 player local matches I will definitely buy it. Thank you for the update.


    • Hi Jedi_Jeff, Hustle Kings does support offline multiplayer. Certain game types support up to eight players while others support two.

  • I am happy that Hustle Kings will be joining the growing line up of games that offer full game support for Home. Awesome!

  • Does this game feature Snooker? In the “My Stats”, there is a stat for Snooker Played, Snooker Won, Snooker Lost.

  • Any chance we can get controller 2 support, I would love to play this game with my wife but we don’t share things very well. In other words we are just too lazy to pass controller 1 back and forth (plus I keep putting it in my pants and making her go in after it) Ha, Ha! Which would be good except for the fact that she always goes for the real controller. :(

  • @61 – vinPS, they are planning to eventually release a snooker mode for the game, it isn’t in there yet. No official word on its release (hoping for soon though).

  • I normally am not interested in this sort of game BUT it looks fantastic and this update is just pure PSN GOLD. I would love to this kind of features in many if not all PSN games going forward. Wow, you guys have really raised the bar!

    Now I’ll be checking to see if you guys have a demo when I get home to get a taste for possible purchase.

    Thank you for your hard work. It is certainly showing!

  • I hope another fix is custom button layout. The left shoulder buttons could be used to fine tune instead of the circle button. Its very difficult to fine tune and use the right analog stick at the same time!

    Also, general analog stick sensitivity close to the center is too high, and the dead zone is too big. These should be implemented as customizable control options as well.

    Also, camera clipping is horrible. Don’t get me wrong about the game, I freakin’ love it. But we should be able to solve clipping in post deploy; fade-out, don’t clip…something.

    Thanks for an awesome game otherwise. Can’t wait for the updates. Keep ’em coming.

  • Absolutely NO online game should ever launch without voice chat. (and working voice chat… none of this crap like Battlefield 1943 where chat works for half a game then dies completely).

    If you can’t have the quality assurance process to ensure that all online games have voice chat that works… then bring in cross game chat as part of the operating system. At least this way we’ll have an alternate to playing Sacred 2 on the PS3 while using computer voice chat because the game voice chat sucks.

    I know people that bought this game to play within our group of friends and the first complaint was no voice chat. Nobody else bought the game once the lack of chat issue was realized, and nobody plays anymore. Too little, too late.

    Really… it’s 2010 now you know.

  • I’m really interested in picking this up.
    Any hope in a demo? I would like to try it first please

  • What about the Snooker variant — your British partner in crime on the EU blog, promised Snooker would come.

    You wouldn’t have gotten my money if it was a pool only game.

    Now, lying to prospect customers is a bit low, isn’t it?

  • so the crazy tables are coming late one right? not this coming update.

  • this is a totally awesome game and hearing you guys are going to make it even better has me totally stoked!!! I’m very excited about the time saver pack :) 2 thumbs up

  • With the patch installed I have no sound in Hustle Kings. If I reinstall it and decline the patch, it works fine. Ideas?

  • nice update . the ability to select higher quality youtube uploads is nice too
    the cheat chalk purchase option disappeared from the hustle kings store though , great for the honest online players ( I wouldn’t waste money on it ) but does this mean to download the wacky tables we’ll need to exit the game and go to the playstation store instead of doing it in game via the hustle kings store?

  • Can someone please explain why the aimer line shifts when you choose to shoot a ball with full power?

  • That is what happens when you hit the cue ball harder it changes the physics of the shot. Remember your science class on force, more force in one object transfers to the other object and that will over come any spin placed on the cue ball and changes the way the ball moves forward.

  • This update sound’s cool!!

  • i just might get it… if i can find people who actually play it…

  • One thing I’ve noticed the update did is boost the skill level of the CPU players. I had been using tournament on easy for practicing no lines shooting but now the computer doesn’t miss nearly as much.

  • Great additions, you need one more and that is make the timer optional on multiplayer. When playing with friends and chatting, currently using skype, It’s not relaxing when you have to rush your shot. It should be relaxing!

  • In Free Mode, can you please add a feature where you can place the balls on the table wherever you choose. This would be helpful in designing your owns trick shots.

  • This game is AWESOME. The update is almost perfect !
    I have a problem with audio. I turn on my heaset and all audio works only in my headsets. With chat in voice works very well, but FX AND MUSIC sounds works only by my heasets ! If I turn off my headset the audio works very well in my home theaters. My problem is with voice chat, all sounds works only by headsets. Please, I need help ! Luis from Brazil


  • best pool game out there.keep up the good work

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