Gran Turismo Does NASCAR – Polyphony Digital At Texas Motor Speedway

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Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. I’m here to talk about one of the new additions to Gran Turismo 5. Namely, NASCAR.

I’m sure all of you Gran Turismo fans out there remember that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue featured the Daytona oval and road course layouts. And with Gran Turismo 5’s announce trailer at E3 last year, you saw that NASCAR stock cars would be making their debut in Gran Turismo 5, adding yet another official race sanctioning body to the Gran Turismo lineup. Rest assured that Kazunori Yamauchi and the hard-working team at Polyphony Digital are putting as much attention to detail into recreating the NASCAR stock cars, tracks and experience as they do with every other element that goes into the Gran Turismo series.

In addition to visiting the racing team to photo shoot and sound-record their vehicles, Kazunori and crew visited their first NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway last year to witness and experience the scale of a real NASCAR race, the intensity of the pit and the speed of the crews, not to mention the roar and excitement of the crowd. We had a film crew on hand to capture some of the action, and I’m happy to share this exciting new video here, giving a hint of what’s to come with NASCAR in Gran Turismo 5. Enjoy the video, and keep checking the blog and the official Gran Turismo website for the latest Gran Turismo 5 news!

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    @polo go suck jimmie u know what ;)

  • @33

    Codemasters has the F1 licence.

  • Ugh, why waste time talking about the flagship title for the PS4? Let’s talk about relevant games that are being released within the next 2-3 years! :P

  • NASCAR is the reason I’m most excited for GT5, and it really looks amazing. Lightyears beyond what EA was doing with the license.

    The only reason I’m sceptical, is I’m worried PD is going to just put in the NASCAR tracks that take no driving skill like Talladega and Daytona, and have all the cookie cutter tracks like Texas and California. As a NASCAR fan, and a long time player of the EA games I want the REAL tracks. I want the 2 road courses Watkins Glen and Infineon, I want INDY (which I know will be in) and Pocono. I want all the awesome short tracks like Richmond, Phoenix, Bristol and Martinsville. And I want the GREAT oval tracks like Dover, Darlington, Charlotte (Lowes) and Atlanta.

    I have a bad feeling PD is just going to put in the 1.5 mile and up ovals, not all the great tracks I named. I really wish they’d have ALL the tracks, but I know that’s not gonna happen. Being GT they better at least have the road courses, and I’ll be VERY disappointed if they don’t have the 4 short tracks I named.

  • @52, im a roush fan so all that ish u talkin, u a funny dude!

  • GT5 A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game is a lie, they are never gonna release it. Just keep pushing the release date further and further. LOL, maybe I am impatient but I feel as if I have waited for over 4 years for this game…… oh wait I have

  • I’m a HUGE NASCAR fan and it had always upset me when EA had the license because you could tell they only wanted it so that they could say they had the only NASCAR game on the market, but the quality in their games was laughable at best. NASCAR in GT5 is honestly what got me really pumped about this game and I imagine it’ll be where I spend a good chunk of my time playing.

    Now how about that release date?

  • I have pretty much always been a Nascar fan. I really dont know why but I just cant get interested in any other type of racing. Now, with that being said, I dont think EA Sports did a very good job with the racing game. I am glad to see that a franchise built on racing is now in control. This game looks amazing. The graphics are better than anything from EA I believe also. Cant wait to get it. Also, just wanted to say R.I.P. Dale Earnhardt, always the best. Hopefully there will be a code to unlock him, and maybe a few other racing legends.

  • Release the game…

  • Polyphony should have focused on WTCC instead of NASCAR, how stupid it is to just race in a circle for hundreds of laps?

  • I wish they would release it already, we all know forza sucks! The game looks better and better every time I see it.. I’ve been building my car collection on GT-PSP ever since it came out..Can’t wait to transfer them, and see their real beauty in HD!

  • sooo true @63

  • The Stig is ready too pwn all on this awesome game ;)

  • There will be damage just google it,i really would love to have updates constantly online if the cars are not available ,non automatic pitting,non automatic restarts meaning your in control the whole time just like the Papyrus Racing games.Cautions and all that

  • King0fHearts2007

    Well GT5 ever have trophys?

  • yeah i cant wait to see gt5 come out i hear it is releseing in november of this year

  • i can honestly say that i would have never even thought about buying a NASCAR game but having it as a feature in GT5 i’m kind of excited to check it out. it looks amazing.

  • Gran Turismo is all fine and well, but I want to see Polyphony bring back Omega Boost.

  • not much for the nascar bit, but dying to get my hands on GT5 itself. prologue was done very well. very anxious!!

  • I’m not a big fan of Nascar but PD including Nascar into the series makes the wait more exciting. Now I can race in all different kinds of motor sports whether it’d be WRC, JGTC, Nascar, etc. I really can’t wait! :)

  • I can’t wait for this one. I wish these guys would make a 410 sprint car game too.

  • 2 years late, still lacks proper damage and even something as minor as tire marks on the road and they call this the most realistic driving simulator?! I don’t think I will buy this unless a discounted upgrade from GT5 prologue is available.

    Can’t wait for Codemasters F1 2010 though – when can we find out about that?

  • It’s hard to wonder if this is not just the marketing masterpiece of all time or an exercise in torture?? I’ve just about run out of patience, but then they hook me again by adding NASCAR to the mix, and then that buys them a little more time…I think it is only right that they should start releasing a few more cars, a few more tracks, as GT5P-as great as it is-gets a little dry with the same tracks day in and day out, the same ‘life in your hands’ mentality on the online races…something new would be grand. I have been waiting on someone to put out a new NASCAR, with what I have seen from GT5P they should be able to produce something at least as good as back the days of Papyrus and ’08 Season, I’m sure they will have damage modelling, with the ability to tune and crank on the cars already included, it can only get better for setting up your cars to separate the men from the boys, create some fine racing Leagues….ohhh the memories!! Time to get it OUT to us…but then like I said, exercise in marketing genius to build a huge fan base WITHOUT a product? Or an exercise in TORTURE??
    Either way, I’ll be waiting, wheel in hand….

  • I’m so sick of Sony pushing this game. I’ve owned every GT game including prologue, but this is ridiculous! I’m about to the point that I would prefer Sony kill the series then spend another couple of years talking about how some day it will come out. Hate to break it to you guys but you can’t be the preeminent racing game if you never actually release the game.

    And no damage in NASCAR? Why would you expand into another class of racing if you can’t even simulate damage in what you’ve been doing for over a decade? If the December ‘demo’ is an indication, there’s nothing new in this version. Who cares about GT5 anymore?

    Sony STFU until the game on trucks and on the way to the stores. Terrible brand management!

  • Crew we got work to do, GT5 is calling all RACERS, so get yourself together. GT5 thank you and we await the beginning of RACE DAY ONE!

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