SOCOM 4: It’s Official!

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I wanted to drop in and deliver some truly exciting news – on behalf of everyone here at Zipper Interactive, I’m pleased to announce that SOCOM 4 is indeed in development and is slated for release exclusively on PlayStation 3 this fall.

SOCOM 4 screenshot Explosion

Of course, as with any new announcement, what you really want to know are the details: Who’s in your squad? Where have they been deployed? What kind of threat are they up against? Though we’ll be revealing the answers to all these questions and plenty more throughout 2010, we don’t want to leave you completely in the dark, so what we will tell you is that a militant revolutionary has unexpectedly seized control in an important South Asian country. As the Ops Com, your mission is to command an elite five-man squad charged with stopping his aggressive agenda before it’s too late. In only six days, you must lead your team through a hostile jungle and urban environments against an army of well-armed rebel insurgents that completely outnumber you.

If that setup doesn’t whet your appetite enough, you should also be pleased to know that in addition to the SOCOM’s single-player operation, players will also be able to enjoy a 32-person multiplayer mode that boasts more Special Forces units than ever before!

If you crave even more information, then the guys at IGN have you covered with their exclusive first-look preview at what we’ve shown so far. Editor and shooting game fanatic, Ryan Geddes, dropped by our studio earlier in the week to check out SOCOM 4 for himself, so be sure to read the full IGN article to find out what he thinks.

SOCOM 4 screenshot Team Running

But wait! There’s more! As part of our continued announcement celebration, the folks at GameTrailers TV will air the world premiere trailer for SOCOM 4 tonight at 12:30 am EST/PST. All you have to do is tune in to Spike TV when the time is right and let your eyes and ears do the rest. Don’t miss it!

Oh, and before we let you go, we wanted to send a message to our SOCOM and MAG fans all over the world. First, if you play MAG and wonder what this means for the game’s future, wonder no more – we’re still fully committed to supporting MAG for a long, long time and the addition of another game in our lineup doesn’t change that. Second, it’s been great to hear from SOCOM fanatics located in every corner of the globe as we led into today’s announcement. We’re extremely excited to be attached to this beloved franchise again and knowing that so many people wanted us to return to something that already meant so much to us has been both inspiring and touching – so thank you to all of you who wanted it to happen! We look forward to living up to your expectations.

SOCOM 4 screenshot Team Cover

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  • So you’ll stop supporting MAG then. Even if you say you won’t.

  • Any true SOCOMER knows it has never been about the graphics. Secondly for a SOCOM game those early screenshots are generations above any other SOCOM graphically.


  • Love MAG, surprised this SOCOM has been in development so long – for it to release in the Fall. I hope Sony still dedicates resources ($$$) to the MAG team for game-changing content like DLC, expansion, etc.

  • How you guys managed an extremely difficult game to develop like MAG (and did an excellent job of it) and develop this as well is just astounding.

    You are the king, Zipper!

  • Confrontation left a VERY bitter taste in my mouth, I hope this changes that.

  • Plz Add singleplayer plz add singleplayer

  • Also Sony, make sure you make clear that last SOCOM wasn’t done by Zipper!
    Everyone is already going “I wonder if it’ll be as crap as last one…”

  • Chris and 50 cent co-op plz

  • MAG is now officially DEAD!… The experiment known as MAG is going to fade very quickly

  • AWESOME!!!! Great to see the SOCOM franchise back in the right hands!

  • so glad to see the single player of SOCOM coming back to the consoles. i have good memories of my days with the second SOCOM on the PS2.

  • I KNEW THIS ALL ALONG, MY GUY IN Sony Japan has never let me down with info. I just wonder if they will indeed call it “United Front”. OMG THIS MADE MY DAY! I been telling people for years about how there was going to be an online socom only and that was to give you fine folks at Zipper a chance to work on Socom: United Front. Thank you so very very very much for the single player campaign and the multi-player.

    Zipper is the best Video Game Company when it comes to shooters and Socom.

    Confrontation is washed up now just like /?

  • Wow that looks absolutely gorgeous. I liked SOCOM: Confrontation, but the “vote to kick” feature ruined it for me because of people would abuse it. I hope you guys have a way to sort this out. Sad thing is now I’ll have to make time for this, and MAG. If Resistance 3 releases this year I don’t know how I’ll manage to keep up with all these online careers!

  • Crap news. Sony never fail to disappoint, Rubbish franchise and total waste of time.

    Thank you Sony for yet another failure.

  • Zipper making it = better than slant sux= happy me :)

    Also are those in game graphics? or pre-rendered

  • @41: By being from Zipper. That should be good enough, but I feel your pain. Confrontation set the franchise way back.

    This might be the first Socom I rent before buying. and I bought Socom 1,2,3,CA, and Confrontation on day 1.

  • HELL YA!!!! ZIPPERS BACK BABY. For those of you have only played Socom on the PS3 you are now going to get to know what Socom is really about. Slant Six just murdered the game these guys worked so hard to create. I am definitely buying this when it comes out. In fact going to pre-order this weekend if Gamestop will let me.

  • SOCOM 4 ZOMG!!!!! I love you Zipper :D thank you so much for returning to Socom………….. Zipper > Slant 6

  • Also: I won’t be buying this.


  • “Announcement of a long-awaited PlayStation sequel…”


    “SOCOM 4!”


  • Wow, if the graphics are like that in the final product then wow! Sounds interesting, hope it’s as good as it looks. If it is…then count me in!

  • You guys need to stop trying to pull players from the 360 crowd. it’s not going to work! SCE has plenty of other devs needing work. where are they and what are they doing?!

  • … not a sequel i wanted. i thought SOCOM died with Confrontation.

  • You better get it out at least a month before Call of Duty whatever is coming out in November or you’re gonna get steamrolled just like Resistance 2 did in Nov 2008.

  • Jeremy and there’s plenty of surprises left to tell about SOCOM4, awesome :)

  • What a BIG BIG disappointment. Me and my friends wanted to buy 15 copies of MAG to play online with each other but now I will just let the idea go. I won’t purchase SOCOM because the next surprise title maybe another Online Shooter…
    Lucky for the SOCOM fans out there though…

  • Really looking forward to this, enjoyed 3 but hoping for the ability to play in a first person rather than 3rd.
    Conpliments MAG too, congrats guys


  • This is awesome news guys I have thoroughly been enjoying mag since it launched with the support you guys have been giving it and all the feed back you guys have been listening to you are one of the best devs and this has instantly moved to my number 1 must buy. Keep up the great work on both games MAG is so close to perfect just need a few more maps now!

  • Oh hell yea I hope they have a mic bundle for this one too :)

  • YES!!!!!!!!! This is AWESOME! That just made my crappy ass week! :D THANK YOU SONY/ZIPPER!

  • @65 – Being by zipper doesn’t refund the $60 i plunked down for S:C day 1 :(

    Here are a few quick items that can help to win me back:

    – there needs to be reviews of this game on or before it’s release date. I will not be tricked again into blind buying a game simply because it’s called SOCOM.

    – release a multi player demo – show us the money so to speak.

    – Patch early, patch often.

    – Listen to the player community.

  • Well, I’m interested in the campaign. I’ll stick with MAG for multiplayer. Hoping it really doesn’t get neglected, as promised. Like the sound of the campaign for sure.

  • I am excited about SOCOM 4. I love Zipper, they are excellent developers. MAG is a great game, but a little overwhelming at times. I hope they can make SOCOM 4 a bit more user friendly, and straight forward.

  • I hope you guys get this one right. Socom 1 and 2 were the best games. They were simple replayable and the 8v8 maps were the best. Vehicles and Maps that took 6min to run across were not real bubble busters.

  • this is a must own for my ps3 but what about some mag dlc info to hold us over till a release date?

  • Wow, I wasn’t expecting this. I thought the surprise would be syphon filter 5

  • Sure looks pretty. I’ve never played SOCOM before though. Looking forward to some video of it in action.

  • Wow, I wasn’t expecting this. I thought the surprise would be syphon filter 5 lol.


    OTOH, at least it’s not going to overshadow GoW3, is it? No, no it certainly isn’t.

  • Will it be on the PSStore like Socom CA?

  • REALLY wanted it to be Killzone3 or syphon filter :( I don’t think much to SOCOM? But MAG is brill! I was really hyped, never mind may be next time SONY?

  • It’s about time Socom 4 is finally officially announced. Nobody used to believe me when I told them that Socom 4 has been in development by Zipper for a while but they can’t deny it any longer. Personally I was expecting an announcement at E3 with a release date of sometime later this year. Then, that release date would be pushed back (because 1 delay is usually accepted if not expected with Socom games) to next year. I’m still kind of expecting the games release to be delayed but it’s just good to know that I’ve been correct all along. I’m pleased…LONG LIVE ZIPPER!

  • THIS IS AWESOME MOTHER****ING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, totally unexpected. I completely ruled this one out as the announcement because Zipper had just finished MAG. I thought for sure with all the rumors we’d get something like Resistance 3, Motorstorm 3, Starhawk, Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Syphon Filter, Demon’s Souls 2, or even Twisted Metal, because we can pretty much guess that many if not all of those are in development and some of them due this year. My guess is that these games will be announced throughout the year at GDC (next week), Sony Gamer’s Day, E3, and TGS. My guess is that the rest of the q4 lineup will be announced at GDC and Gamer’s Day and that the titles for next year will be announced at TGS and E3

  • INdeed. sounds great to me.

  • Most games nowadays are good with a few duds here and there. This is “scheduled,” for this fall so I’m hoping for a triple A game. Definitely excited for this one.

  • AMAZING Thank U Zipper for the support! looking very forward to this!

  • Make sure its in 3rd person and has splitscreen multiplayer and you’ve definitely got a sale here.

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