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As you may be aware, some customers have been unable to connect to the PlayStation Network today. This problem affects the models other than the new slim PS3.

We believe we have identified that this problem is being caused by a bug in the clock functionality incorporated in the system.

Errors include:

  • The date of the PS3 system may be re-set to Jan 1, 2000.
  • When the user tries to sign in to the PlayStation Network, the following
    message appears on the screen; “An error has occurred. You have been
    signed out of PlayStation Network (8001050F)”.
  • When the user tries to launch a game, the following error message appears
    on the screen and the trophy data may disappear; “Failed to install
    trophies. Please exit your game.”
  • When the user tries to set the time and date of the system via the
    Internet, the following message appears on the screen; “The current date
    and time could not be obtained. (8001050F)”
  • Users are not able to play back certain rental video downloaded from the
    PlayStation Store before the expiration date.

We hope to resolve this problem within the next 24 hours. In the meantime, if you have a model other than the new slim PS3, we advise that you do not use your PS3 system, as doing so may result in errors in some functionality, such as recording obtained trophies, and not being able to restore certain data.

As mentioned above, please be advised that the new slim PS3 is not affected with this error. We are doing our best to resolve the issue and do apologize for any inconvenience caused.

For the latest status on this situation please continue to check either the PlayStation.Blog or

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  • Everyone with missing trophies: You can check here at and verify that your trophies remain unaffected. The issues you’re experiencing suck, but they are only local. Everything’s still backed up server-side. Take a breath.

  • I haven’t even turned mine on at this point, who would?

  • That’s nice that we have some explanation. But what’s disturbing is that they want us to wait out 24 hours which, like everyone notices, means it appears that Sony has opted to not be proactive and hope the problem fixes itself. My question is what happens in 24 hours when the problem hasn’t fixed itself? A better question is how did a Y2K problem make it into a game system such as this and how did the QA not notice this prior to the system release? These are questions that should bother everyone because this issue could lead to possibility of other internal errors within the hardware.

  • how come i can access the network/playstation store with my pspgo? does this mean it’s a hardware issue?! don’t tell me i have to splurge on that rumored god of war ps3 bundle?!

  • Hurry up!

  • You claim to hope that the problem is fixed within the next 24 hours….In other words you are doing NOTHING, except waiting for the phantom date 2-29-10 to pass. This is a pathetic example of Sony not knowing what their doing. I understand that you wanted to copy Microsoft, Xbox’s achievement system, but atleast Microsoft has figured out the complicated system known as the calendar.

  • Wow, are you guys really that stupid that you can’t count by 4 from 2000 on in the PS3? :|

  • Also to add something else, systems did not reset to Jan 1, 2000 as everyone I know who’s been affected by this had their system reset to Dec 31, 1999.

  • The fact that this bug is only affecting older models means that this bug is affecting their most loyal customers.

    That’s what us early adopters get for supporting Sony at the beginning of this generation. Thanks a lot.

    I rented a game two days ago from Blockbuster – then the bug hit. Sony owes me $10.

  • Update…just checked my 40 gig unit and it’s fubar’d too!

    So Im sitting here with 2 PS3’s that can’t be used and with half the [DELETED] on ’em corrupted…Umm yeah, this isn’t a minor glitch anymore. There will definately be large repercussions for Sony if we aren’t made whole by whatever means it takes. I’m sure ol’ Billy boy is pissin himself laughing at this [DELETED]!

  • I hope the apologies comes with a free game ;), anyway this sucks I can’t play anything

  • Thank you for the update Sony. Please keep us informed!!

  • @ 60. yea i agree we deserve something for this, like having something in the psn store free for a weekend, like flow was a couple weeks ago

  • Great. Thanks for keeping us updates SONY :)

  • The fabled Y2K bug, the subject of much needless hysteria has finally decided to join the party fashionably late by about two years to vindicate all of the plebeian’s greatest fears.


  • It’s all very well telling us not to turn on our PS3’s after they’re already FUBARed.

  • Patience is a virtue.

  • “We hope to resolve this problem within the next 24 hours. In the meantime, if you have a model other than the new slim PS3, we advise that you do not use your PS3 system, as doing so may result in errors in some functionality, such as recording obtained trophies, and not being able to restore certain data.”

    This suggests that some data has indeed been lost. What data are we talking about, and why can’t it be restored?

  • so, those folks that do not constantly browse blogs and forums will be starting up their PS3’s today and borking them…..

    this has me concerned.

  • Yeah, this is gonna be a real issue. Hope that there’s something that protects you from the public in your EULA about this…Otherwise, prepare to give up some free software for people’s anger.

  • I have a 60 gb model and this happened after I finished Heavy Rain.Half of my themes now say corrupted data and no Heavy Rain trophies appear as it wouldn’t synch past 95%.If it was simply a Sony can’t count problem it would or should have affected everyone.This sounds more serious and hopefully doesn’t actual kill sysytems.On a side note can we turn our machines on and see if you’ve fixed them or wait until an official blog post repsonse from you?

  • Thanks for telling us what others already did.

    You guys obviously won’t fix anything. You’ll wait for it to fix itself.

    Then this will happen again next year or the year after.

    Good job sony.

  • GOW3 killed the Psn!!!!!

  • This is the WORST console generation:
    – system-crippling bugs
    – constant firmware updates
    – new hardware versions prompting us to upgrade
    Those are problems we used to associate with PC gaming, not game consoles! Our original SNES still works and has never had a firmware upgrade. I’ve had an SNES, Genesis, PS1, PS2, GB, GBA, DS – they all just plugged in and worked (and still work!)

  • Wow. I’m gonna have to fire up….the Wii? All my friends and family are going to laugh at me. Well, it’s better than actually getting up and leaving the house to do something, I guess. Or I could just sit here on blogs bichin’ all day. Decisions, decisions.

  • @10


  • Grow up, people. It’s a piece of technology. Everything has it’s issues. Be glad that it (most likely) won’t cost you any money to have it fixed.

  • My PS3 Fat seems ok today?

    Maybe SONY can fix my RRoD’ed xBox 360 while they are at it, Microsoft can’t seem to ;D

  • Thanks for the update we’ve been waiting for.
    Do you know if we will be able to get our currupted Date back also?
    If you have an answer please let us know, most likely yes. lol :p

  • I received the error last night twice on my slim, also had a weird logout and automatic restart. I would advise ALL PS3 owners to wait until a fix is found…

    @ BloodyCow – no, my reward for buying a launch BC PS3 was the YLOD 6 months ago…

  • I wonder if this was what Super_Secret was talking about. Watch the hardware. Something big is gonna happen. BAM! It happened?

  • Your Gods, you’re all such petty whiners. Talk about disgustingly speculative commentary. Problems as wide-spanning as this one seems to be don’t just get fixed in the period of an hour- how the hell does half a day with no fix constitute laziness on their part. Remember that the 360 had a period of over a MONTH when its service was down. At least give them the benefit of a DAY. If they rush the job just to please all of you, they may just make it worse. It’s better that they do it right the first time so there won’t be a second. (Seriously, what the **** is with the claims that it’s next year it’s going to happen all over again? Utterly childish.)

  • Wow i was looking for my God of War Platinum Trophy. Thanks for the info

  • I paid $600, FOR THIS?!

  • @43

    You do not get to call Sony’s software engineers stupid until you have developed an operating system yourself. I dare you to develop an operating system that is bug free.

  • @70 CitizenInsane27:

    The EULA (PSN) wouldn’t really apply in this case, as the hardware’s own inability to count the days on the calendar was the ticking timebomb. As such, it is a design and/or manufacturing defect in the PS3 itself–which has all its own legal ramifications.

    So, I’m pretty sure that Sony is working as fast as they can to get a fix out to us. I can pretty much guarantee that someone will file a complaint–and try to get class action status–within the next 24 hours, particularly if millions of PS3s are still gimped with no hope in sight.

  • I demand a $0.50 refund for the day I was not allowed to use my PS3! BS!

  • @27 more like your loss.

  • @57

    You already posted that sentiment in #43. Did you forget or do you just have a compulsion to repeat yourself for no reason at all?

  • @80 Deth_88:

    I hear you. I just received my YLoD replacement last week…now this. I’m thinking Sony just doesn’t want me playing games anymore ;)

  • make.believe – is it because reality sucks?!

  • So essentially we’re boned cause someone doesn’t know how to program a clock??? did they not figure the launch units would be working in 3 and a half years???

  • Thanks for letting us what we already know!!! Fix this NOW!!!! This is BS!!!!!!!!

  • I dont care what happens as long as I can play Bad Company 2 tonight as soon as I get home from gamestop. That is all.

  • i still love sony!

  • @85

    You paid $600 for a gaming system that has apparently lasted you a respectable amount of time, considering the system has not been at that price point for a long time. The issue is not permanent. It will likely be fixed by the time you get your panties out of a wad.

  • @74 – EVanHelsing :

    …….. i miss when consoles just worked. they were marvelous pieces of technology that simply WORKED. without firmwares, without patches… you bought a game and you could actually, you know, play it. it was awesome times.

    back to the PS2.

  • If I didn’t have a non movable Demon’s Soul save, I would disregard and play demos. Don’t wanna have to start over. ESPECIALLY FLAMELURKER. GAHHHHHHH.

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