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PlayStation Nation,

Hope springs eternal and I know this is the time of year when MLB fans focus on the prospects of their team. It’s also when you can get your hands on the latest iteration of the MLB franchise with MLB 10: The Show, launching today. Widely considered the most authentic baseball game, MLB is the #1 selling baseball franchise in video game history. We know MLB 10: The Show is going to deliver once again the best baseball experience out there and will come packed with those big, big moments and true-to-life gameplay you’ve come to expect from us.

And the reviews are following suit. Folks like Geoff Keighley are calling MLB 10: The Show, “One of the most amazing-looking sport games I’ve ever seen,” while Game Informer just unveiled its 9.5 score today, touting that, “Sony has created the most realistic simulation in video games,” and stating that, “the bar has officially been raised.”

This year, we’re extremely lucky to have the 2009 American League’s Most Valuable Player, Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins as our cover athlete. Not only has he been instrumental in the development of the latest installment of The Show, he’s been integral to some unique marketing efforts as well. Make sure to check out PlayStation Home to get Joe Mauer’s Twins jersey for free when you watch the game’s trailer in the Home Theater. Joe Mauer is also starring in a TV commercial with Kevin Butler to promote the game. Let’s just say the exchange leaves Kevin at Joe’s mercy.

Here’s the full commercial for your viewing pleasure. We hope you’re just as excited as we are about MLB 10: The Show.

Peter Dille

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  • Baseballplayer50

    where do you find the CODE… i didnt know we got a code with it, but like tell me where ou find your code:
    game box

  • Fact: MLB 2k10 has a rating of 7.0 on IGN.

    Which proves that MLB The Show is better as it will never get a rating lower than an 8 though it haven’t got a rating yet.

  • C’mon guys…lets get some more advertisements. I absolutely LOVED the Dustin Pedroia commercials last year. I’ll admit they got me to go out and buy the game last year.
    MLB 09: The Show was one of the most pleasant surprises in gaming for me last year. I’ll be sure to pick up my pre-order of this game tomorrow.




  • Another great commercial.

    Hey Sony, Battlefield Bad Company 2 came out today, its one of the best multiplayer games ever, just thought you might wanna know.

  • Kevin Butler needs a raise! These are great!

  • How does this game not allow you to close the roof in certain ballparks that have that option??? If it’s the most realistic game ever, how come that’s not included????

  • Watched the trailer and then discovered there’s no women’s Joe Mauer jersey. :-p

    Girls like baseball too…

  • That commercial is great, I love these recent commercials, the MAG one, an this are hilarious. Got the game yesterday, it is great. One problem is that playing as the pitcher, when i use select to see the ratings of the upcoming batter, for some reason, the power rating vs. LHP is always just about nothing. some of the strongest batters were registering perhaps a 20% full bar. nonetheless, aside from that and the repetitive, boring, and barren commentary, everything else is amazing!

  • Ok cool now where is my GOW3 spot?

  • Kevin Butler VP of PS3 Softball Team. Very funny!

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