Warhawk on PSN for $14.99 (Bwhaaa?!?)

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It’s been so long since I’ve posted here on the blog it feels like a bazillion years ago!

OK, maybe not a bazillion but… its more than two years after our initial release and tons of players around the world are still having a blast playing Warhawk. We in the industry call that “sticky” and I assure you it’s not as gross as it sounds ;-)

But we want even more players to enjoy the fun of Warhawk’s fast-paced warfare, So…

I’m posting here today is to announce a sale of inflatable gorilla proportions! Starting today here in the United States, you’ll be able to download Warhawk for $14.99!


And…the Booster Packs are just $4.99 each (or you can get all three expansions for $9.99)

Omega Dawn Booster Pack

Operation: Broken Mirror

Operation: Fallen Star

Now of course it’s for a LIMITED TIME as all great offers are, so you’ve got only two weeks to get your hands on one of the best multiplayer games on the PS3 for only $14.99.

We can’t wait to have a bunch of new players join our community and if you’re a Warhawk player that just hasn’t picked up all the Boosters — Now’s the perfect time!

A lot has changed for us over the last year — we started our new studio LightBox Interactive, moved to Austin, and we’ve been cranking on the development of our new game that both our Warhawk fans *and* new players are going to love! The team and I are wicked excited about how it’s shaping up and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Be sure to stay tuned to the blog for more info on our upcoming game!

…and our next Warhawk Tournament :-)

Rock on,


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  • Great deal! For those of you don’t have Warhawk already, pick it up and come join us at the Playstation Warhawk forum — the folks there will share tips and even offer to mentor you as you learn the game.

    Thanks, Dylan!

  • looks good…..i never actually played it but i heard good things about it lol….i might jus buy it to see wat its like

  • looks good…i might jus buy it to see wat its like

  • Dylan I LOVE YOU.

    Announce your new game soon!

  • :O last atempt on selling as much warhawk stuff be before warhawk 2 is announced??

  • Cripes, maybe this promotion will inject some new blood into the mix…and make it accessible again.

    It got to a point where if you didn’t dedicate your entire life to the game, you simply couldn’t compete with the hardcore players.

    I played for nearly a year, but then abandoned it altogether (as did many casual players).

    Even the lowest-level servers always seemed to be packed with experts. Their skills were far beyond their ranking.

    Great game though. Just wish the skill balancing was better.

  • DYLAN PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DYLAN PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DYLAN PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just have to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for releasing such a gem as WARHAWK. I joined the warhawk community kinda late, like eight months ago, and I must say that this is one of the best multiplayer experiences EVER. You can always go back to have a fun varied experience. Whatever you guys are working on next you best believe i’ll be ready for it day 1!!!

    But one more thing! Please include split-screen multiplayer the same way you did with Warhawk. I have friends and family who like to come over and play games with me and this was the number one feature for us in this game. Even if the game takes a slight hit in the graphics WE DON’T CARE just throw it in their anyways!!!!!!!!!!! Not enough developers are doing it nowadays.

    Simple formula for a fun game:
    Awesome Game + Split-Screen = EPIC WIN!

    Thank YOU!

  • Warhawk is in desperate need of a 10x XP weekend.

  • Yeah Long Tyme No See..Dylan..i have 2 request for the next WARHAWK game-which i LOVE and still play..but i have yet to be a general ANYWHO..request# 1.PLEASE..PLEASE have a CAMPAIGN ..yes we love to play ONLINE..but I’m sure..no POSITIVE it would’ve sold more copies if it had a campaign/story to it.IMO #2 is to PLEASE ..FIX THE RADAR..I’m was so getting tired of Warhawks ganging up on me ON FOOT..its ridiculous..and UNFAIR- yeah we have rocket launchers but they dont lock on as fast as you’d hope they did :/.Well those are just MY suggestions,besides that KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK!

  • looking forward to your next game. ;)

  • Sooo, any news on your next game :D


  • Great, cant wait for the next game from you guys. I am expecting greatness

  • When are we going to see Starhawk get announced? E3? GDC? I really can’t wait for it!

  • Include single player in Starhawk.

  • “Starting today here in the United States” and coming later to the uk???

  • dylan starhawk!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!

  • Dylan, did you include any hidden nuggets of information for your next game in this post? Please, entertain us.

    And is it going to appeal to fans of…
    Star Wars? :)

  • Warhawk was so 2007…

  • I was considering getting this and now I will.

  • My dearest Mr. Jobe,
    Although you did not pick my taxi cab idea for the design contest, I feel as though our relationship has moved on from that low point. Warhawk has brought me many hours of pleasure (as well as myriad hours of frustration) and I would like to thank you for that. As for your upcoming game, what will be the criteria to become a beta tester? Personally after the buggy launch of Warhawk I hope you and your team have thought up a way to get a good group of dedicated & honest players *cough*platinumholders*cough*
    Will be keeping an eye out for your next announcement, rock on!

  • Warhawk 2???

  • New Game! Also, does the name change mean that Incognito is currently Incognito

  • Warhawk is my #1 Game! I introduced my friend into it and he loved it! Get ready for….. STARHAWK!!!!!!!

  • So no info on Starhawk till E3?
    Very well Mr. Dylan, see you at E3!

  • Anyone wanna join the Silver Shadows? Send me a PS message. =)

  • OMG Dylan, you don’t understand how much you just made my day. I’ve recently lost my Warhawk disc & I can’t find it to save my life. I was going to continue searching but for only $15 I’ll just buy it again. And this game is so worth buying again. In my opinion, it is THE BEST multiplayer experience on the PS3. I absolutely cannot wait to jump back into the game. Thanks a bunch!

  • will those of us that bought it and the packs on psn get a refund for the price drop?

  • Warhawk for $15 is great.

    But the newbie servers need to be moved up a bit. Reaching General is easy if you play the game for a bit and do zones. After that point you reach veteran players and it stops being fun.

  • Welcome back dylan glad to see you back here on the blog :)

  • Nice to hear from you again, Dylan. I hope that your posts become more frequent (Please Sony and Lightbox announce the game already). I love Warhawk and it has always been my de facto game to play with friends when they come over. Will your next game have split-screen online like Warhawk?

  • Hi Dylan I hope you can help me out.
    I just got a new PS3 (the old one broke)and I’m having problems getting the Booster Packs to work on the new system. I’ve downloaded and installed the packs many times but they don’t show up in the game.

    Anyway, the game rocks and I’m still flying around in my blood spattered contest winning Nemesis design :)

  • Warhawk is a blast!!! Best multiplayer shooter since battlefront2! I own all of these but can’t wait to see what the new games is!!!

  • Please tell me you next game is a Warhawk Sequel and this time comes with a story mode. I would love to know why each side has it out for the other one.

  • Dylan man! I missed you!! It’s been too long!

    I want to see a new Warhawk game! Hopefully with single player! I love WarhawK!

  • We Wan’t StarHawk! Everyone Chant with me! StarHawk! StarHawk! StarHawk! Oh come on Dylan when are you ever going to give us a trailer? I know your making it! Make sure you can swim in water in StarHawk!

  • I cant wait to play ‘warhawk in space’ I am definitely buying your next game. Also PLEASE include 4 player split screen like in warhawk! That was so awesome. Almost no games use this feature and I thought it was one of the best parts of playing warhawk. So many good times!

  • A masterpice ( Warhawk). I cant wait to play starhawk :)

  • I think I shall buy this.

  • Warhawk is my favourite in-between game. I love to play all the best new releases, but when they’re done and finished, WarHawk welcomes me back with a grenade in the face and a flamethrower toasting my [DELETED]. Welcome back, Dylan. Great to hear from you, welcome to potential new WarHawkers – dive in, you’ll love it. It’s still a really busy game with plenty of people playing, and not all of them are as deadly as Cholera.

  • Wow, reading all the comments made me feel all fuzzy inside. There sure are a lot of players that love the game like I do.

    What about the sequel??? (that’s what we really care about!)

    I hope the long-time hardcore WH players will get to be beta testers of the new game. I bought the game in ’07, just recently crossed the 1000 hours mark and made general (wooohooo!), I’d really love to test the new game.

  • Nice to hear from you, Dylan.

    Good price for a good game.

  • I think the time is near for that big announcement :-)

  • wow is this the greatest hits version for half price?


    Now show us what starhawk will be like

  • I am hooked on Warhawk. It’s the best game ever developed for the PS3, hands down. Keep up the great work at LightBox Interactive because the community at large can’t wait to get their hands on your next endeavor. I hope to get general and platinum before it comes out so take your time and get everything right. ;)

    Many thanks Dylan for you and your team.

  • Warhawk: The BEST multiplayer game on the PS3.

  • hi

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